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Miss Vietnam transgender: most of the contestants are in debt, fans question "take the exam at a loss or a profit?"

Trần Trường Giang15:57:05 15/04/2023
After the controversy of Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023, the controversial topics surrounding the beauty contest are hotter than ever. Recently, the story of whether the beauty contest is a profit or a loss has also been revived once again, after contestant Chung Khiet Anh...

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Tran Quan was criticized for not being worthy of the Best Face a.ward, Mym Tran spoke up to make fans gloat

Lạc Hoa15:34:20 13/04/2023
After the illegal controversy, although there are many questions surrounding the future of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023. However, many current netizens are still arguing about the worthiness of the winners in the contest. . Recently, the article titled "Who is the real...

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Mai Ngo was accused of favoring Mym Tran to force Diu Thao to only "turn the car" when the student was crowned?

Anh Anh10:56:47 12/04/2023
Although the finale has been over for a while, the controversy surrounding Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023 has not stopped. In the midst of the scandal being handled by the authorities for mistakes, Mai Ngo's biased attitude in the previous rounds was also dug up for debate...

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Miss transgender was accused of looking down on candidates, taking the exam like going to prison, Huong Giang's side spoke up

Nhất Diệp17:32:21 09/04/2023
After a long time of organizing, the Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 contest ended with the victory of the new queen Dieu Thao. Although the final result was very convincing, the preparation for the final night was also criticized a lot. Accordingly, the final of Miss...

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Nguyen Vu Ha Anh officially returned to the final to win the MIQVN crown, suspected of knowing the results in advance

Nhất Diệp17:02:58 07/04/2023
After a long time of organizing, Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023 is the focus of attention of beauty fans across the country. Besides the previously announced top 9 contestants, Nguyen Vu Ha Anh recently won the "most favorite contestant" voting round, also becoming the 10th...

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Thuy Tien spoke directly about Huong Giang, Mai Ngo before the semi-finals of MIQ, publicly "w.inning" the crown

Đại Mạc15:49:54 28/03/2023
After a month with many challenges, Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 has gradually entered the final stage. As one of the four talented mentors of the contest, runner-up Thuy Tien is the name that receives a lot of attention from beauty fans. In the latest development, she...

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