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My Linh recounted the incident where a fan fell on her head and left behind aftereffects, mentioning the incident when she sang the wrong lyrics

Nguyễn Kim10:19:14 23/02/2024
My Linh's shares surprised many people. The accident of being hit on the head by a fan was once a trauma, even becoming a bad phrase that longtime fans of My Linh will probably know.

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My Ling frankly said that Zhuang Fa was greedy, but praised this person!

Snow13:54:29 14/02/2024
After the program Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind, Diva My Linh, Uyen Linh, and Trang Phap had the opportunity to reunite at a talk show. The sharing of 3 artists made viewers extremely excited.

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My Linh posted a photo with Uyen Linh, suddenly said 1 sentence that made Kpop fans "run out of words"

Phi Yến11:24:10 11/02/2024
After the program "Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind", many people said that My Linh is true to the standard Sister Beautiful and dares to be brilliant with new things. Some people even wonder if they call her a diva, dancer or Tiktoker.

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Li Quyen suddenly wanted to give up her debut, diva My Linh immediately did this!

Phượng Vũ18:17:47 04/02/2024
Before announcing the final results of the show Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind, Le Quyen surprised because she wanted to give up her debut spot to others. Diva My Linh heard it and immediately made an attention-grabbing statement.

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Le Quyen was the most disappointing in the show, being "knocked out" by a beautiful sister, gloating

Kim Lâm09:32:10 03/02/2024
In The Beautiful Sister of the Wind Turns the Wave, if the big sisters Hong Nhung, My Linh, Thu Phuong are praised for their transformation through each night of the show, Le Quyen reminds netizens of the endless dram and the times more than losing with antifans.

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Diva Hong Nhung promises a collab with MCK, falling in love with the rapper's clogs

Mẫn Nhi10:46:45 02/02/2024
Diva Hong Nhung shared: Now they ask for a collab with Uncle Bong. My grandchildren have to now. Accordingly, in the future, the singer promises to have a desirable collaboration with the talented male rapper MCK.

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My Linh revealed her husband's attitude when watching her dance, saying 1 sentence about the result She is beautiful

Keng12:05:30 01/02/2024
Through the program Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind Turn 2023, the audience understands and empathizes more with female artists who have been active for a long time in the profession. One of the beautiful sisters who receives love and attention is diva My Linh.

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My Linh was invited by Uyen Linh to recreate the viral choreography, and as a result, she danced without missing a beat

Phượng Vũ13:55:00 30/01/2024
Even though she was reminded to wear short clothes, it cannot be denied that My Linh had an explosive performance that delighted the audience and her sisters at the recent WeChoice Awards ceremony.

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My Linh "confronted" the audience when she was criticized for wearing short clothes and dancing s.exy, what's the argument?

Châu Anh09:48:14 30/01/2024
After participating in Beautiful G.irl, My Linh became more and more youthful, not afraid to innovate herself and try many different styles. However, many audiences are still unfamiliar with her transformation, so there have been many controversial opinions.

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My Linh broke the habit of wearing a s.exy short dress, but Dieu Nhi still took the spotlight away

Nguyễn Tuyết07:28:29 29/01/2024
The WeChoice Awards Gala took place with a series of unique and eye-catching performances, including Mashup by the Beautiful Sisters of the Wind group. Diva My Linh and Dieu Nhi brought many surprises in this performance.

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MLee - Le Quyen won after final 1, the audience 'booed' unconvincingly

Mẫn Nhi19:08:32 28/01/2024
In final 1, two groups, MLee and Trang Phap, won with a ratio of 1:1. Even though they were evenly matched, the audience was still upset that MLee's team won unconvincingly. Trang Phap's losing card even climbed to the top of the trending list overnight.

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My Linh once asked to be removed from Sister Dep, fortunately because she worked hard until the day she shined

Phi Đức15:47:28 27/01/2024
My Linh recently revealed that she once asked to be removed from Pretty G.irl. The audience breathed a sigh of relief because the organizers refused, thanks to that, there was a special and attractive color at the show.

