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My Linh is the "final boss" of Sister Dep, "avoiding" top dramas, skillfully doing a good job of attracting fans.

Thiên Di08:07:41 30/12/2023
As expected of being a famous diva in the Vietnamese music industry, My Linh is one of the most loved beauties. The female singer not only attracts the audience with her great musical talent but also scores points with her top-notch behavior and saying no to drama.

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Tran Kim Hai: Used to be an assistant actor who was noticed by Ly Hai, but changed his life thanks to the male lead role in F.lip F.ace 6

Thanh Anh14:07:52 12/12/2023
Possessing a sharp and cinematic appearance, Tran Kim Hai was trusted by director Ly Hai and assigned the role of Toan in the movie project Face Off 6 - Ticket of Destiny.

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Mai Tai Phen frankly admitted her current marital status, is it related to My Tam?

Thanh Anh10:35:21 12/12/2023
Recently, appearing at a press conference of a program, Mai Tai Phen attracted attention when r.evealing her current marital status right on stage. Many audiences have been discussing this incident, whether it is related to My Tam.

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"My Wolf" Thu Quynh announces the gender of her second c.hild, r.evealing a coincidence with her first son

Tiểu Trúc09:32:59 12/12/2023
Recently, actress Thu Quynh attracted attention when she attended an event with a 4-month pregnant belly. Notably, the actress announced the gender of her second c.hild. Not only that, she also revealed a coincidence between her second c.hild and her first son.

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Lam Khanh Chi implicitly admitted to dating an assistant who is 21 years younger than her when responding to netizens' sarcastic comments

Tiểu Trúc06:34:07 12/12/2023
Recently, on his personal page, Lam Khanh Chi posted a series of photos traveling with his underage assistant. Notably, the transgender beauty also implicitly admitted to dating her assistant when responding to netizens' sarcastic comments.

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Kha Ngan "revealed a hint" that she was about to have a "big" happy day, netizens were "half laughing and crying" when they saw one thing?

Anh Thụy10:21:21 11/12/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Kha Ngan attracted attention when she hinted that she was about to have her big happy day. However, the actress made netizens laugh and cry when they saw one thing.

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Hari Won "blames" himself for being unintelligent and is often scolded by Tran Thanh for one thing?

Đào Thị09:31:30 11/12/2023
Recently, while participating in a program, Hari Won attracted the audience's attention when he accused himself of being unintelligent. Besides, she was often scolded by Tran Thanh for one thing.

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Ngoc Mai was singing on stage when someone showed up with a "confusing" expression?

Cát Cát07:01:20 10/12/2023
Recently, social networks spread a video of singer Ngoc Mai performing music on a stage. There's nothing to talk about if people don't notice someone showing a confused expression on their face while the singers are singing.

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Nha Phuong revealed that she did something for the first time after nearly 2 months of giving birth to her son?

Thanh Anh13:26:01 09/12/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Nha Phuong posted a video about her daily life. Notably, Truong Giang's wife revealed that she did something for the first time nearly 2 months after giving birth to her son.

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Diem My 9x reveals wedding invitation, simple design but still makes netizens admire one thing?

Cát Cát09:30:24 09/12/2023
On December 21, the big day of Diem My 9x and businessman Vinh Nguyen will officially take place. Recently, the actress also officially revealed her wedding invitation, the design is simple but still makes netizens admire one thing.

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Hoang Yen My: Runner-up in Cinema 2014, ready to "remove" her teeth for her role on screen again

Thanh Anh15:40:17 08/12/2023
Possessing a well-proportioned physique and a pretty face, Hoang Yen My won the 2014 Cinema Runner-up a.ward. Recently, when she re-appeared on screen in the TV series Ly Su Family, the actress was ready to have her teeth removed. to serve the role.

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Legion Bao Lam spoke out, also did 1 thing amid a wave of criticism demanding gifts from the audience

Mai Trúc10:16:17 08/12/2023
In recent days, Bao Lam Legion has been embroiled in controversy for asking for gifts from the audience. Amid a wave of intense criticism, the actor spoke out, also doing 1 thing to appease the audience.

