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Jun Seventeen is the handsome Kpop singer, top 100 most handsome men in the world

Mỹ Hoa11:12:01 22/07/2024
Jun Seventeen is one of the Chinese members of a music group operating in Korea. He has a powerful voice and extremely good dancing ability, so he is definitely a special factor in the K-Pop entertainment industry.

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Huyen My: Suspicious of quitting the role of a rich woman to become a hermit, using 2 words in response to make people angry

Mỹ Hoa15:40:15 21/07/2024
Recently, an account posted a video with the status line Hey, did anyone notice? Naturally, runner-up Huyen My didn't disappear, did she join the army or become a monk and keep quiet? Immediately, people expressed concern over the news that the queen left the entertainment industry.

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Lee Know: male god with outstanding visuals and admirable career journey

Hoàng Anh09:59:19 17/07/2024
Lee Know of the group Stray Kids takes it very seriously and becomes the group's dancing machine. He has a passion for performing and dancing, so he started pursuing it from a very young age. Lee Know is 1m72 tall, has a unique real name Lee Min Ho, born in 1998.

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Famous Hollywood stars turned their backs on President Biden, making it difficult to win the election?

JLO17:23:32 12/07/2024
Big names in Hollywood such as Netflix Chairman Reed Hastings, super agent Ari Emanuel, heiress Abigail Disney, screenwriter Damon Lindelof and author Stephen King have all called on Mr. Biden to abandon his re-election bid.

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Baifern: in pain after a breakup, comforted by a special man who posted a post

Kim Oanh15:53:52 12/07/2024
Attending a new film promotion event, Baifern admitted that he broke up with Nine. She said the two went back to being friends like before, because they were both unable to balance love and work. However, they always have good hopes for each other.

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Taylor Swift eats this dish all her life to stay young forever, it's shocking to everyone!

Thảo Mai16:42:58 11/07/2024
Elle commented that after many years of singing, the 35-year-old female singer's appearance has changed little, her skin is still smooth, her eyes are not wrinkled, and her b.ody is especially toned and s.exy.

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Nha Phuong revealed her noble face, "cutting the hearts" of fans with extremely cute details

Lan Chi07:19:50 10/07/2024
In an accidental moment, Nha Phuong revealed her noble face while playing with Truong Giang's father, after returning from work. The actress said that because the air conditioner at home was broken, her son could not sleep. Therefore, Truong Giang played a game of coaxing his c.hild

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Taylor Swift's crew was blackmailed, a powerful woman behind her was exposed

Minh Lợi20:26:41 06/07/2024
Ticketmaster - the ticket issuer to attend Taylor Swift's Eras tour series - is being extorted millions of dollars by a group of hackers. This group claims to have obtained barcode data of hundreds of thousands of tickets to the concert.

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Advisor Michael Jackson praises BTS's Jung Kook for sobbing, "the 2nd king of pop"?

Thảo Mai15:52:10 03/07/2024
In November 2023, Jung Kook took the music industry by storm with his debut album Golden - marking his debut as an independent artist. The youngest golden brother of the global group has achieved countless unprecedented achievements from this debut.

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Mark Lee is a formidable factor in Korean entertainment, SM praises him wholeheartedly

Bảo Yến14:55:56 29/06/2024
Before officially debuting, Mark Lee was favored by SM Entertainment to participate in many projects such as SM Rookies or filming MVs with his seniors EXO to increase recognition, this became a stepping stone for him to succeed.

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Pax Hates Brad Pitt all his life because of a statement from his adoptive mother Angelina Jolie?

Keng15:49:53 24/06/2024
The relationship between Brad Pitt and his children was strained after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, claiming in court that she was influenced by her ex-husband. Among them, Pax Thien is the son who reacted most strongly to Brad Pitt.

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Billie Eilish is grateful to Jennie (Blackpink), promising to "repay" with a huge gift

Minh Lợi17:30:03 22/06/2024
On June 18, Billie Eilish had a surprise business trip to Korea. The Gen Z female singer attended the Hit Me Hard and Soft album listening party, personally promoting new music to Korean audiences.

