My Linh confirmed that Liu Xiangjiang divorced Huai Anh, the two only considered each other friends?

Hoàng PhúcJan 03, 2024 at 15:49

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On January 3, Diva My Linh made a long post on her personal page, sending love to her teammates at the premiere of 4 Beautiful Sisters. Notably, the singer mentioned directly about Liu Xiangjiang's "odd ball" condition.

According to My Linh, she had health problems when she started on the night of premiere 4. The singer confessed she was sick from fatigue and exhaustion. Part of My Linh is pressured to change the squad, not having time to get to know the old person who has broken up, getting to know the new person in the new team.

My Linh confirmed that Liu Xiangjiang divorced Huai Anh, the two only considered each other friends? - Photo 1

"It's starting to tire me out because I like what's familiar, dear to me. Besides, I am not the type of person who comes quickly and quickly, but on the contrary, always needs time to 'ripen' in every situation and every relationship. Even for some reason, leaving with me is always a difficult choice," My Linh said.

Due to health problems, My Linh mainly stayed at a convalescent home and practiced remotely. And the characters she mentioned in the sharing are Fang Yu and Liu Xiangjiang.

My Linh confirmed that Liu Xiangjiang divorced Huai Anh, the two only considered each other friends? - Photo 2

My Linh said that Liu Xiangjiang often came to the set alone and quite quietly. Phuong Vy, on the other hand, has her husband and daughter supporting her mother.

The difference between the two juniors evoked in her many reflections: "I looked at the two of them, both beautiful, talented and talented, and suddenly thought that a woman is really funny, whether she wants it or not, she can only take the initiative in five parts. The other five parts I can't take the initiative in.

My Linh confirmed that Liu Xiangjiang divorced Huai Anh, the two only considered each other friends? - Photo 3

Vy fell in pain and rushed to find her husband's arms to cry for shame. Jiang, when he was sad, did not like it, and texted Sister Ling a few questions. It was backstage and on stage there were only the bright smiles of all the sisters. Because theatre is dedication, while 'withering' is still 'fresh'. The profession it has to be," My Linh shared.

Notably, My Linh also revealed the marital status of Liu Huong Giang and Huai Anh. They see each other as friends to raise their children together.

"Remembering Tet last year, Giang went with her ex-husband to take the children to Linh's house to play. I looked at Jiang for a question. Jiang said, "We decided to be friends, raise our children together." Then Jiang smiled and his eyes were still sad," My Linh recalled.

My Linh confirmed that Liu Xiangjiang divorced Huai Anh, the two only considered each other friends? - Photo 4

My Linh's sharing quickly received the attention of fans, especially the information that Ho Hoai Anh and Luu Huong Giang became friends after marriage.

Despite the news that the couple has "gone their separate ways" since Ho Hoai Anh's scandal abroad, the audience still expressed regret.

"It's a shame for a happy family, but it's good to break up so you can both have fun. I hope singer Liu Huong Giang will always be happy to aim for better things because parting is not the end. My Linh writes sincerely and profoundly", "Divorce does not mean failure. It could be a fresh start. I wish Ms. Giang's new journey a wonderful and life will be lighter for her", "Hope Giang is more confident and stronger. It's also sorry for Jiang and Hu Huaiying," "Shang Jiang too. The admiring love affair of the past"...

My Linh confirmed that Liu Xiangjiang divorced Huai Anh, the two only considered each other friends? - Photo 5

Earlier, also in the show "Beautiful sister kicking the wind to turn the wave", when sharing with the team members about the romance, Liu Xiangjiang also expressed: "If you like someone but find that the relationship is going nowhere, you will also hold back. I also don't think I have as much time as I did when I was two years old to switch scenes." The singer said she was fragile and had many worries.

My Linh confirmed that Liu Xiangjiang divorced Huai Anh, the two only considered each other friends? - Photo 6

The last time Liu Xiangjiang mentioned Ho Hoai Anh was at the launch of a new product in May 2023. At that time, the singer shared: "People have probably loved the image of Ho Hoai Anh and Liu Huong Giang for a long time. Mr. Ho Hoai Anh is always someone I am very grateful for no matter what. But I never doubted any of my decisions. This time, I wanted to walk on my own to discover my full potential. I guess Mr. Ho Hoai Anh will be very happy to see my achievements."

My Linh confirmed that Liu Xiangjiang divorced Huai Anh, the two only considered each other friends? - Photo 7

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