Director Beautiful Sister praised My Linh sobbing, implying that MLee - Le Quyen won convincingly?

KengJan 24, 2024 at 13:53

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After 5 performances, Ms. Dep Dap The Wind Turns The Wave received special attention from the audience. The proof is that many performances of "beautiful ladies" reached the top trends, covering all social networking platforms.

As a stage director, Ms. Van Blonde Nguyen shared with us about the backstage and preparation process for each artist's performance. Personally, Ms. Van Blonde Nguyen as well as the team of Ms. Dep Dap Dap Dap Nhan Wave faced many pressures and challenges in the first days of the show's broadcast. After all, Van Blonde Nguyen is proud when Beautiful Lady Rides the Wind Turns the Waves appears on the list of nominations for categories of major awards.

Director Beautiful Sister praised My Linh sobbing, implying that MLee - Le Quyen won convincingly? - Photo 1

Talking about the controversy surrounding the results of the performance rounds, the female director added: "It's common for the results of reality TV shows to be controversial.

On the other hand, the feeling of the audience at the studio will be different from the audience on television because they can enjoy and experience real emotions at the studio. As for TV audiences, they will enjoy beautiful and extremely clean editing. Therefore, sometimes the results are not suitable for the majority, which is understandable."

Director Beautiful Sister praised My Linh sobbing, implying that MLee - Le Quyen won convincingly? - Photo 2

Taking on the role of stage director of a highly anticipated reality show, gathering 30 artists, director Van Blonde Nguyen said she was extremely pressured.

The female director confided: "I'm pressured because the original version of "The Beautiful G.irl Rides the Wind Turns the Waves" was extremely successful, having held 4 seasons with extremely huge investment. More or less, the audience will have the Compare the Vietnamese version with the international version, especially the expectation that the stage will be as grand. However, considering the current production conditions in Vietnam (studio area, machinery and equipment), equipment...) cannot create the same thing yet. This is also the general pressure of the producer and the entire crew. I think, the producer was very brave and daring to bring a large-scale program Such a large production in Vietnam.

Director Beautiful Sister praised My Linh sobbing, implying that MLee - Le Quyen won convincingly? - Photo 3

But we can completely turn pressure into motivation to create exciting and new stages. From there, we set the goal of creating more unique things with our previous stages on television. A stage that spreads energetic images, allowing "beautiful ladies" to o.ff their talents.

Director Beautiful Sister praised My Linh sobbing, implying that MLee - Le Quyen won convincingly? - Photo 4

Up to now, I am confident that the program and I personally have created special stages together. Although it is not the most spectacular, it is just enough to convey the full value of the performances. Therefore, our pressure is to be creative and honor the performance abilities of the "beautiful ladies". The 30 "beautiful ladies" all tried very hard when participating in the program, that energy f.orced us to try harder."

Director Beautiful Sister praised My Linh sobbing, implying that MLee - Le Quyen won convincingly? - Photo 5

As someone who closely follows the contestants, Van Blonde Nguyen revealed that the beautiful sister impressed her the most.

"Each "beautiful lady" has her own interest and impresses me in many different aspects. Some people always bring positive energy and contribute ideas with a constructive spirit to create good values. for performances. People who contribute ideas about staging and acting, people who want to combine unique elements for performances, people who come up with musical ideas to help the stage really explode or who always contributes special creative ideas, helping each performance stage always follow a different concept. When going through a long journey and summing up the entire process, I have to say: Vietnamese "beautiful sisters" are so omnipotent.

Director Beautiful Sister praised My Linh sobbing, implying that MLee - Le Quyen won convincingly? - Photo 6

The most special is probably "beautiful sister" My Linh. At first, I thought she would be an extremely serious and difficult person at work, but when I met her and worked, she was extremely lovely. Not only is Ms. Linh always on time, she doesn't shy away from difficult things and is always ready to overcome her own limits.

Director Beautiful Sister praised My Linh sobbing, implying that MLee - Le Quyen won convincingly? - Photo 7

Her spirit and attitude in this game, I think, has inspired many women and even young people to live positively. Sincerely appreciate Ms. My Linh," she frankly shared.

Director Beautiful Sister praised My Linh sobbing, implying that MLee - Le Quyen won convincingly? - Photo 8

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