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The international beauty queen is a victim of Vietnamese fans and is badly bodyshamed

Mẫn Nhi09:37:11 13/04/2024
An international beauty queen immediately after her coronation night continuously received a lot of heavy criticism and harsh disparagement of her appearance from the Vietnamese online community just because she represented her country in an unbelievable way.

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Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned

Phi Yến12:34:00 06/02/2024
As soon as she was named for the top position of Miss Transgender Thailand 2024, beauty Saruda Panyakham crawled on the floor, laughing and crying, surprising everyone.

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Diu Thao lost the battle, Mai Ngo's student moved to export at HH Transgender: H'Hen Niê inspired

Xuka13:51:34 07/07/2023
In the face of many opinions about whether being a contestant and national director of the war affects objectivity or not, Kim Kim expressed: I came to this contest with a different mindset. bye...

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The new Miss International Queen was hot-faced and spoke directly to Vietnamese fans for being seriously insulted, Diu Thao relieved her

Bình Yên13:00:31 01/07/2023
On June 29, on her personal Instagram page, Miss International Transgender 2023 Solange Dekker posted an article expressing surprise at the negative attitude the audience had towards her.

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Diu Thao was posted an offensive photo, the new Miss International Queen 2023 was angry with Vietnamese fans?

Chi Chu09:34:07 30/06/2023
Recently, Vietnamese beauty fans continued to express their frustration with the organizers of Miss International Transgender when the homepage of this contest posted sensitive photos of the Vietnamese representative. Worth mentioning, the new Miss was also suddenly implicated.

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Diu Thao made a shocking statement about the Top 3 Miss International Transgender 2023, talking directly about Huong Giang and Mai Ngo

Mộc Trà15:06:35 27/06/2023
The final of Miss International Queen 2023 (Miss International Transgender) ended on the evening of June 24 with the highest place belonging to the beautiful Solange Dekker from the Netherlands. The titles of 1st runner up and 2nd runner-up respectively belonged to representatives of Singapore and the US.

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Mai Ngo reacts "shocked" because Diu Thao is out of the top 6, appearing with a strange appearance that is "damaged and rebuilt"?

Pipi13:34:12 26/06/2023
At the Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 contest, Nguyen Ha Diu Thao belongs to coach Mai Ngo's team. Therefore, in the final night of Miss International Queen, Mai Ngo was soon present with Huong Giang to support her students.

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Diu Thao "dropped" the top 6 Miss International Queen for 3 reasons, Huong Giang took all the responsibility?

JLO12:09:15 26/06/2023
The question that beauty fans ask right now is why does Diu Thao have to stop at the Top 11 when in all factors she has a lot of potential to enter the Top 6, even the Top 3 overall.

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Tieu Thao lost the crown, Miss International Queen 2023 immediately received a shocking "bitter fruit" like Mr.Nawat

Bình Yên10:28:04 26/06/2023
Miss International Queen 2023 has just ended in Thailand with the victory belonging to the beauty from the Netherlands - Solange Dekker, the 1st runner up and 2nd runner up respectively for representatives from Singapore and Singapore. America.

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The new Miss International Queen 2023 revealed her true face after the coronation night, unlike her appearance?

Mưa10:51:49 25/06/2023
The final night of the Miss International Queen contest - Miss International Transgender 2023 has officially ended with the enthronement of Solange Dekker - the representative from the Netherlands. Nguyen Ha Diu Thao of Vietnam finished in the Top 11 final.

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Diu Thao out of the top 6 in MIQ, Huong Giang immediately showed a shocking attitude, revealing a heartbreaking sentence of the pet chicken.

JLO08:14:45 25/06/2023
On the evening of June 24, the final night of the most anticipated beauty contest for the transgender community - Miss International Queen season 17 took place with the show of more than 20 roses from many countries and regions. territories in the world.

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Diu Thao received the good news of w.inning the final of MIQ 2023, following in the footsteps of Huong Giang to bring back the crown?

Kiko11:53:25 24/06/2023
On the eve of the final of Miss International Queen, Diu Thao once again received good news when she was predicted to be crowned by the leading beauty site Sash Factor. However, the queen was suddenly controversial for being off topic.