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My Linh "patted" Le Quyen and praised Trang Phap for her good behavior and thinking of others

Vân Anh14:56:47 26/01/2024
On January 25, right on the 35th birthday of beautiful sister Trang Phap, diva My Linh sent her beloved sister reviews that made fans extremely warm.

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Le Quyen "stabbed" diva My Linh in the back, and even secretly made fans stir?

Bình Minh15:20:01 25/01/2024
After the turmoil on diva Hong Nhung's personal page, Le Quyen continued to cause confusion when she brought up My Linh's statement from many years ago. Many people wonder, is the female singer doing it accidentally or intentionally?

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My Linh made a taboo mistake in "Beautiful Sister" and had to apologize to artist Trinh Cong Son's family

Thảo Mai06:57:39 25/01/2024
Despite delivering an emotional performance of Diem in the past, My Linh and Thu Phuong still caused controversy for singing the wrong lyrics. Recently, related people including the female diva, producer and musician Trinh Cong Son's family also spoke up.

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Director Beautiful Sister praised My Linh sobbing, implying that MLee - Le Quyen won convincingly?

Keng13:53:38 24/01/2024
After 5 performances, Ms. Dep Dap The Wind Turns The Wave received special attention from the audience. The proof is that many performances of beautiful women reached the top trends, covering all social networking platforms.

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Lan Ngoc is the most popular among women, 7 beautiful women find it difficult to form a group because of Le Quyen - MLee?

Keng10:10:56 24/01/2024
After participating in the first season of Pretty G.irl, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc has new friends and sisters. She was praised by her colleagues for everything from her professionalism at work to her way of life in real life.

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There is a clip of Huyen B.aby being upset and crying when rewatching the moment of being eliminated in Pretty G.irl

JLO10:04:40 23/01/2024
Huyen B.aby recently shared a photo of her sitting and reviewing the content in the elimination room of the performance round of 5 Beautiful Sisters. Because when she was eliminated, she didn't get to see her sister group again and just left, so when the show aired, she was able to see everyone's reactions.

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Le Quyen caused chaos on Hong Nhung's personal page, her sentences were surprisingly vulgar

Nguyễn Tuyết07:31:46 23/01/2024
Le Quyen is truly a drama-creating factor in the show Ms. Dep, Stepping on the Wind, Turning the Wave, from words, gestures to actions can cause controversy and heated discussion in the online community.

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My Linh continuously praised Trang Phap sobbing amid the storm of controversy, Le Quyen expressed her attitude?

Phương Thảo15:14:11 22/01/2024
Recently, Trang Phap has continuously suffered from many noisy statements from her colleagues. Besides those who always want to d.rown her, there are still sisters who are always ready to protect and praise Trang Phap to the fullest. Including Diva My Linh.

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My Linh lost to team MLee and still acted like a "big sister", saying one sentence about the results of the show Beautiful Sister

JLO10:09:05 22/01/2024
After the performance of 5 "Beautiful Sisters Ride the Wind and Waves", the mashup performance of Diem Ancient - Big Star was praised. The impressive vocal harmonies of prominent vocalists in the Vietnamese music industry help the performance go viral on social networks.

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Huyen B.aby left the show with the most special appearance, diva My Linh's statement attracted attention

Phi Yến16:49:11 21/01/2024
Even though she sang well and danced well, Huyen B.aby was still eliminated before the final of Miss Dep Dap Gio. This made many viewers regret, because from the beginning they expected her to be one of the 7 final w.inning artists.

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My Anh - My Linh's youngest daughter: Performing since she was a c.hild, is the bright gem of Vpop

Hoa Tuyết14:05:18 19/01/2024
My Anh is known as a promising Gen Z singer and producer in the Vietnamese music industry. She is also the daughter of diva My Linh, so she showed off her talents from an early age.

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Hong Nhung revealed her true relationship with My Linh, hinting at her withdrawal from the show Dep

Phi Yến07:28:19 19/01/2024
Participating in Sister Dep Dap Gio, many people wondered what kind of relationship Hong Nhung and My Linh had. Therefore, Ms. Bong's sharing about her colleagues quickly received great attention.

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