Zhang Cezhi's son loves women more than his mother's age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed?

Thảo MaiApr 09, 2024 at 15:11

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Recently, Chinese social media was abuzz when a blogger posted a post on Weibo saying that Lucas (son of Cecilia Zhang and Xie Tingfeng) had a crush on the 46-year-old female coach.

Also according to this blogger, the 2 went to buy food, travel together. Another source said Lucas "lived as husband and wife" with a woman older than his mother's age. Upon learning this, Zhang Cezhi was shocked, scolded her c.hild fiercely, and she herself had to be hospitalized to stabilize her psyche.

Zhang Cezhis son loves women more than his mothers age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed? - Photo 1

Currently, neither Ta Dinh Phong nor Cecilia Zhang's family has explained the rumors.

On social media, viewers were buzzing, claiming that Lucas did so because of the influence of his father, who has a deep affair with diva Wang Fei who is 11 years his senior. Many comments wrote that the Xie family "waves before buckets", "Genes inherited from grandfather to father and then son. The 80-year-old Ta Hien still has a 50-year-old brother, Ta Dinh Phong loves a woman more than him, now Lucas..."

Zhang Cezhis son loves women more than his mothers age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed? - Photo 2

Lucas is the eldest grandson of the Xie family. After his parents divorced, he lived with his mother and younger siblings. Lucas' personality is said to be identical to his father's. During puberty, he was close to his mother but in recent years shy away from media exposure, his choice of outfit and hairstyle revealed a "rebellion".

Zhang Cezhis son loves women more than his mothers age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed? - Photo 3

As for Cecilia Zhang, she was born in 1980, considered the "national treasure of beauty" of the Hong Kong entertainment industry in the years 1999-2000. Her acting ability is confirmed through many famous works such as The King of Comedy, Lion Ha Dong, Cat loves mice, Volunteer ...

Cecilia Zhang won the hearts of countless fans thanks to her outstanding acting ability and beauty. However, her romance has always attracted a lot of attention, especially her noisy love affair with her ex-husband Ta Dinh Phong.

In a TV show, Zhang Cezhi boldly admitted that the person she hated the most was not Wang Fei, but the man who made her pregnant 5 times and lost her c.hild 4 times in 3 years.

Zhang Cezhis son loves women more than his mothers age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed? - Photo 4

In the past, the relationship between Xie Tingfeng and Wang Fei was also very famous. Despite the huge age difference, the power of love always seems to transcend them all. However, in the face of disagreements, the two also chose to part ways. Just when everyone was still regretting the "sisterly" love, Ta Dinh Phong and Cecilia Truong suddenly came together. But Xie Dinh Phong and Zhang Cezhi's marriage could not last. After the divorce, Xie Dinh Feng chose to reunite with his former love Wang Fei, even though Zhang Cezhi had given him two lovely sons at that time.

Originally thought that the two of them could go the rest of their lives together, but reality gave them a huge slap. Cecilia Truong revealed on the show that while dating and being with Ta Dinh Phong, she became pregnant 5 times and miscarried 4 times in 3 years. Such an experience was undoubtedly a blow to the woman.

Zhang Cezhis son loves women more than his mothers age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed? - Photo 5

Netizens expressed surprise and sympathy after hearing the news. Some lamented that Cecilia Zhang gave too much in the relationship, while others accused Xie Dinh Phong of being irresponsible to his ex-wife. After all, how much suffering a woman has endured for a man but her partner doesn't seem to appreciate it.

Zhang Cezhis son loves women more than his mothers age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed? - Photo 6

It is worth mentioning that the attitude of Ta Dinh Phong's father - the veteran male star Ta Hien towards Cecilia Zhang's third c.hild also attracted widespread attention. Mr. Xie made it clear that he considered this c.hild as the grandson of the Xie family. This attitude undoubtedly brought Zhang Cezhi a certain comfort. However, this also put Xie Tingfeng in an even more awkward situation. After all, as the father of Zhang Cezhi's first two children, the Xie star didn't seem to want to admit this fact.

Zhang Cezhis son loves women more than his mothers age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed? - Photo 7

Xie Hien's attitude also caused a stir in the entertainment world. Some consider him a sensitive parent who cherishes family ties; others claimed that he was covering up for his son Ta Dinh Phong and trying to defuse the turmoil in the relationship between the prince and his former bride. Whatever the case, Xie Hien's statement certainly added a bit of drama to this family relationship.

Zhang Cezhis son loves women more than his mothers age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed? - Photo 8

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