Miss Vietnam transgender: "Song Quynh" won the controversy, revealing the contestant to win the crown?

Lạc HoaMar 18, 2023 at 15:55

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Besides the controversy and controversy from the first time announced so far, Miss Transgender Vietnam has come to the final steps and the new portrait of the new Queen is also gradually revealed. In the latest developments, there have been many criticisms about the lack of fairness, but the convincing victory of the duo Quynh has partly suppressed public opinion.

Miss Vietnam transgender: "Song Quynh" won the controversy, revealing the contestant to win the crown? - Photo 1

Accordingly, in episode 5 of Miss International Queen - Miss Transgender Vietnam, 14 contestants had a training session on acting skills and advertising products in front of the camera with runner-up Hoang Thuy. Using the knowledge they were taught, the contestants entered the sub-challenge, recording product promotional videos.

Entering the main challenge, each pair of trainers had 20 minutes to film TVC with "1 click" to advertise the sponsor's products. 4 teams divided into 2 groups to coordinate, conduct the s.hooting, the team with the highest number of votes from the judges will win this week.

Miss Vietnam transgender: "Song Quynh" won the controversy, revealing the contestant to win the crown? - Photo 2

Team Mai Ngo - Thuy Tien, took on the first challenge, the filming went smoothly, smoothly, with a reasonable lineup and time distribution. However, due to misinterpreting the topic, the team missed the useful part of the product, making the final stage difficult because they had to learn more lines.

Mym Tran (Mai Ngo team) had a hard time in the exam due to having to learn new dialogues, after the time for the TVC filming was almost over. With the encouragement and support of the coach and team members, Mym Tran was able to complete the dialogue and the filming took place successfully.

The couple Quynh, Quynh Chau - Quynh Hoa, planned and arranged the lineup for the proper filming. The biggest difficulty in the team fell on contestant Quan Tran (Quynh Chau team) when he could not perform his own role and dialogue. After many repetitions, before the helplessness of the coach and the judges, Khiet Anh (Quynh Hoa team) decided to change roles with Quan Tran and the filming was successfully held in the last minutes.

Miss Vietnam transgender: "Song Quynh" won the controversy, revealing the contestant to win the crown? - Photo 3

Finally, the jury announced a convincing victory for the coach couple Quynh Chau - Quynh Hoa. Besides, with the new rules of the game, coach Quynh Hoa will be the one to choose 4 contestants from Mai Ngo - Thuy Tien team to the elimination round: Kim Kim - Mym Tran (Mai Ngo team), Ha Dan - An Nhi (Shui team) Fairy).

Miss Vietnam transgender: "Song Quynh" won the controversy, revealing the contestant to win the crown? - Photo 4

Besides, the judges also had a surprise with the choice of coach Quynh Hoa because she chose the strongest "war chicken" of Mai Ngo's team, Mym Tran, to be excluded, making her extremely angry.

"If Mai was a fair coach, Mai would not have chosen Mym. For a contestant of a beauty queen, Mym is not worthy of today's elimination round... Go back and forth many times but it was a challenge and you did it. passed excellently, why come here, I want a different name," Mai Ngo said. On the part of Quynh Hoa, it is said that Mym is the one who stumbles a lot, so she deserves to enter this round.

Miss Vietnam transgender: "Song Quynh" won the controversy, revealing the contestant to win the crown? - Photo 5

Finally, coach Quynh Chau selected contestant Mym Tran from team Mai Ngo to continue. This choice further confirms Quynh Chau's motto from the very beginning to MIQVN is to find the best representative for Vietnam at Miss International Queen 2023. The public highly appreciates this decision of Quynh Chau. Because, Quynh Chau can completely eliminate the strong contestant of Mai Ngo's team to gain an advantage for his team. However, Quynh Chau made a choice based on the spirit of finding the best candidate.

After the end of episode 5, the team of "song Quynh" still preserves its members. Team Mai Ngo - Thuy Tien broke up with a g.irl in the team, but fortunately, Mym Tran was still able to stay after being recognized by the jury.

Miss Vietnam transgender: "Song Quynh" won the controversy, revealing the contestant to win the crown? - Photo 6

It is known that Mym Tran was also rumored to be the winner of the Miss Universe title, when the image of her wearing a crown to take pictures with the crew was spread on social networks. This caused a stir in public opinion with a large number of interactions. Many people believe that it is rare for a contestant of a beauty contest in the country to take a selfie first with a crown. Therefore, this majority suddenly confirmed that Mai Ngo's "war chicken" would be crowned and succeed Phung Truong Tran Dai, the result was predetermined.

Miss Vietnam transgender: "Song Quynh" won the controversy, revealing the contestant to win the crown? - Photo 7

However, the truth is that the beauty is just doing a set of photos to post on her personal page and has nothing to do with the final results of Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023, s.mashing rumors of leaking results.

Although I know it's just a false rumor, Mym Tran is still a bright candidate for the title of Miss Transgender Vietnam thanks to her flawless beauty. The b.ody of team member Mai Ngo is confirmed by netizens: "Better than a real girl".

Miss Vietnam transgender: "Song Quynh" won the controversy, revealing the contestant to win the crown? - Photo 8

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