Understand the psychology of people who don't talk in class groups, don't go to class meetings, but don't leave class groups

Phi ĐứcNov 29, 2023 at 13:28

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After graduating, many people tend to stay silent in their old class groups. They don't see each other during class reunions. They don't leave class groups, and sometimes they even read messages very enthusiastically. What is the reason?

What kind of person are you after graduation? Is it the person who will quietly leave the class group just because she occasionally receives "crap" text messages? Or will he be the person who is always eager to chat and never absent from class meetings? No matter who you are, your group will certainly have a group of people who don't talk in the class group, don't go to class meetings, but absolutely never leave the class group. That group of people will often have these mentality.

1. Don't have a common topic but don't want to leave the group

When we were in school, the world revolved around our family - teachers - friends. However, after graduation, each person's life changes in a different trajectory. That's why there are fewer and fewer topics to talk about.

Even though we have profound memories of youth in common, when those memories end we will immediately return to the present emptiness. The reality is that besides the past, we have nothing new to talk about. From there, invisible gaps are created between old friends who no longer see each other regularly.

Understand the psychology of people who dont talk in class groups, dont go to class meetings, but dont leave class groups - Photo 1

As each person's life gradually changes, their thinking, perception and ideals also gradually become different. Each person is in a different city, does a different job, has different financial and economic problems, different ambitions, leading to different perspectives.

Because of that, I don't know when the class group became a place to gather for advertising, people chatting became less and less, links asking for likes, voting for someone, all kinds of information... became more and more.

People who don't talk in the group will also quietly like, vote... Not leaving the group means they want to keep the memory of old friendship, turning it into a source of encouragement and encouragement for themselves.

2. Too busy to maintain relationships

Life after graduation certainly has many changes. People are busy studying, people are working hard to m.ake m.oney, people are chasing their own ambitions, people are busy raising families... Everyone has their own pressures, their own difficulties, everyone is worried about racing against time. , to the point where I don't even have time for myself. So where is the time for those people to chat and chat in old class groups?

Understand the psychology of people who dont talk in class groups, dont go to class meetings, but dont leave class groups - Photo 2

Group messages keep appearing, like a distraction in the middle of a busy life, so they choose to turn off group notifications. One day, when they have free time, there are up to 99 messages and conversations from before, they don't know where to start, or have missed the topics they are interested in for a long time. The chat window can only be silently turned off.

Life will eventually return to reality, no matter how close the relationship with old friends is, it will be difficult to keep in touch all the time, most of a person's time will still be spent on work and family. And if you have friends, most of them are new relationships.

3. Don't want to join but are afraid of being "rude" if you leave the group

Life changes, relationship circles change, and perspectives on life change will cause a once consistent group to drift further apart.

Different circumstances and experiences lead to different perceptions. When chatting in a group, no one answers the topic you raised, your friends' opinions make you uncomfortable, everyone talks about their own things and it seems like they come from two different worlds.

Understand the psychology of people who dont talk in class groups, dont go to class meetings, but dont leave class groups - Photo 3

Gradually, some people began to quiet down. They also cherished their old friendships, but could not find a sense of belonging in the group. They felt that they did not get along with others, so they decided to keep their distance.

Different views cannot be forcibly reconciled. No matter how much we talk, it will only be a waste of time. Unable to find someone on the same frequency, they chose to stay silent.

4. Sensitive and afraid of embarrassment

There are people who, when looking at the chat group, really want to contact and chat with everyone. But I don't know where to start, my mind is filled with fear that no one will respond, no one cares.

The truth is that there are cases when I don't speak, everyone is talking excitedly, but as soon as I speak up, everyone becomes silent. Seeing an interesting topic, suddenly wanted to say something, but noticed that other people were already discussing other topics, only my story no one reacted, as if no one had seen it...

Understand the psychology of people who dont talk in class groups, dont go to class meetings, but dont leave class groups - Photo 4

That's why every time they send a message in the group, they have to think about other people's opinions, and at the same time doubt themselves. These thoughts make them feel disappointed and tired.

People in this group often have a sensitive, anxious personality. In social relationships, they often pay too much attention to their own words and actions, as well as pay special attention to feedback from others. other.

It's not that they don't want to talk in groups, it's that they don't know how to say it, or they're afraid of saying the wrong thing. Everyone craves attention, to be liked, and once they are lost, they choose to stay silent.

But instead of caring about other people's judgments, it's better for them to pay more attention to their own inner world to be more comfortable.

Understand the psychology of people who dont talk in class groups, dont go to class meetings, but dont leave class groups - Photo 5

Time and relationships around each person are limited. When you are close to some people, you may be distant from others.

If there is mutual compatibility, and after graduation they are still close, cherish this relationship. If you don't communicate often and gradually become distant, no longer have a common voice or topic, no need to regret, keep this memory of the past and prepare to meet your friends. better, suitable.

It doesn't matter how many people you make friends with, having a beautiful friendship that brings joy and happiness is what's important.

Understand the psychology of people who dont talk in class groups, dont go to class meetings, but dont leave class groups - Photo 6

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