Diu Thao was crowned MIQ VN, "removing the glue" to help Mai Ngo's team for having the first and boldest victory

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The final night of the Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 contest officially ended, with the highest position officially awarded to contestant Nguyen Ha Diu Thao - mentor Mai Ngo's team.

After a journey of more than 3 months of recording and broadcasting, the biggest beauty contest for transgender women in Vietnam - Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 (Miss Transgender Vietnam) has officially closed with a joint night. spectacular ending, pleasing to the eye.

Diu Thao was crowned MIQ VN, "removing the glue" to help Mai Ngo's team for having the first and boldest victory - Photo 1

Accordingly, on the evening of April 8, the top 10 best contestants of the contest entered the most important night of the competition. Through the rounds of swimsuit, evening, speech and behavior competitions. Overcoming the remaining 9 contestants, finally the highest title was officially awarded to the beautiful Nguyen Ha Diu Thao, a transgender beauty of Hai Duong origin and a contestant on coach Mai Ngo's team.

Diu Thao was crowned MIQ VN, "removing the glue" to help Mai Ngo's team for having the first and boldest victory - Photo 2

Most of the victories of Tieu Thao received positive feedback from the audience, especially beauty lovers. Possessing a feminine beauty, an attractive charisma, especially a behavior that is praised for swallowing the mic, it is not too difficult to understand when Diu Thao has officially surpassed all the remaining contestants to crown the high position. best.

With this convincing victory, Diu Thao will also officially become the representative of Vietnam, to the international beauty arena Miss International Queen 2023, which will be held in Thailand this year. Beauty fans are also extremely hopeful and believe that Tieu Thao will make a big deal when she has the opportunity to go international.

Diu Thao was crowned MIQ VN, "removing the glue" to help Mai Ngo's team for having the first and boldest victory - Photo 3

The remaining positions in the top 3 were also awarded to two contestants Tuong San with the title of 1st runner-up and An Nhi with the position of 2nd runner-up. All of them were contestants of the coach team, runner-up Thuy. Tien. Particularly, two mentors, Bui Quynh Hoa and Quynh Chau, were sad to see their team's contestants without titles in the final night. Although these are the two teams with the highest number of wins in reality TV broadcasts.

Diu Thao's victory is also considered very special, especially for her team, led by coach Mai Ngo. Accordingly, netizens simultaneously cheered, thinking that the beauty had made a great achievement, "removing glue" for her mentor from the beginning of the program until the final night, Mai Ngo's team still did not have a team victory. any. Runner-up Mai Ngo also shared humorously before, saying that she was "stiff" when she couldn't win a single episode the whole season. The fact that Diu Thao was crowned Miss and achieved the noble crown is considered the biggest victory for Mai Ngo's team. This is also a worthy, convincing result and a sweet fruit for the efforts that both Tieu Thao and her coach have tried together.

Diu Thao was crowned MIQ VN, "removing the glue" to help Mai Ngo's team for having the first and boldest victory - Photo 4

At the behavioral contest, Diu Thao also made the whole audience cheer and praise the convincing "swallowing the mic". Accordingly, when being asked the question: "Transgender people have their own beauty playgrounds, are they necessary to participate in beauty contests of heterosexual women?" Immediately after receiving the question, Diu Thao made the whole audience "goosebumps" with her bilingual behavior.

Diu Thao was crowned MIQ VN, "removing the glue" to help Mai Ngo's team for having the first and boldest victory - Photo 5

Specifically, the beauty replied: "I think this is neither right nor wrong, but society's prejudice is what hinders us the most, and this problem has happened to transgender people. allowed to participate in the official beauty contest or not. If you look at it in a positive way, it will be positive and vice versa. We also know that, only if you yourself have enough confidence, enough confidence. have the courage to step out of your comfort zone, put your first steps in changing people's prejudices, and that's when the breakthroughs will begin."

Diu Thao was crowned MIQ VN, "removing the glue" to help Mai Ngo's team for having the first and boldest victory - Photo 6

Diu Thao's victory received most of the audience's approval and praise. Ending the journey of MIQ VN 2023, but in the immediate future, fans are also looking forward to the upcoming path of Diu Thao, as the reigning Miss and the upcoming international competition mission.

Diu Thao was crowned MIQ VN, "removing the glue" to help Mai Ngo's team for having the first and boldest victory - Photo 7

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