Lam Canh Tan, after leaving Trieu Le Dinh, changed to the point of being hard to recognize

Hoa TuyếtApr 16, 2024 at 07:21

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Recently, Lam Canh Tan had a strong comeback with "Dau Phuong Hanh" collaborating for the second time with Trieu Le Dinh. Many people discovered that the actor had a big change after the movie ended satisfactorily.

Lam Canh Tan "opened the bowl" in 2024 quite smoothly after the success of the historical project "Du Phuong Hanh". The film ended with many good achievements, currently the male and female lead duo are busy with personal schedules, some joining new film crew, some taking advantage of traveling with friends.

Lam Canh Tan, after leaving Trieu Le Dinh, changed to the point of being hard to recognize - Photo 1

In the recently shared daily photos, Lam Canh Tan made fans unrecognizable because he was much thinner than when he starred in "Du Phuong Hanh" with Trieu Le Dinh.

Accordingly, on April 14, the office released a new set of photos of the actor, along with the caption: "Wishing everyone a happy weekend." In the photo, he causes a stir with his youthful and stylish appearance when wearing dark clothes and a romantic curly hairstyle.

Lam Canh Tan, after leaving Trieu Le Dinh, changed to the point of being hard to recognize - Photo 2

In particular, Lam Canh Tan also combined black-rimmed glasses, helping to "hack age" very effectively. When "zoomed" close, male star Du Phuong Hanh made the public gush with his extreme profile angle and soaring nose bridge.

After the series of photos spread, Lam Canh Tan's new look received many "winged" compliments from netizens. Comments such as: "Lam Canh Tan is getting sicker", "Lam Canh Tan has successfully lost weight" are mentioned a lot on forums.

Lam Canh Tan, after leaving Trieu Le Dinh, changed to the point of being hard to recognize - Photo 3

Lam Canh Tan, after leaving Trieu Le Dinh, changed to the point of being hard to recognize - Photo 4

Previously, when filming "Dau Phuong Hanh" with Trieu Le Dinh, Lam Canh Tan was criticized for his degraded appearance, showing belly fat and double chin. That's why this spectacular transformation of the rumored beauty of the Trieu family also received more attention than usual.

Also on April 14, page 163 reported that Lam Canh Tan performed well in the role of the lovesick God of War Hanh Chi in the second reunion project with Trieu Le Dinh, helping his name once again become h.ot with the audience. fake, ending a period of 7 years of career decline.

Lam Canh Tan, after leaving Trieu Le Dinh, changed to the point of being hard to recognize - Photo 5

The reason Hanh Chi, played by Lam Canh Tan, is so popular is because of his loyal love for Bich Thuong Vuong Tham Ly (played by Trieu Le Dinh). The male actor was also praised for showing off his tall, majestic fairy spirit and fierce strength. The sweet interaction between him and his longtime co-star is also a factor that helps them both be enthusiastically received by the public.

According to sources, since the historical drama "Duc Phuong Hanh" premiered, Lam Canh Tan has continuously become a topic of discussion on social networks. In Weibo's ranking of most searched and discussed keywords, the male actor accounts for 5.6 titles, even at the highest point, occupying more than 10 topics.

Lam Canh Tan, after leaving Trieu Le Dinh, changed to the point of being hard to recognize - Photo 6

In addition, a video Lam Canh Tan posted on Douyin (Chinese TikTok) also attracted 3 million likes with more than 10 million views. The number of viewers following the personal page of the actor born in 1988 skyrocketed. The success of "Du Phuong Hanh" really helped him warm up his name.

After "Dying Phuong Hanh", Lam Canh Tan will reappear in a modern genre TV series called "Rose Story". In addition to the male actor, the film also stars Liu Yifei and Wallace Wallace, which is expected to create a fever after it airs.

Lam Canh Tan, after leaving Trieu Le Dinh, changed to the point of being hard to recognize - Photo 7

Lam Canh Tan was born in 1988, and rose to fame with the role of Twentieth Ah Ca in the movie "Bo Bo Kinh Tam" starring Luu Thi Thi and Ngo Ky Long. The actor is favored and taught by great directors, typically Tu Khac.

Besides television series, he has also participated in a number of film works such as: Friends at the Table, Tri Thu Uy Ho Son, Than Kiem and impressed with his role in "Dich Nhan Kiet: Divine Dragon King", Nominated for Best New Actor at the Hong Kong Golden Statue Film Festival.

However, the 8X actor's career encountered difficulties when he wanted to terminate his contract with Duong Nhan management company. In the end, he had to compensate the contract with nearly 2 million yuan to be free.

Lam Canh Tan, after leaving Trieu Le Dinh, changed to the point of being hard to recognize - Photo 8

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