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Tender Thao was "notice" by Miss International Queen 2023, but still at risk of being "kicked" by these two beauties.

Nắng11:28:03 24/06/2023
Before participating in the Miss International Queen 2023 race (Miss International Transgender), Tieu Thao was predicted by the beauty site Sash Factor to win the highest position at this beauty contest.

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Miss International Transgender 2023: Miss Philippines got lucky, Tieu Thao suddenly revealed a s.hock about Mai Ngo

Nắng14:23:19 23/06/2023
Not long ago, Miss Thailand Peace 2022 - Engfa Waraha once made the same mistake as Lars Pacheco when wearing a split skirt to perform. She also received many criticisms from the online community.

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Diu Thao won her first victory in the semi-finals of Miss International Queen, shocking the international stage

Chi Chu09:12:59 23/06/2023
On the night of the semi-final competition, Diu Thao had a spectacular makeover, as soon as she appeared, the queen shocked the stage with her skillful catwalk steps and radiant charisma. As a result, the excellent Vietnamese representative got the first victory.

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Miss International Queen 2023 revealed TOP 5, Tieu Thao stands out, has enough coronation elements?

Nắng16:17:31 22/06/2023
Based on the performance of the contestants through previous sub-competitions, the international beauty community has made predictions about bright candidates who can become the successor of Miss International Transgender. International 2022 Fuchsia Anne Ravena.

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Miss International Transgender makes fans bored, Miss Philippines has a tense situation when fighting with Tieu Thao

Mộc Trà18:47:01 20/06/2023
Recently, the national costume show and the talent competition of the Miss International Queen 2023 (Miss International Queen 2023) were held in Thailand with the participation of 22 contestants from many other countries. together.

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Miss International Queen 2023: Thailand won the prize, Tieu Thao had a problem, sadly "empty hand"?

Chi Chu11:20:04 20/06/2023
The important round of Miss International Queen 2023 took place with the prizes belonging to Thailand, the US, and China, respectively. Tieu Thao with the impressive ability to swallow the mic should be expected a lot in this round, however, the beauty is still empty-handed.

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Where did Diu Thao win, climb straight to the top 1 to predict the crown of Miss International Queen 2023?

Kiko11:37:50 19/06/2023
With a string of w.inning achievements, plus the sudden appreciation of the prestigious beauty site, Diu Thao is currently predicted to be the one to win the crown of Miss International Queen 2023.

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Tender Thao caused chaos Miss International Queen 2023, was evaluated to "break" the reigning HH Ravena

Mộc Trà10:26:46 18/06/2023
Tieu Thao and other contestants visited Wat Phra Sri Sanphet in Thailand to attract the attention of the beauty community. Vietnamese-American beauties confidently compete with Thai representative Kwang Arissara without being inferior.

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Tieu Thao "trumpeted" the beauties of Miss International Queen 2023, and Miss Thailand also "salutes"

Xuka07:50:49 17/06/2023
On the afternoon of June 15, Diu Thao participated in an orientation interview at Miss International Queen 2023. In addition to her radiant spirit, and her investment in all aspects, she greeted in Thai (the host country) and answered questions. question in English.

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Diu Thao won big at Miss International Queen 2023, about to follow in the footsteps of Huong Giang to "take the crown" internationally

Bình Yên16:34:18 16/06/2023
Recently, Nguyen Ha Diu Thao was present at the contest receiving sash with the president of Miss International Queen 2023 and the reigning Miss International Queen - Fuschia Anne Ravena.

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Miss Transgender Philippines dresses indiscriminately, revealing sensitive areas that make netizens blush

T.T13:10:40 16/06/2023
Lars Pacheco - Miss Transgender Philippines 2023 made people panic when wearing revealing costumes. Under the spotlight, the Filipino beauty revealed a moment of indiscretion because of her rather daring outfit choices.

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Diu Thao was accused of copying Miss Universe Thailand's speech to compete in MIQ, international fans "turn the car around"?

Minh Lợi07:52:54 15/06/2023
The heat of the beauty contest Miss International Transgender 2023 is hotter than ever when the contestants have begun to be present in Thailand and bring the fire of determination, towards the prestigious crown.

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