My Linh is the "final boss" of Sister Dep, "avoiding" top dramas, skillfully doing a good job of attracting fans.

Thiên DiDec 30, 2023 at 08:07

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As expected of being a famous diva in the Vietnamese music industry, My Linh is one of the most loved beauties. The female singer not only attracts the audience with her great musical talent but also scores points with her top-notch behavior and saying no to drama.

At Beautiful Lady 2023, My Linh is one of four great ladies participating. However, while Le Quyen caused controversy because of a series of noises related to Lam Bao Chau and Hong Nhung, who once got into drama because of her style of sitting cross-legged on the song title board, My Linh only received compliments.

My Linh is the final boss of Sister Dep, avoiding top dramas, skillfully doing a good job of attracting fans. - Photo 1

My Linh is known as a famous light music diva in Vietnam. She possesses a powerful voice, rare timbre, and skillful technique that is highly appreciated by experts.

My Linh is the final boss of Sister Dep, avoiding top dramas, skillfully doing a good job of attracting fans. - Photo 2

She is a diva in the Vietnamese music industry, but recently, My Linh has rarely appeared on television to focus on teaching. My Linh said she participated in the contest "Beautiful G.irl Pedaling the Wind, Turning the Waves" because she felt this was a highly entertaining and humane program, promoting the feelings of mature women.

At this year's race, My Linh is a charming and cheerful senior. The girls can do whatever they want. No matter how they want to make up their cards or add tricks, "I will indulge them". My Linh humorously joked and teased other beautiful women. The female singer even made jokes to juggle with the advisors. My Linh's expression creates a moderate and pleasant feeling, not being noisy or trying to act like the "big sister" has the right to dominate the younger siblings.

My Linh is the final boss of Sister Dep, avoiding top dramas, skillfully doing a good job of attracting fans. - Photo 3

No longer a Diva who just "stands in one place to sing", My Linh overcame her fear to dance, turn around in the air, then split her legs and dance like a professional dancer. Watching My Linh perform in the 2nd and 3rd performances, the audience kept screaming with excitement. No one would have thought that the famous "Phu Van Sect" of the Vietnamese music industry could be willing to play like that!

My Linh is the final boss of Sister Dep, avoiding top dramas, skillfully doing a good job of attracting fans. - Photo 4

In addition, My Linh is also a big sister with extremely tactful and tactful behavior. Even though she is in the same team as beautiful women who sing poorly like Dieu Nhi, My Linh still seems happy and even plays tricks to create laughter. My Linh freely compliments her juniors, sees her juniors at their best, does not look for their shortcomings and criticize them.

When beautiful sisters Le Quyen and Phuong Vy angrily accused someone of playing dirty and using tricks to d.rown others in Beautiful Sister, My Linh also gently reassured everyone. Diva advised them to forgive each other because what if they never see each other again tomorrow.

My Linh is the final boss of Sister Dep, avoiding top dramas, skillfully doing a good job of attracting fans. - Photo 5

The fact that My Linh said she would stick with "Beautiful Sisters" from the first filming rounds to the last days made netizens predict that the diva will be one of the 7 "Beautiful Sisters" who will form a music group at the end of the show. . Previously, producer - director Tran Thanh Trung, one of the three advisors of the program, also revealed information that "Beautiful Girl" finished filming the ranking final at the end of December.

Recently, at the Nomination and Voting Announcement Ceremony of the 2023 Green Wave A.ward, the program's organizers said they had decided to a.ward the Green Wave Achievement A.ward to My Linh.

This a.ward is considered worthy, because in terms of expertise, My Linh is already a very famous name. Singing well, having solid technique, and also being a vocal teacher, My Linh deserves to be honored as one of the "music monuments" to her fans.

My Linh is the final boss of Sister Dep, avoiding top dramas, skillfully doing a good job of attracting fans. - Photo 6

My Linh was born in 1975 and has been active as a singer for 30 years. In 1991, My Linh participated in the 2nd national radio and television show Good Voice and won a gold medal along with the a.ward for "Best singer about teachers and school".

My Linh is the final boss of Sister Dep, avoiding top dramas, skillfully doing a good job of attracting fans. - Photo 7

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