Puka made people go c.razy when sharing a moment of Gin Tuan Kiet pampering

Minh NgọcFeb 13, 2024 at 14:21

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The couple Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet since coming out and returning to the same house, always receive special attention from the audience. In early 2024, the new bride again made the audience buzz by showing off the m.oney she received from her husband.

Recently, Puka "started the trend" of dancing to the song "I'm a b.aby iu". After singing "I still want to be a b.aby, I still want to be a b.aby...", Puka suddenly received envelopes from Gin Tuan Kiet. Worth mentioning, the artist did not hide the amount of m.oney i.n the envelope, but also shared the value with her husband to fans. Accordingly, Puka received 10 bills of 100 USD (more than 2.4 million VND). Thus, the total amount that she was "incarnated" on New Year's Day was 1,000 USD (more than 24 million VND). The value of the huge New Year's Day gift that Gin Tuan Kiet gave Puka caused many netizens to leave comments "begging".

Puka made people go c.razy when sharing a moment of Gin Tuan Kiet pampering - Photo 1

Puka (SN 1990) is 4 years older than Gin Tuan Kiet. The couple was once labeled by many viewers after starring together in a reality TV show. Their dating rumors surfaced in late 2019 when netizens spotted the two making many close gestures in real life

Puka made people go c.razy when sharing a moment of Gin Tuan Kiet pampering - Photo 2

After 4 years of secretly dating, until September 2023, Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet will officially make their romance public, then get married at the end of the year. Since marriage, the couple freely shows affection. The two also frequently appear together in shows and events.

During Tet this year, the couple also spent a lot of time visiting their families, the images of Gin Tuan Kiet and Puka hand in hand in the spring days received a lot of love from the audience.

Puka made people go c.razy when sharing a moment of Gin Tuan Kiet pampering - Photo 3

Puka made people go c.razy when sharing a moment of Gin Tuan Kiet pampering - Photo 4

With a full married life, fans are looking forward to the combined projects of husband and wife Gin Tuan Kiet and Puka in the future, especially in the music field.

A few days ago, Gin Tuan Kiet had a concert at his school. Notably, while standing on stage, Gin Tuan Kiet heard hundreds of audience members in the concert calling out the name of the singer's wife, Puka. No longer dodging like before, when the audience mentioned Puka's name, Gin Tuan Kiet could only laugh with a slightly shy expression full of loveliness. And yet, the singer born in 1994 is also not afraid to mention Puka gracefully, making the audience extremely excited.

Puka made people go c.razy when sharing a moment of Gin Tuan Kiet pampering - Photo 5

Not stopping there, when some viewers offered to "beg" for Gin Tuan Kiet's things such as earrings, rings, glasses,.... The singer had an answer that made everyone laugh. Gin Tuan Kiet said that except for the clothes that the singer wears, all the accessories are theirs. Mrs. Puka. The singer humorously said that if his wife agrees, he will be ready to send it to the audience, through which it can also be seen how much "gloom" Gin Tuan Kiet's wife is.

Speaking about her life after marriage, Puka said: "Our married life is just beginning, so now talking about change is a bit dim. But Puka thinks the difference between getting used to marriage is responsibility. When you love your fiancée, whatever, angry with each other, you can do this and that, run away from home or if you don't know it, break up. But when we get married, the word 'responsibility' is very heavy and we have to take that seriously. What I'm saying is going to be theoretical, and in practice, Puka thinks we're going to try to overcome the difficulties ahead."

Puka made people go c.razy when sharing a moment of Gin Tuan Kiet pampering - Photo 6

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