Liu Yifei caused controversy for kissing her co-star 27 times and dressing sleazy in a new movie

Bút ChìJun 12, 2024 at 17:23

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Liu Yifei's TV series The Rose Story is causing a lot of controversy. With a length of 38 episodes, the film divides the time so that the female lead takes turns meeting the men passing through her life.

In the first episodes, Liu Yifei's character Hoang Diec Mai met and developed feelings for Trang Quoc Dong (played by Peng Quan Anh). As her first love, Diec Mai completely trusts and devotes herself wholeheartedly to the person she loves.

Liu Yifei caused controversy for kissing her co-star 27 times and dressing sleazy in a new movie - Photo 1

The two had many emotional scenes, even when Trang Quoc Dong picked up Hoang Diec Mai at the airport, the two then rushed into each other, with a series of emotional scenes from the elevator to the violent scene in bed. Topics related to the actress's violent scenes ranked first on the Weibo h.ot search entertainment board.

However, many controversies also broke out around the female lead image and the conveying meaning of the above bold scenes. Even many viewers were upset with the kiss scene in the movie, boycotted the work and asked to remove the movie The Rose Story.

Liu Yifei caused controversy for kissing her co-star 27 times and dressing sleazy in a new movie - Photo 2

In recent episodes, the love story of female lead Hoang Diec Mai and Trang Quoc Dong happened so quickly that it was difficult for viewers to sympathize and feel frustrated because of the intimate scene.

Trang Quoc Dong and Hoang Diec Mai liked each other at first sight but did not say anything clearly. When Hoang Diec Mai went on a business trip, they called to chat and confide in each other. As soon as the female lead arrived at the airport, Trang Quoc Dong took her to his house and feelings arose.

Worth mentioning, at this time Hoang Diec Mai is about 22 years old. Trang Quoc Dong is an experienced senior employee who is compared by the audience to an old wolf tricking a young g.irl. This intimate scene has received criticism because there are too loud moans and are not suitable for being shown on television.

Liu Yifei caused controversy for kissing her co-star 27 times and dressing sleazy in a new movie - Photo 3

The two are passionately in love and often kiss and hug in all situations and in all locations. According to Sohu's statistics, in 4 episodes the two actors kissed each other 27 times. "Kissing once or twice is emotional, kissing too much is boring," the source wrote.

This page also analyzed the fact that the actor repeatedly forced himself to kiss the female lead, showing a lack of respect for women. The film's script lacks depth, wanting to build the image of a domineering president, but this type of character is no longer loved by the audience.

What's more annoying is that after the two kissed, Hoang Diec Mai would calm down and forgive Trang Quoc Dong, after which the two began to exchange passionate feelings.

Liu Yifei caused controversy for kissing her co-star 27 times and dressing sleazy in a new movie - Photo 4

In addition, Liu Yifei plays the daughter of a noble family, possesses a beautiful appearance, and is a goddess in everyone's eyes. However, the female lead's outfit left the audience with big question marks.

Most of Liu Yifei's outfits were criticized for being rustic and unfashionable. Many comments expressed: "The costumes are so cheesy, only Liu Yifei can make these outfits beautiful", "The film's styling is so cheesy but luckily the person wearing it is Liu Yifei".. .

Previously, Liu Yifei confided that she accepted to participate in the movie as soon as she read the script. The actress wants to find a mature character, aiming for an image suitable for her age and appearance.

Liu Yifei caused controversy for kissing her co-star 27 times and dressing sleazy in a new movie - Photo 5

Throughout her career, Liu Yifei has always been considered the "billionaire fairy" of the Chinese entertainment industry thanks to her exquisite facial features and beautiful beauty like a fairy. The roles associated with her name include Vuong Ngu Yen in Thien Long Bat Bo, Tieu Long Nu in Condor Heroes or Trieu Linh Nhi in Tien Kiem Ky Hiep Story 1.

Liu Yifei caused controversy for kissing her co-star 27 times and dressing sleazy in a new movie - Photo 6

In 2020, she was also invited to play the female lead role in the movie Mulan produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Liu Yifei is ranked among the most famous 8X stars in the Chinese entertainment industry. Her roles are quite diverse, from a gentle lady to a strong "woman".

In the past 2 years, Liu Yifei returned to acting in television dramas. Her two television projects titled Mong Hoa Luc and Going to the Wind were both well received by the audience and praised by experts.

Liu Yifei caused controversy for kissing her co-star 27 times and dressing sleazy in a new movie - Photo 7

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