Truong Ba Chi was warned by her mother-in-law, is the reason related to the biological father of her third c.hild?

KengMay 20, 2024 at 16:36

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Before marrying Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung was a bright star in the hometown entertainment industry. Married in 2006 and gave birth to two sons, she accepted to sacrifice her career and became her husband's support.

However, in 2012, the famous couple decided to "go their separate ways". After the turbulent marriage with Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung chose a quiet and private life. In the years after the divorce, the actress focused on working and taking care of her children while her ex-husband quickly reunited with his ex-lover, Vuong Phi.

Truong Ba Chi was warned by her mother-in-law, is the reason related to the biological father of her third c.hild? - Photo 1

Then, Cecilia Cheung gave birth to her third son, Marcus, at the end of 2018 after nearly 6 years of being a single mother. Since divorcing Nicholas Tse in 2012, the beautiful actress has been "stuck" in romantic rumors with her co-stars, but she has always denied it and affirmed that she is still single. That's why the appearance of b.aby Marcus makes fans confused.

Truong Ba Chi was warned by her mother-in-law, is the reason related to the biological father of her third c.hild? - Photo 2

There was a source that said that this b.oy was the result of love between Cecilia Cheung and a Singaporean U70 tycoon. There is also information that the b.aby is the son of Chau Tinh Tri or the younger British boyfriend of the "Infinity" actress. However, with all the above information, Truong Ba Chi just kept silent.

Truong Ba Chi was warned by her mother-in-law, is the reason related to the biological father of her third c.hild? - Photo 3

Even for a while, netizens speculated that many people were the c.hild's father, including Nicholas Tse. However, in response to many rumors, Nicholas Tse admitted that he was only the father of his first two sons, Ta Chan Hien and Ta Chan Nam, and denied having a relationship with the third c.hild, Tieu Vuong Tu. by Cecilia Cheung.

According to some sources, Mrs. Dilraba is a strict mother-in-law and has prejudice towards her daughter-in-law. Because in the past, Mrs. Dilraba was unhappy with the secret wedding of Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse in the Philippines in 2006. This famous couple's wedding took place abroad without the presence of their father. mother on both sides of the family, or any relative. Only when everything was over, through the media, did the parents of Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse know that their children had become husband and wife.

Truong Ba Chi was warned by her mother-in-law, is the reason related to the biological father of her third c.hild? - Photo 4

When Cecilia and Dinh Phong secretly got married, many people thought that Mrs. Dich Ba La was very angry, she even wanted to raise her son with her ex-lover, Vuong Phi, and did not want him to get married. with a "gypsy" g.irl like Truong Ba Chi.

Even Nicholas Tse's mother slapped Cecilia Truong during a conflict between the two. Therefore, when Mrs. Dilraba heard that Nicholas Tse was suspected of being the father of Cecilia Cheung's b.aby, she also tried to protect her son and denied that the actor no longer had feelings for his ex-wife. . Ms. Dilraba even hinted at criticizing Cecilia Cheung for causing her son Nicholas Tse to be dragged into the noise.

Truong Ba Chi was warned by her mother-in-law, is the reason related to the biological father of her third c.hild? - Photo 5

According to Ms. Dich Ba La, looking back at the past, the relationship between Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi is still very sweet, how could he still have feelings for Cecilia Cheung, let alone make the actress "Lion Ha Dong" became pregnant and gave birth for the third time.

As for Truong Ba Chi, at the time of the conflict with Nicholas Tse, the Chinese press once spread rumors that she had taken her two children and moved out to a separate hotel. But what's worth mentioning is that the actress even banned her mother-in-law from visiting her grandchild. Mrs. Dich Ba Lap was angry: "Since returning home, I still haven't been able to meet my grandchild."

Truong Ba Chi was warned by her mother-in-law, is the reason related to the biological father of her third c.hild? - Photo 6

Mrs. Dich Ba La was so angry that she even flew straight to Malaysia to meet Tse Dinh Phong to ask her son to return home soon to resolve family matters.

Truong Ba Chi's father-in-law, Mr. Ta Hien, who loves to pamper his daughter-in-law, also affirmed: "She is different now. I also cannot understand why things change so quickly. Everything is really unpredictable. We Children also change soon.

Truong Ba Chi was warned by her mother-in-law, is the reason related to the biological father of her third c.hild? - Photo 7

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