Duong Cam Lynh paid off 6 billion in debt in 1 year, fans wondered how to have so much m.oney?

KengJun 12, 2024 at 11:26

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Duong Cam Lynh's 1.5-year debt ended in early June this year. The actress will start repaying the debt from January 2023 in installments. Most creditors are relatives and friends of actors.

"Even though no one urged or put pressure on me, I proactively divided the payments into small parts to pay everyone in installments. Now, when the last installment is finished, I feel like a big burden has been lifted," she said.

Duong Cam Lynh paid off 6 billion in debt in 1 year, fans wondered how to have so much m.oney? - Photo 1

According to Duong Cam Lynh, she had many opportunities to sell online, be a brand ambassador, attend events... after the incident. Thanks to her stable income, she rebuilt her life, saving m.oney while paying off debt.

"Escaped from debt, I still maintain a frugal lifestyle to prevent difficulties. Besides spending on my children, I limit spending m.oney on shopping and entertainment...", she said.

Duong Cam Lynh paid off 6 billion in debt in 1 year, fans wondered how to have so much m.oney? - Photo 2

Having paid off the debt, Duong Cam Lynh feels confident about returning to movies. She recently took on the lead role in Life's Debt, directed by Ho Ngoc Xum. The actress said that the salary for this movie was higher than a year ago - when she was involved in a debt scandal and had to temporarily stop acting. However, that was not the factor that attracted her to the project, but the script and character's personality.

"I don't rely on being loved by the audience after the scandal to ask for a high price. As long as the remuneration is worthy of the effort I put in, I'm satisfied," she said.

Duong Cam Lynh paid off 6 billion in debt in 1 year, fans wondered how to have so much m.oney? - Photo 3

The mother of two children added that she had been with director Ho Ngoc Xum through 9 films. The roles she played all more or less left an impression on the audience such as Thanh Thuy in the movie "The Heart of a Woman", Cam Van in the movie Oan Unfaithful or the role of Oanh in Loi Dao Cang Truong...

Previously, Duong Cam Lynh received many movie invitations but did not dare to accept them because "my mind and emotions were not yet perfect for the role.

Duong Cam Lynh paid off 6 billion in debt in 1 year, fans wondered how to have so much m.oney? - Photo 4

"When I was still reeling from paying off debt, taking care of two young children, and facing public opinion, at that time, if I accepted the film, I thought it would be disrespectful to the profession," Duong Cam Lynh expressed.

She added: "I have stood up on my own two feet, so my confidence has returned and my inspiration for the profession has also arisen. Now is the time to accept roles in the most ready and comfortable state of mind," the actress added. member said.

In addition to returning to filming, Duong Cam Lynh is pursuing the fashion business. The actress admitted that at first she had difficulty but was happy because every time she released a new model, she sold out orders. She proudly said: "Perhaps filming many old movies has given me a lot of inspiration to pursue this job. God has given me the health to work tirelessly. I can livestream sales all day long." Staying up all night to manually pack each package to send to customers. I feel like I'm on the right track."

Duong Cam Lynh paid off 6 billion in debt in 1 year, fans wondered how to have so much m.oney? - Photo 5

Currently, Duong Cam Lynh focuses on work and children, not worrying about love affairs. The beauty affirmed that having a man by her side is no longer important to her because: "I can be both a mother and a father. And when the fate is right and a man comes, then consider it." .

Duong Cam Lynh was born in 1982 in Dong Nai, has played Wildflowers, Could it be that we love each other, Single Dads, B.lood Mask.

Duong Cam Lynh paid off 6 billion in debt in 1 year, fans wondered how to have so much m.oney? - Photo 6

In 2018, she broke up with her husband - producer Anh Khoa. They have one son. Recently, the actor announced that she broke up with her new boyfriend. Currently, the beauty is a single mother of two young children.

A year ago, Duong Cam Lynh was involved in a scandal of debt, was blocked by creditors to demand m.oney and posted defamatory videos online. She encountered many problems after that, such as having her role in two TV series canceled, her contract to attend an event being cut, and having to live stream liquidate her brand name to get m.oney to support her children.

Duong Cam Lynh paid off 6 billion in debt in 1 year, fans wondered how to have so much m.oney? - Photo 7

During this period, the actor collapsed, thinking he had no chance of returning to art. She thought about her children to have more motivation to live, and with the help of her friends, she gradually escaped adversity.

Duong Cam Lynh paid off 6 billion in debt in 1 year, fans wondered how to have so much m.oney? - Photo 8

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