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The international beauty queen is a victim of Vietnamese fans and is badly bodyshamed

Mẫn Nhi09:37:11 13/04/2024
An international beauty queen immediately after her coronation night continuously received a lot of heavy criticism and harsh disparagement of her appearance from the Vietnamese online community just because she represented her country in an unbelievable way.

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Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned

Phi Yến12:34:00 06/02/2024
As soon as she was named for the top position of Miss Transgender Thailand 2024, beauty Saruda Panyakham crawled on the floor, laughing and crying, surprising everyone.

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Where did Diu Thao win, climb straight to the top 1 to predict the crown of Miss International Queen 2023?

Kiko11:37:50 19/06/2023
With a string of w.inning achievements, plus the sudden appreciation of the prestigious beauty site, Diu Thao is currently predicted to be the one to win the crown of Miss International Queen 2023.

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Miss Transgender Philippines dresses indiscriminately, r.evealing sensitive areas that make netizens blush

T.T13:10:40 16/06/2023
Lars Pacheco - Miss Transgender Philippines 2023 made people panic when wearing r.evealing costumes. Under the spotlight, the Filipino beauty revealed a moment of indiscretion because of her rather daring outfit choices.

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Diu Thao was accused of copying Miss Universe Thailand's speech to compete in MIQ, international fans "turn the car around"?

Minh Lợi07:52:54 15/06/2023
The heat of the beauty contest Miss International Transgender 2023 is hotter than ever when the contestants have begun to be present in Thailand and bring the fire of determination, towards the prestigious crown.

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Diu Thao officially went to Miss International Queen 2023, but did not represent Vietnam?

Pipi09:23:14 10/06/2023
After w.inning the Perfect Ambassador Contest 2023, Diu Thao officially left for Thailand to participate in the Miss International Queen 2023 contest. However, she said she was going to compete personally, not representing Vietnam.

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Tran Thanh "lost the battle" before Ly Hai, sadly "gives up" the glory to his senior, Hari Won shows a strange attitude

Thảo Mai14:44:18 30/05/2023
The BSI Top10 Influencers rankings for April 2023 have just been announced. Accordingly, the leading position - the most influential person on social networks in April was Ly Hai. He owns an index of 141,063 with 367,788 posts and discussions on social media sites. Over 30 years...

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Mai Ngo was accused of favoring Mym Tran to force Diu Thao to only "turn the car" when the student was crowned?

Anh Anh10:56:47 12/04/2023
Although the finale has been over for a while, the controversy surrounding Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023 has not stopped. In the midst of the scandal being handled by the authorities for mistakes, Mai Ngo's biased attitude in the previous rounds was also dug up for debate...

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Diu Thao responded when she was criticized for not being able to compete in international competitions, fans were "out of their mind" because of her strange beauty after the finals

Krant10:38:27 11/04/2023
After w.inning at the final night of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023, Nguyen Ha Diu Thao was thought by some netizens that her beauty was not enough to compete internationally. However, recently, she returned with a new look, leaving many fans impressed. Since the legal...

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Huong Giang casually appeared after MIQ was 'whispered', many newspapers let the color fly

Juni Nguyễn10:44:39 10/04/2023
After finding an outstanding face at Ambassador Perfect, Huong Giang's contest was "whispered" by the culture department, forcing major newspapers to remove the article. At the c.limax, the female singer calmly led the new chicken to appear at the entertainment event. After a...

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Quynh Chau was insulted by an actor after the final of MIQ VN, his attitude was c.ruel, challenging public opinion

T.P07:19:02 10/04/2023
Netizens were simultaneously hot-faced, indignant at the uncharacteristic statement, implying the popularity of a young actor, right after the final of the MIQ VN contest was held. On the evening of April 8, the final night of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 (Miss...

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Diu Thao was crowned MIQ VN, "removing the glue" to help Mai Ngo's team for having the first and boldest victory

T.P00:02:13 09/04/2023
The final night of the Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 contest officially ended, with the highest position officially awarded to contestant Nguyen Ha Diu Thao - mentor Mai Ngo's team. After a journey of more than 3 months of recording and broadcasting, the biggest beauty...

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