Mai Ngo was accused of favoring Mym Tran to force Diu Thao to only "turn the car" when the student was crowned?

Anh AnhApr 12, 2023 at 10:56

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Although the finale has been over for a while, the controversy surrounding Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023 has not stopped. In the midst of the scandal being handled by the authorities for mistakes, Mai Ngo's biased attitude in the previous rounds was also dug up for debate.

Mai Ngo was accused of favoring Mym Tran to force Diu Thao to only "turn the car" when the student was crowned? - Photo 1

Accordingly, from a post on a community of beauty fans, an article with the content comparing the training methods between mentor Quynh Hoa and Mai Ngo. It has received much attention and discussion.

Specifically, this person said that: While Quynh Hoa showed affection and did not remove Tieu Thao, so that she had a chance to win the crown this year. Then when Diu Thao refused to laugh because she was afraid of losing her face because she had just received acupuncture, Mai Ngo threatened again, "I'm afraid or I'm going to get rid of you now."

Mai Ngo was accused of favoring Mym Tran to force Diu Thao to only "turn the car" when the student was crowned? - Photo 2

This article then attracted a wave of fierce controversy among beauty fans. Many people think that Mai Ngo at this time is too biased towards Mym Tran and ignores most of the remaining contestants. "Mrs. Mai put too much hope in Mym, to be honest, that episode felt guilty listening to Thao say that, but Mrs. Mai responded to her team's contestant with a frozen sentence, and now Thao won but not Mym in the end. I'm sure you'll be happy too," one netizen commented.

Mai Ngo was accused of favoring Mym Tran to force Diu Thao to only "turn the car" when the student was crowned? - Photo 3

However, the number of people who defended Mai Ngo was equally high: "Remember that when Thao appeared, only Mai chose. Mai said, 'With your height, physique and good English, I want you to be the trump card. and stay in shape' is enough to understand how good Mai Ngo looked at. As for the threat of elimination, it was because Mai Ngo did not know Diu Thao's illness at that time, plus the impatient challenge and had not won any episodes. who doesn't say that.... Wake up, don't brush off other people's work like that!", an angry netizen commented.

It's not a new thing that Mai Ngo is suspected of favoring Mym Tran. Before that, the female mentor was also accused of intentionally enhancing Mym Tran's position by helping her center the wedding photography lineup and making the rest of the contestants have to play the supporting role in the joint photo.

Mai Ngo was accused of favoring Mym Tran to force Diu Thao to only "turn the car" when the student was crowned? - Photo 4

Besides, when episode 5 of the program aired, Mai Ngo's attitude when Mym Tran entered the qualifying round also attracted many people's attention. Right on television, Mai Ngo could not control her anger and dissatisfaction with the above action of the red mentor team. The beauty born in 1995 shared: "If it was a contest for beauty queen, Mai would never let Mym Tran enter the qualifying round."

Mai Ngo was accused of favoring Mym Tran to force Diu Thao to only "turn the car" when the student was crowned? - Photo 5

Faced with this issue, there are also netizens who made the argument that: "Don't say Mai cares more about Mym, Mym is a famous factor from the beginning of the show, obviously the show will prioritize airtime for the show. I'm fine, so people will see a lot of pictures of Mym and Mai. But how much is cropped on the show, the show is only a small part, what people want me to see, I can see it, don't rush for a bit. when it comes to people

Mai Ngo was accused of favoring Mym Tran to force Diu Thao to only "turn the car" when the student was crowned? - Photo 6

It is known that after hearing the name Nguyen Ha Diu Thao was called, Mai Ngo had an extremely shocked reaction. The runner-up was so excited that he fell off the chair and fell back on the beautiful woman sitting next to him, mentor Bui Quynh Hoa. This lovely and humorous moment made the rest of the coaches laugh, come to help Mai Ngo up and quickly hand over the banner to continue calling out the name Diu Thao.

After this victory, Mai Ngo also burst into tears and shared her emotions: "I'm very happy right now, I haven't had time to think about what has happened. Except for the pride in the victory that I've won. I've been looking forward to it for the past 6 months."

Mai Ngo was accused of favoring Mym Tran to force Diu Thao to only "turn the car" when the student was crowned? - Photo 7

Besides, the 4th runner-up of Miss Vietnam Peace 2022 also revealed: "I used to live in fear and pressure when I was a coach who led the team very well but still couldn't win. That makes my skin, my figure, everyone can see, I can't eat, I can't sleep, I hope that my dedication and enthusiasm today will be recognized by everyone."

Through the sharing of the queen, it can be seen that the beauty is under pressure, r.evealing many worrying signs of health. However, after the victory of Tieu Thao at Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023, the queen can be proud of the efforts that she has put in, which has completely paid off.

Mai Ngo was accused of favoring Mym Tran to force Diu Thao to only "turn the car" when the student was crowned? - Photo 8

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