My Linh made a taboo mistake in "Beautiful Sister" and had to apologize to artist Trinh Cong Son's family

Thảo MaiJan 25, 2024 at 06:57

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Despite delivering an emotional performance of Diem in the past, My Linh and Thu Phuong still caused controversy for singing the wrong lyrics. Recently, related people including the female diva, producer and musician Trinh Cong Son's family also spoke up.

Specifically, in Performance 5, Thu Phuong's team performed the mashup "Diem of the past - Great Star". In particular, the lyrics of the song "Old Diem" were performed by Thu Phuong, My Linh and Uyen Linh.

In the lyrics there is a line "Remember forever in the pain". These lyrics are played on the screen while the performance takes place. In fact, the original song's lyrics are said to include the lyrics "Miss tomorrow in buried pain". Many people think that the "beautiful ladies" sang the wrong lyrics, or the crew edited it wrong.

My Linh made a taboo mistake in Beautiful Sister and had to apologize to artist Trinh Cong Sons family - Photo 1

In the "Old Diem" version of the soundtrack "You and Trinh", the lyrics provided by the producer also use "miss tomorrow". A video by famous singer Khanh Ly performing the song "Old Diem" also recorded the lyrics "miss tomorrow in buried pain".

My Linh made a taboo mistake in Beautiful Sister and had to apologize to artist Trinh Cong Sons family - Photo 2

Regarding this issue, the media representative of the program "Beautiful sister riding the wind to break the waves" responded: "The organizing committee is working with the family of the late musician Trinh Cong Son to confirm. When the family has an answer Official statement, we will officially share with the audience and the press."

My Linh made a taboo mistake in Beautiful Sister and had to apologize to artist Trinh Cong Sons family - Photo 3

On the same day, My Linh apologized to the family of musician Trinh Cong Son for not singing the lyrics of the old Diem song correctly. The female singer admitted her shortcomings and learned from her experience, re-checking the original lyrics in a reputable document. My Linh said: "In the past, I have always sung 'Remember forever in the pain buried' and still believe it is right. Like the song Vuong (Truong Quoc Khanh), I have always sung 'If I were a bird, I would be. ..', actually it should be 'If I were a bird I would do...'. I hope the representative of the author's family accepts my apology as well as the audience's understanding."

Regarding the family, Ms. Trinh Vinh Trinh, sister of the late musician Trinh Cong Son, said that the producer of "Beautiful Girl" contacted the family after the incident of Thu Phuong's group singing the wrong lyrics of the old song Diem.

My Linh made a taboo mistake in Beautiful Sister and had to apologize to artist Trinh Cong Sons family - Photo 4

The family confirmed that the lyrics in the original version of Diem's old song were: "If it's still raining this afternoon, why don't you come back? / If tomorrow you're buried in pain / How can we have each other? Reflecting the pain / My footsteps please go home quickly." However, the three beautiful sisters My Linh, Thu Phuong, Uyen Linh sang "Remember forever in the pain".

"The family sent the original version to the program producer. 'Nho mai' is true to the spirit and meaning of the song. But this is not the first time a part of Diem's old lyrics has been confused. From a perspective Somehow, we cherish everyone's love for the late musician Trinh Cong Son," the late musician's sister shared.

My Linh made a taboo mistake in Beautiful Sister and had to apologize to artist Trinh Cong Sons family - Photo 5

According to Ms. Trinh Vinh Trinh, currently singer My Linh has not called to apologize directly. But the family will accept and ignore it because this is a small mistake.

It can be said that lyrics are a special value in Trinh Cong Son's music. Van Cao once called Trinh's music "poetry", in which it is impossible to distinguish between singing and poetry. Trinh music lovers pay close attention to the lyrics in the song. Therefore, singers making mistakes causes discomfort to the audience. In the past, many singers also sang Trinh's lyrics incorrectly and apologized, such as Nguyen Ngoc Anh and My Tam.

My Linh made a taboo mistake in Beautiful Sister and had to apologize to artist Trinh Cong Sons family - Photo 6

My Linh was born in Hanoi, famous for light music with a series of songs such as Huong Ngoc Lan (Anh Quan), On top of Phu Van (Pho Duc Phuong). In 1993, she won the Most Impressive Young Singer a.ward at the National Band Festival with the song Spring Whispers (Ngoc Chau). In 1998, My Linh married musician Anh Quan, marking a change in style in music with the albums Short Hair, Made in Vietnam, Chat with Mozart, Let Love Sing, Acoustic Short Hair - One Day. In recent years, the singer has mainly focused on teaching and training.

My Linh made a taboo mistake in Beautiful Sister and had to apologize to artist Trinh Cong Sons family - Photo 7

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