Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time

Bình MinhJan 06, 2024 at 18:16

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Receiving the good news at the beginning of the year, Liu Yifei still could not surpass Zhao Liying in the film segment. "Billion-billion fairy" continues to lose to colleagues in the ranking of the most anticipated works.

Although many times caused controversy when participating in "hugely invested" film projects, until now, Liu Yifei - Zhao Liying are still difficult names to replace. Because of possessing charisma and many famous works, these two top beauties also constantly form a confrontation with each other in all aspects.

Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time - Photo 1

Recently, preview bookings of the movie "Rose Story" hosted by Liu Yifei have officially broken 500,000 times. This is an extremely impressive achievement for a modern love film. However, if compared to Zhao Liying's "Data Phoenix", the "billion-billion fairy" is still far behind his peers.

Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time - Photo 2

The reason for this, many people believe that the beauty surnamed Zhao is currently in a top position, working hard to act in movies and participate in reality shows, so the public recognition is higher.

Meanwhile, Liu Yifei was more secretive than his colleagues, and "Rose Story" was not heavily promoted, so his popularity would not be equal. However, since both works have not yet aired, the quality is still open.

Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time - Photo 3

"Rose Story" marks the return of the "billion-billion fairy" after a long break; attracted the attention of the public, right from the beginning of the announcement of production plans and the main cast. The work also attracted attention when it gathered many outstanding faces of the Chinese small screen.

The film is adapted from a novel of the same name, with content close to contemporary life, when clearly reflecting the life of a woman raising children alone. In the film, Liu Yifei plays Huang Yimei, a single mother who goes through many ups and downs in life.

Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time - Photo 4

Ye Mei's life is associated with love affairs of many different colors. Specifically, the heroine will meet and bond with 4 men. Every man who walks through life leaves a mark and helps Ye Mei grow and become stronger.

As 2023 ends, audiences continue to look forward to new works in 2024 by the cult artists. Accordingly, this year will mark the return of 85 peak miniatures such as Zhao Liying, Yang Mi, Liu Yifei,...

Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time - Photo 5

According to many speculations, "Data Phoenix" starring Zhao Liying-Lin Jingjin will air in Q1 2024. After the success of "Chu Qiao Story", the couple is expected to continue to "stir" the Chinese screen with this huge historical project.

Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time - Photo 6

The 2nd place in the most anticipated film chart is "Hu Love Xiao Hongnuong: Yue Hong" by Yang Mi. This is a film that marks the return after a long career of Xiao Hua with problems. With the teaser and visuals already released, fans believe this could be a potential grand hit.

Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time - Photo 7

Fans were quite surprised when "beautiful sister" Luu Shi Shi continuously played many historical projects after a long time in hiding, taking care of a small home. "Nhat Conception Quan Son" has just closed the air, the audience is also looking forward to the appearance of the actress in "Ho Love Xiao Hong Nuong: Truc Karma".

Although I do not know how to act, the shape showing off the beauty of Ngo Ky Long's wife has earned positive reactions from the first day of launch.

Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time - Photo 8

After "Dream of the Green Flower", Liu Yifei did not act in the period but continuously appeared in modern series such as "Going to the Windy Place" and most recently "The Story of the Roses".

With the motif of one female and many male, the work immediately attracted the curiosity and interest of the audience. Not to mention that the project also owns an excellent male cast such as Huo Jianhua, Peng Guanying, Lin Jingjin ,...

Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time - Photo 9

"Peerless Chanting" is a historical and fanciful project filmed based on the novel "Peerless Tianxia" by author Ten Four Langs, marking the first collaboration of Tang Yan and Liu Xiuyi.

With the good effect of "Prosperous" being released, fans believe that the 8X beauty can carry the film and own the typical historical work in her career.

Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time - Photo 10

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