Does Truong Ba Chi hate Trieu Vy for helping Nicholas Tse reconcile with Vuong Phi?

Thảo MaiJun 12, 2024 at 17:17

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Nicholas Tse's reunion with Wong Fei shocked the entire Asian entertainment industry for a long time. Even though there are many people who oppose it, there is still one friend who wholeheartedly supports it, and that is Trieu Vy.

Accordingly, Truong Ba Chi is an actress with good acting skills and outstanding appearance. However, she has a turbulent love life. Especially with the scandal of r.evealing sensitive photos of Tran Quan Hy, her image and reputation were severely affected.

But in Ta Hien's eyes, she is still a good daughter-in-law, and in the hearts of her children, she is a good and responsible mother.

Does Truong Ba Chi hate Trieu Vy for helping Nicholas Tse reconcile with Vuong Phi? - Photo 1

In 2012, she and Nicholas Tse announced their divorce. Many people feel regretful and confused about the failure of this marriage. Tse behaved extremely calmly after the divorce. And this calmness is even interpreted by some as indifference. But after the divorce, news that Nicholas Tse and his ex-girlfriend Vuong Phi got back together quickly spread.

Behind the resurgence of this old relationship is actually Trieu Vy's support. This is why Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse cannot remarry?

Does Truong Ba Chi hate Trieu Vy for helping Nicholas Tse reconcile with Vuong Phi? - Photo 2

To talk about rekindling this love story, we have to start with Nicholas Tse's participation in the culinary variety show "Chef Nic". Nicholas Tse, as the soul of this show, has conquered the hearts of countless viewers with his skillful hands.

But who would have thought that this program not only entertained the audience with delicious and eye-catching dishes but also suddenly became a stage for Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi to reconnect with their old love.

Does Truong Ba Chi hate Trieu Vy for helping Nicholas Tse reconcile with Vuong Phi? - Photo 3

At that time, Nicholas Tse and Trieu Vy happily cut vegetables and cooked soup on the show. Trieu Vy is the eldest sister in the entertainment industry. Not only does she have top acting skills, but she also has an enviable social relationship.

And one of Trieu Vy's closest friends is Vuong Phi. Therefore, during the break from filming the show, Trieu Vy occasionally mentioned Vuong Phi, in a somewhat intimate and nostalgic tone. "Oh, Dinh Phong, did you know? Last time Phi sister told me that she was trying to be a vegetarian recently, it was really impressive!", Trieu Vy said, laughing.

Does Truong Ba Chi hate Trieu Vy for helping Nicholas Tse reconcile with Vuong Phi? - Photo 4

When Nicholas Tse heard these words, the food cutting knife in his hand suddenly stopped, and he couldn't help but feel a ripple in his heart. Vuong Phi is vegetarian? This is truly her style, more unique than ever.

Such conversations occurred frequently during the recording of the show. Trieu Vy and Nicholas Tse had a lively conversation before and behind the scenes, and in the story, Vuong Phi was mentioned countless times by the female star "Hoan Chau Cach Cach".

Does Truong Ba Chi hate Trieu Vy for helping Nicholas Tse reconcile with Vuong Phi? - Photo 5

While Nicholas Tse was chopping vegetables, he couldn't help but fall into a vortex of memories. During the years spent with Vuong Phi, those laughter and tears seemed to reappear in some of Trieu Vy's words.

And yet, in another TV show, after getting drunk, "Small Swallow" did not hesitate to ask the actor The Food War an extremely difficult question: "Is there anything that Vuong Phi is not as good as Cecilia Cheung? ". In response to the unexpected question, Tse responded: "Uhm... there are 3 points: Appearance, filial piety and sense of responsibility."

Does Truong Ba Chi hate Trieu Vy for helping Nicholas Tse reconcile with Vuong Phi? - Photo 6

Trieu Vy, although unintentional, became the catalyst for this relationship. Her unintentional mentions seemed to open up a period of time, allowing Nicholas Tse to recall his relationship with Vuong Phi. In such everyday conversations, Nicholas Tse's inner feelings gradually revived.

One day after the recording session, Nicholas Tse sat at home, Trieu Vy's words still echoing in his head. He suddenly realized that his feelings for Vuong Phi had never really gone away.

During those years, they separated and reunited, but each other's silhouettes always remained. Perhaps, true love is like that, even after the washing of time, it is still as fresh as ever.

Does Truong Ba Chi hate Trieu Vy for helping Nicholas Tse reconcile with Vuong Phi? - Photo 7

Therefore, Nicholas Tse decided to proactively contact Vuong Phi. He sent a message, a simple greeting but filled with boundless emotions. Vuong Phi answered quickly. At that moment, Nicholas Tse seemed to see a ray of hope.

The two began to reconnect, telling each other about their experiences and feelings over the years. Gradually, they discover that the other always holds an important place in their hearts. Soon after, the media took photos of Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi appearing together. Both appeared in front of the camera with bright smiles on their faces. That scene seemed to go back to the time they first met.

Does Truong Ba Chi hate Trieu Vy for helping Nicholas Tse reconcile with Vuong Phi? - Photo 8

Cecilia Cheung talked about this incident in an interview. There was a bit of helplessness in her tone: "If Trieu Vy hadn't intervened, Dinh Phong and Vuong Phi probably wouldn't have gotten back together." Trieu Vy's unintentional action turned out to be the key to the relationship between Phong and Phi being restored. The reunion of Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi became the top focus of attention in the entertainment industry at that time.

Does Truong Ba Chi hate Trieu Vy for helping Nicholas Tse reconcile with Vuong Phi? - Photo 9

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