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Rival Tuong San at Miss Transgender rolled onto the floor as she was named crowned

Phi Yến12:34:00 06/02/2024
As soon as she was named for the top position of Miss Transgender Thailand 2024, beauty Saruda Panyakham crawled on the floor, laughing and crying, surprising everyone.

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The transgender runner-up "competing" for the crown at Miss Universe, how "competitive" is her appearance?

Châu Anh16:30:40 25/01/2024
Since Miss Universe organizers broke the rules and allowed transgender people to participate, it has helped the beauties become more motivated and confident in expressing themselves. Recently, there was another ambitious queen fighting in the most fierce beauty arena on the planet.

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Colombia will choose transgender runner-up for the MU competition, Huong Giang - Nam Are you calling my name?

Thảo Mai07:25:09 22/01/2024
Jasmine Jimenez - 1st runner-up Miss International Queen 2022 participated in the casting session in her hometown to search for a ticket to Miss Universe Colombia. The decision of the transgender beauty from Colombia has excited beauty fans.

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Creative director Lim Feng accused MIQ runner-up Tuong San of plagiarizing the idea of a new set

Phương Thảo16:02:23 06/01/2024
Recently, netizens have continuously shared a series of extremely sharp images of the runner-up born in 2005 of Miss International Queen 2023 - Nguyen Tuong San. However, recently this photo series has been plagiarized by a creative director - designer with a reputation for plagiarism.

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Hoang Minh Hung officially apologized, the fan laughed: "On the internet, the literature, the message is ignored"

Vân Anh17:22:24 02/12/2023
After the scandal about the relationship between himself and his ex-girlfriend, Hoang Minh Hung officially apologized through a post on his personal page. However, what he received in return was the disgusted shake of the head of the online community.

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Huang Mingxing no one defended, had to create a fake nick to comment offensively to My Chen?

Vân Anh08:21:11 01/12/2023
After a series of moves to defend My Tran from friends and colleagues of the two. Minh Hung was scrutinized by the online community for setting up fake Instagram nicks to comment offensively on his ex-girlfriend.

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Mym Tran continuously shares posts implying she was cuckolded, even though Minh Hung has corrected the "rainy sister" rumor.

Khánh Huyền16:39:48 30/11/2023
Mym Tran and Hoang Minh Hung are two names receiving the attention of the online community as they continuously make new moves after announcing their breakup on November 28 on the transgender beauty's personal page.

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Mym Tran suddenly announced her farewell to Hoang Minh Hung after 2 weeks of leaving together at To Tinh Hoan My

Phong Trần09:12:56 29/11/2023
Recently, Mym Tran - a transgender beauty from Miss International Queen 2023 suddenly announced her breakup with her boyfriend Hoang Minh Hung, making people surprised because the couple only got back together not long ago.

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Miss International Queen refuses, Luong My Ky is determined to be crowned Miss Fabulous?

Nắng14:21:05 27/11/2023
Previously, it was announced that she would compete in Miss International Queen - Miss International Transgender in 2022. However, after that, Huong Giang's side organized to find a new representative to come to this beauty arena.

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The guy who got married a few years ago wanted to be a b.oy again, and invited a "third person" to fall in love with him because he was bored

Gia Linh16:49:13 27/10/2023
Recently, a three-person love story of a famous man on social networks caused a stir in the online community. Accordingly, even though he has been married for a while, the guy still wants to be married, so he invites another friend to fall in love with him.

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Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023: Mym Tran makes a beautiful comeback, "beating" contestants with huge profiles, predicted to win?

Tuyết Ngọc19:33:35 29/09/2023
Recently, the Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023 organization announced the contestants leading the rankings on the online contest's voting platforms, in which the return of Mym Tran attracted the most attention from beauty fans.

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Luong My International competition, fans fall for the village pond contest, fried egg hotgirl Thanh Tam once participated

Đức Trí15:35:52 26/09/2023
Transgender runner-up Luong My Ky suddenly announced that she would officially compete in the international competition. The online community was shocked and surprised when the name of the competition was not too strange.

