Long Chun was criticized for saying "only likes to hang out with rich people" on Shark Tank, and immediately responded

Ning JingNov 09, 2023 at 16:15

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On the evening of November 6, Shark Tank Vietnam aired episode 6 with an impressive capital call from Long Chun. It is known that he and his sister brought to the program bun thang - a traditional dish that has fed many generations of his family.

Here, both Long Chun and his sister called for capital of 2 billion VND for 15% of the shares in his family's restaurant with the hope of establishing a restaurant chain in the future.

After listening to the shares of the two Long Chun sisters, Shark Binh proposed to invest 2 billion VND for 30% of the shares and had a written commitment that he had full rights of speech in the company. After discussion, Long Chun and his sister agreed to finalize the investment.

Long Chun was criticized for saying only likes to hang out with rich people on Shark Tank, and immediately responded - Photo 1

Long Chun's agreement to receive an investment of 2 billion from Shark Binh caused him to receive many mixed opinions, because everyone knows that he comes from a wealthy family in Hanoi, not to mention that he is also a h.ot TikToker, so the Having 2 billion in hand is normal, so why are you still coming here to call for capital? Or is your purpose here just to rob other startups of genuine opportunities?

In response to this opinion, Long Chun also frankly shared: "I went to Shark Tank to raise capital, I didn't take away anyone's spot. The opportunity is divided equally for everyone, I don't rob or compete. I go to compete on my own. There is no need to think about the opponent.

Long Chun was criticized for saying only likes to hang out with rich people on Shark Tank, and immediately responded - Photo 2

People say I went on Shark Tank just to promote, which is true. It's not easy to be on TV during prime time. That is also my purpose. I think it's also legitimate and healthy. I went to Shark Tank for many purposes, not just raising capital. Of course, if we can raise capital, we will be very happy. Being invested in is just one of the reasons that makes me happy. Above all, I get to work with investors and learn why they make a lot of m.oney."

At the show, Long Chun was once again criticized by netizens when he said he only liked to hang out with rich people. Specifically, he said: "My parents often say : "If you want to develop, you need to play with good and rich people." But the truth is that good and rich people have not played with me. This is one of The reasons I'm standing here are to have the opportunity to learn directions and other things."

Long Chun was criticized for saying only likes to hang out with rich people on Shark Tank, and immediately responded - Photo 3

Long Chun is a h.ot TikToker with more than 6.7 million followers. Currently, he has also begun to step into showbiz as an MC, participating in game shows, acting in movies, and doing commercials.

Many people wonder why Long Chun is successful in many roles such as actor, MC, businessman... but went on Shark Tank to raise capital with only 2 billion VND. Is this Tiktoker's real life rich but there are still rumors online.

Owns 2 Bun Thang One Morning shops

The first store in this brand launched in 2021 is called One Morning at Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi. This is a restaurant that sells traditional vermicelli dishes with the orientation of choosing healthy ingredients.

Long Chun was criticized for saying only likes to hang out with rich people on Shark Tank, and immediately responded - Photo 4

By 2022, the One Monday Morning store was opened in Ho Chi Minh City, marking the combination of Long Chun with his close friend Tun Pham - a famous TikToker loved by many young people.

After two years of business, the company's current revenue is about 900 million VND/month and net profit ranges from 12 - 13%, expected revenue in 2023 is 10 billion VND. At the time of opening, the company's revenue could be up to 1 - 1.3 billion VND/month.

Long Chun was criticized for saying only likes to hang out with rich people on Shark Tank, and immediately responded - Photo 5

9-storey villa with West Lake view

Recently, Long Chun attracted the attention of netizens when he decided to make a video introducing his family's 9-story house outside Hanoi. It is known that this is the house of Long Chun's uncle and also the adoptive parents who have taken care of him since he was a c.hild.

The 9-story house of the Long Chun family is located in a prime location on Tu Hoa street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi.

Right on the first floor, just walking in from the main door, you will see two large wall-to-wall glass cabinets on both sides. Inside are flower pots, ceramic vases and ancient Buddha statues.

"My dad has a rather elegant hobby... these are all valuable antiques so I never dare to touch or play with them," the male TikToker said.

Long Chun was criticized for saying only likes to hang out with rich people on Shark Tank, and immediately responded - Photo 6

In addition to building this house to live in, Long Chun's family also rented out about 4 floors of the house. Families mainly live on the higher floors. Each floor has spacious, comfortable living space and beautiful views of West Lake.

For example, the 7th floor is designed as the room of Mr. and Mrs. Long Chun, with a luxurious yellow-brown color tone. Due to the large area, in addition to the bedroom, there is also a separate kitchen area, a large sofa set and a glass cabinet containing aquatic plants. Many people have compared this room to a mini apartment in a large house because it is very fully equipped.

The 8th floor is the living space of Long Chun's parents. Here they don't focus too much on design, their rooms bring a comfortable, relaxing and cozy feeling with gentle color tones. Most notable is the tea-enjoying space with large glass windows, panoramic view of the sunset over West Lake, making everyone praise.

On the 9th floor, Long Chun's family arranged a tea table and dining area to gather with family and friends.

Long Chun was criticized for saying only likes to hang out with rich people on Shark Tank, and immediately responded - Photo 7

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