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Lin Baozhou showed a strange reaction when he sat next to him listening to Li Quyen sing karaoke with his friends

Anh Thụy09:35:12 08/12/2023
Recently, social media spread the moment when the couple Le Quyen - Lam Bao Chau met to eat, drink, sing and sing with friends. There would have been nothing to say if Lin Baozhou hadn't had a strange reaction when he sat next to him and listened to Li Chen sing, causing the people to stir.

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Dai Nghia suddenly announced great good news related to 1 object that made the online community wave?

Cát Cát06:33:56 08/12/2023
Recently, on his personal page, Dai Nghia suddenly announced a great good news related to 1 object that made the online community wave. Reportedly, many fans were bursting with joy because they had been waiting for this for so long.

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Daughter Do My Linh first appeared in a crowded place, the queen is still determined to do 1 thing for her c.hild?

Thanh Thanh14:49:33 07/12/2023
Recently, social media was shocked by the moment Do My Linh carried her daughter to go on a date with Hoa, the famous runner-up. The first time appearing in a crowded place, Do My Linh's daughter was still determined by her mother to do 1 thing.

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Bao Thy reveals the responsibility of "shouldering the family", 1 sentence clearly shows the true relationship with her husband?

Đào Thị13:36:47 07/12/2023
Recently, on social media, a video of singer Bao Thy revealed about the responsibility of carrying the family. Besides, the singer also candidly said 1 sentence that clearly shows the real relationship with her husband.

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Li Quyen suddenly revealed that she was under stress but couldn't stop doing one thing?

Thanh Thanh09:34:54 07/12/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Le Quyen surprised people by r.evealing that she was stressed because of one thing. However, I can't stop doing it.

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Elly Tran's daughter said 1 sentence that made classmates "stiff throat" when criticizing her mother for having a "strange" appearance

Cát Cát06:52:22 07/12/2023
On her personal page, Elly Tran shared a very funny story about androgynous. She said Cadie said something that made her classmates stiffen their throats when she criticized her mother for having a strange appearance.

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Vo Hoang Yen's biological mother caused a fever with her extreme beauty, 73 years old but like she was born in 1973

Thanh Anh14:52:10 06/12/2023
Recently, during a trip to Thailand, supermodel Vo Hoang Yen surprised the public by having a beautiful young biological mother flex. The photos she took with her mother, if not to say that her mother is 73 years old, many people still think her mother is only five years old.

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Vo Hoang Yen reunited with her "other half" after 9 months of "long-distance love", doing 1 sweet act that made netizens jealous

Tiểu Trúc09:56:37 06/12/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Vo Hoang Yen posted the moment of reuniting her other half after 9 months of long-distance love. Accordingly, the beauty and her lover also do 1 sweet act that makes netizens jealous.

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Hoai Linh kept the habit of doing this for his late best friend Chi Tai when he just came to America?

Anh Thụy08:37:25 06/12/2023
For Hoai Linh, Chi Tai is still a nostalgic and nostalgic figure. Recently, during her trip to the US, Hoai Linh still kept the habit of doing this for her late close friend Chi Tai, making people touched.

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The Mo Wenfang family g.irl was once criticized for her appearance because she was born prematurely, now her appearance changes unexpectedly at a new age

Mai Trúc14:34:31 05/12/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Mac Van Khoa's wife posted a series of photos celebrating her daughter Linh Dan (also known as Minnie) on her 3-year-old birthday. Once criticized for her appearance because she was born prematurely, now her appearance has changed suddenly to attract people's attention.

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MC Thanh Bach reappeared with a strange appearance at the age of 70, r.evealing his current life to attract attention

Thanh Anh10:35:38 05/12/2023
Recently, MC Thanh Bach has reappeared after a period of secrecy. Accordingly, the male MC surprised people with a different appearance in his 70s. Besides, he also revealed that his current life is attention-grabbing.

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Miss Xiao Vy revealed a series of photos of cards with little lipstick, beauty is really causing a stir because of one thing?

Thanh Anh09:31:49 05/12/2023
Miss Xiao Vy is a queen with a golden ratio face, so every time she shows off her photo on her personal page, it makes people not take their eyes off. Recently, the queen revealed a series of photos of cards with little lipstick, beauty caused a stir because of one thing.

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