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Huong Jiang dressed disastrously, revealed her poor b.ody, and was ridiculed by netizens: Like the sisters singing the fair

Yaya07:32:59 25/08/2023
If the previous edited photos of Miss Huong Giang were praised by many people, her recent series of behind-the-scenes photos made many people want to faint.

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The new Miss International Queen was hot-faced and spoke directly to Vietnamese fans for being seriously insulted, Diu Thao relieved her

Bình Yên13:00:31 01/07/2023
On June 29, on her personal Instagram page, Miss International Transgender 2023 Solange Dekker posted an article expressing surprise at the negative attitude the audience had towards her.

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Diu Thao was posted an offensive photo, the new Miss International Queen 2023 was angry with Vietnamese fans?

Chi Chu09:34:07 30/06/2023
Recently, Vietnamese beauty fans continued to express their frustration with the organizers of Miss International Transgender when the homepage of this contest posted sensitive photos of the Vietnamese representative. Worth mentioning, the new Miss was also suddenly implicated.

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The new Miss International Queen 2023 "disappeared" after 3 days of coronation, r.evealing a dark and forgettable past?

Kiko08:13:04 28/06/2023
After 3 days of coronation, Solange Dekker - Miss Transgender International 2023 runs a continuous and extremely busy schedule. Appearing in public at a recent event, the queen revealed a pale smile and a less soft smile.

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Mai Ngo reacts "shocked" because Diu Thao is out of the top 6, appearing with a strange appearance that is "damaged and rebuilt"?

Pipi13:34:12 26/06/2023
At the Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 contest, Nguyen Ha Diu Thao belongs to coach Mai Ngo's team. Therefore, in the final night of Miss International Queen, Mai Ngo was soon present with Huong Giang to support her students.

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Diu Thao "dropped" the top 6 Miss International Queen for 3 reasons, Huong Giang took all the responsibility?

JLO12:09:15 26/06/2023
The question that beauty fans ask right now is why does Diu Thao have to stop at the Top 11 when in all factors she has a lot of potential to enter the Top 6, even the Top 3 overall.

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Tieu Thao lost the crown, Miss International Queen 2023 immediately received a shocking "bitter fruit" like Mr.Nawat

Bình Yên10:28:04 26/06/2023
Miss International Queen 2023 has just ended in Thailand with the victory belonging to the beauty from the Netherlands - Solange Dekker, the 1st runner up and 2nd runner up respectively for representatives from Singapore and Singapore. America.

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Miss International Queen 2023 runner-up is suspected of buying prizes, crisis with disparaging words after the contest?

Xuân Xuân09:34:44 26/06/2023
Melony Munro - Miss International Queen 2023 runner-up from the US became the focus of discussion of fans from Vietnam to the world. Won the runner-up position, but Melony Munro was criticized for her bad beauty and was suspected of having bought the prize.

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The new Miss International Queen 2023 revealed her true face after the coronation night, unlike her appearance?

Mưa10:51:49 25/06/2023
The final night of the Miss International Queen contest - Miss International Transgender 2023 has officially ended with the enthronement of Solange Dekker - the representative from the Netherlands. Nguyen Ha Diu Thao of Vietnam finished in the Top 11 final.

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Diu Thao out of the top 6 in MIQ, Huong Giang immediately showed a shocking attitude, r.evealing a heartbreaking sentence of the pet chicken.

JLO08:14:45 25/06/2023
On the evening of June 24, the final night of the most anticipated beauty contest for the transgender community - Miss International Queen season 17 took place with the show of more than 20 roses from many countries and regions. territories in the world.

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Diu Thao received the good news of w.inning the final of MIQ 2023, following in the footsteps of Huong Giang to bring back the crown?

Kiko11:53:25 24/06/2023
On the eve of the final of Miss International Queen, Diu Thao once again received good news when she was predicted to be crowned by the leading beauty site Sash Factor. However, the queen was suddenly controversial for being off topic.

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Tender Thao was "notice" by Miss International Queen 2023, but still at risk of being "kicked" by these two beauties.

Nắng11:28:03 24/06/2023
Before participating in the Miss International Queen 2023 race (Miss International Transgender), Tieu Thao was predicted by the beauty site Sash Factor to win the highest position at this beauty contest.

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