MIQ VN encountered a new variable in the midst of the "touched" scandal, suspected of internal turmoil between Huong Giang and a runner-up?

Đại MạcApr 10, 2023 at 15:24

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Not only being interested in during the event, Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 until the end, is still a controversial topic with a series of controversies taking place. In addition to being "touched" by the authorities, many fans also noticed the absence of runner-up Luong My Ky during the awards night.

MIQ VN encountered a new variable in the midst of the "touched" scandal, suspected of internal turmoil between Huong Giang and a runner-up? - Photo 1

Recently, the final night of Miss International Queen 2023 (Ambassador Hoan My) organized by Miss Huong Giang attracted the attention of beauty fans and many beauties in the LBGT community were also present to attend the event. .

However, Luong My Ky did not appear, even though she was the reigning 1st runner-up of the 2020 season. Therefore, 2nd runner-up - Tuong Vy had to give sash twice to the 2 successors, Tuong San and Tuong San. An Nhi. Immediately, netizens had to put a big question mark: "Is the relationship between the beautiful Tien Giang and Miss Huong Giang cracked?"

MIQ VN encountered a new variable in the midst of the "touched" scandal, suspected of internal turmoil between Huong Giang and a runner-up? - Photo 2

Some comments about Luong My Ky's absence at the final round of Ambassador Hoan My: "Mrs. Ky didn't even show up. She must have lost interest in Miss International Queen Vietnam and Huong Giang", "Luong My Ky clacked" Jiang's face?", "Why didn't Luong My Ky appear but let Tuong Vy give the sash twice?", "Lost the international exam, Mrs. Ky appeared only to be tired. It's not fun. What."

Luong My Ky's absence made people suspect that she was no longer interested in the Miss International Queen Vietnam organization, due to the controversy of losing the international contest at the beginning of 2023. The runner-up born in 1999 once expressed disappointment and publicly told the media that she was not invited by Huong Giang's organization to meet to talk about the international exam, but only talked on the phone with her manager.

MIQ VN encountered a new variable in the midst of the "touched" scandal, suspected of internal turmoil between Huong Giang and a runner-up? - Photo 3

However, the fact that the 1st runner-up Miss International Queen Vietnam 2020 did not have the opportunity to participate in the international competition, the biggest reason is that the international competition side has been delayed for a long time because of the COVID-19 epidemic. By 2022, the epidemic situation had cooled down, so Miss Tran Dai could be "exported".

Huong Giang's side also organized a new season in 2023, and made a decision: If Miss International Queen 2023 takes place in March 2023 as in previous years, Luong My Ky will still represent Vietnam. But if the contest takes place in June, the new Miss will be the top decision in choosing a representative.

Therefore, in January 2023, the runner-up from Tien Giang announced on her personal page that she would cede the international spot to her successor, Tran Dai.

MIQ VN encountered a new variable in the midst of the "touched" scandal, suspected of internal turmoil between Huong Giang and a runner-up? - Photo 4

On her personal page, she wrote: "Hello everyone who has been watching and interested in the US for the past time. On December 4, 2022, Miss Transgender Vietnam organizers had a post about their representative. Vietnam's official participation in Miss International Queen 2023 and the 50/50 chance of BTC was given to My Ky!And today My Ky herself would like to give this precious opportunity to another young g.irl who is luckier than America. Ky, more beautiful and brave than Ky, joined the international beauty arena this time.

MIQ VN encountered a new variable in the midst of the "touched" scandal, suspected of internal turmoil between Huong Giang and a runner-up? - Photo 5

My Ky tried her best to practice during the past time: Not only to compete for Miss International Queen but to really improve herself in many shortcomings and correct all mistakes in the past. My Ky sends a sincere thank you to your company, Ms. Nguyen Huong Giang and all the brothers and sisters in the company who have always loved me during the past 2 years.

Even if My Ky does not represent the contest, Ky hopes that all audiences will join her wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly support her at Miss International Queen 2023. Together with all Vietnamese representatives on all other international competitions. And hope that the audience will receive an image of a more complete and positive Luong My Ky than before in another journey to come. My Ky sincerely thanks and apologizes to the audience! Forever grateful for a dream named Miss International Queen in Luong My Ky's heart."

MIQ VN encountered a new variable in the midst of the "touched" scandal, suspected of internal turmoil between Huong Giang and a runner-up? - Photo 6

Luong My Ky won the 1st runner-up at the Miss Transgender Vietnam contest 2020, only losing the position of Miss Tran Dai. However, since being crowned runner-up, the beauty has been entangled in a lot of noise.

During a fashion event, Luong My Ky was commented by the audience about the designer's act of carrying a skirt that would lose her shape and advised her to moderate both her expressions and her steps. In response to the mixed opinions, the transgender beauty made many statements that "lost points", angered netizens, and even demanded that Huong Giang's crew be stripped of the runner-up position. Despite apologizing, Luong My Ky's image has lost points in the public's mind.

MIQ VN encountered a new variable in the midst of the "touched" scandal, suspected of internal turmoil between Huong Giang and a runner-up? - Photo 7

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