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HIEUTHUHAI "spits smoke" because of Duc Phuc's patriarchy in Drunk Brother

Hoàng Anh16:16:40 20/06/2024
On the broadcast of the show My Brother Says Hi, HIEUTHUHAI had unexpected confessions about group leader Duc Phuc. The male rapper criticized his senior's production as cheesy, but Duc Phuc's side was determined to protect the idea to the end, even though shelves are labeled patriarchal

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Duong Mich was criticized for liking to o.ff and "saying better than doing" even though he starred in consecutive flop movies

Bút Mực12:28:45 14/06/2024
Duong Mich has always been known as a female star with a high EQ, smart answers, a talented person, and a wide network of contacts. However, the audience thinks that Duong Mich is only good at lying, saying is better than doing.

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Famous Hollywood makeup artist was brutally m.urdered by her ex-boyfriend, now what?

Thảo Mai16:59:23 30/05/2024
The Los Angeles Times reported that detectives and medical staff received a call reporting a victim being m.urdered at his home in the Shadow Hills area, Los Angeles at 4:30 a.m. on May 23.

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Fourth sister Wednesday reveals behind-the-scenes photos of season 2, male lead eliminated, new Principal?

Đình Như16:54:19 18/05/2024
The latest information about the second season of the Wednesday series has been revealed, making fans of the Addams Family spin-off series unable to help but be excited.

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Minh Hang revealed her true beauty after giving birth, so why did she have to "turn off the lights" in front of her son?

Phương Thảo20:08:23 11/05/2024
Recently, actress and singer Minh Hang made the online community go c.razy when she posted new photos of her first son on her personal page. The beauty born in 1987 shows off her radiant beauty in a purple halter dress, but the spotlight is...

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Zhencheng 'stunned' with his new look, still skillfully praising his wife

Diệu Anh18:51:16 09/05/2024
Recently, Zhencheng has surprised fans by appearing with a completely new look that is far from the image of whiskers, long curly hair that once made people turn on their backs.

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MisThy was indignant at Dam Truc's actions, crying tears at the Fat Cat

Diệu Anh21:57:55 08/05/2024
Recently, MisThy reacted to Fat Cat on her YouTube channel, she expressed her feelings and outrage at Dam Truc's actions, causing the female streamer to cry tears because she loved Fat Cat.

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New Miss Croatia: Possessing a heartbreaking beauty, "overwhelming" even her predecessor

Phương Thảo17:42:27 08/05/2024
The beauty named Zrinka ori has officially been crowned Miss Universe Croatia 2024, w.inning the right to represent the country at the 73rd Miss Universe in Mexico this year.

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The reigning Miss America returns the crown, repeatedly subtextually being f.orced to remain silent?

Hoàng Phúc17:30:34 08/05/2024
Recently, the reigning Miss USA Noelia Voigt posted a long letter on her personal page about her decision to give up the title. This is the first time a reigning Miss USA has relinquished the title while still in office.

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NewJeans is reeling from Hyein's absence from new comeback, fans are outraged

Diệu Anh15:21:26 08/05/2024
Amid Min Hee Jin and HYBE's intense denunciation, ADOR's agency announced that Hyein would not be promoting her comeback. At the same time, it called on the company to respect and keep New Jeans away from the battle for power between the parties.

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No Phuoc Thinh "played big" for Ha Ho, coming back with a brand new look

Mi Lan13:58:36 08/05/2024
Recently, no Phuoc Thinh once again made the online community waves when she released a series of photos showing off her brand new look on her personal page in a dashing black suit and new hair, which quickly attracted attention.

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Ariana Grande "turns on diva mode" to rock the 2024 Met Gala

Chitshere09:13:53 08/05/2024
Little diva Ariana Grande has turned the 2024 Met Gala into the stage for her own mini live show, rocking the prestigious fashion night with a series of s.mash hits and top-notch vocal performances.

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