Thuy Tien spoke directly about Huong Giang, Mai Ngo before the semi-finals of MIQ, publicly "w.inning" the crown

Đại MạcMar 28, 2023 at 15:49

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After a month with many challenges, Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 has gradually entered the final stage. As one of the four talented mentors of the contest, runner-up Thuy Tien is the name that receives a lot of attention from beauty fans. In the latest development, she also attracted a lot of attention with the interview before the semi-finals.

Thuy Tien spoke directly about Huong Giang, Mai Ngo before the semi-finals of MIQ, publicly "w.inning" the crown - Photo 1

Accordingly, in an interview before the semi-final of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023, after being asked by a reporter, about the strategy of eliminating the strongest person of the other team. Thuy Tien said that she did so for her team to win.

"The purpose of Tien when coming to the program is to train my team to win, not me to train my team to see the aura of another team. Therefore, Tien always puts the Tien team's dream first.", Thuy Tien shared.

Thuy Tien spoke directly about Huong Giang, Mai Ngo before the semi-finals of MIQ, publicly "w.inning" the crown - Photo 2

This answer was once said by her in episode 4 of the contest. At that time, runner-up Thuy Tien eliminated the strongest "war chicken" from coach Quynh Chau Ha Anh's team, causing much regret to the judges and the audience.

The fact that the coaches in the competition, trying to win by eliminating the strongest of the other team, was not new. However, this goal was also opposed by many fans because of the f.ight to win and lose, despite the quality.

Thuy Tien spoke directly about Huong Giang, Mai Ngo before the semi-finals of MIQ, publicly "w.inning" the crown - Photo 3

Many people still contact the incident, coach Quynh Chau saved the "war chicken" Mym Tran of team Mai Ngo in danger, demonstrating the right motto to Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023 is to find a best represent Vietnam at Miss International Queen 2023.

Thuy Tien spoke directly about Huong Giang, Mai Ngo before the semi-finals of MIQ, publicly "w.inning" the crown - Photo 4

Besides, when talking about criticism, it's not because of the big game, but rather than losing to the contestants. Thuy Tien shared: "This is a reality TV show and I will do exactly what a reality TV show is."

"Whenever I go to the set, I always think of two theories, which is what will happen if the team wins today, and what to do if the team loses the challenge. No matter what happens, I always have I'm here for the contestants and make them better, the deeper the better," she added.

Thuy Tien spoke directly about Huong Giang, Mai Ngo before the semi-finals of MIQ, publicly "w.inning" the crown - Photo 5

In addition, when asked about Huong Giang's "shadow" is too big for the LGBT community and if her team's contestants are allowed to compete internationally, what will Thuy Tien train her members to be different from? what Huong Giang had before, Thuy Tien was not afraid to say it directly.

"According to Thuy Tien, anyone who goes to an international competition must have an important set of skills to take the exam. For example, skills in catwalk performance, interviewing and of course you also have to invest in looks, both your performance during competitions such as talent shows, interviews, or at meeting or paying sponsorships when you go international.

Thuy Tien spoke directly about Huong Giang, Mai Ngo before the semi-finals of MIQ, publicly "w.inning" the crown - Photo 6

But Tien thinks another important factor is whether you are lucky enough that year or not. Because the opportunities that come to each person are different, and going to the exam is also learning poetry, in addition to the skill set that you must prepare, you must prepare yourself a spirit to accept the challenges. what will come during the international exam.

So to say that I have to equip you with something different than when Huong Giang took the exam, then Tien thinks that any 'beauty queen' going to war must have the same elements. What's important is how much you show it, and whether you're lucky enough to come to the international arena," Thuy Tien shared.

In particular, with the question: "In the past, Pharmacist Tien once said: 'Mai Ngo hasn't rolled out yet, she still shows her true self', so what does Thuy Tien think Mai Ngo is afraid of? ?", Thuy Tien immediately replied:

Thuy Tien spoke directly about Huong Giang, Mai Ngo before the semi-finals of MIQ, publicly "w.inning" the crown - Photo 7

"To say whether Mai Ngo is shy or not, Tien cannot be sure, because each person will be different and each coach's way of leading the team will be different. Each person will have different tactics, I cannot. guess the personality of each person as well as the tactics they bring to their team, so in Tien's position, Tien can't say that Mai Ngo is 'not yet released', or is afraid of anything?"

Thuy Tien spoke directly about Huong Giang, Mai Ngo before the semi-finals of MIQ, publicly "w.inning" the crown - Photo 8

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