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Liu Yifei reveals a fortune of 4,000 billion, lives in a huge mansion but still likes to use old things

Bút Chì15:58:43 21/06/2024
Liu Yifei's assets have exceeded 1.23 billion yuan (170 million USD). This wealth largely comes from the beauty's activities in the entertainment industry, such as from film fees, advertising, attending events,...

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Liu Yifei caused controversy for kissing her co-star 27 times and dressing sleazy in a new movie

Bút Chì17:23:31 12/06/2024
Liu Yifei is receiving many mixed opinions because of too many intimate scenes in her movies. According to Sohu's statistics, in 4 episodes the two actors kissed each other 27 times.

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Liu Yifei reveals shady relationship with adoptive father, which is related to a movie

Bút Chì06:42:10 11/06/2024
The fact that Liu Yifei was supported by her father to stand on her heels in the entertainment world made her billionaire fairy name no longer pure. It is known that the adoptive father is a great influence on both Liu Yifei's career and personal life.

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Nam Em sat on the same plate as Liu Yifei, but dreamed of being a Vietnamese Li Zi

Hướng Dương09:54:54 03/04/2024
After peeling phosphorus, looking for conversations with Vietnamese stars and domestic audiences, Nam Em continued to make the online community waves when he called out the names of Li Zi That and Liu Yifei on his livestream.

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Trieu Le Dinh - Liu Yifei compete in beauty: One is like a goddess, the other shows all flaws

JLO18:23:18 31/03/2024
Both are Tieu Hoa at the top of the 85th generation, possessing the same national level and towering resources, that's why Trieu Le Dinh and his colleagues cannot avoid comparisons from netizens.

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Phuong Nhi changed after the rumor of cheating on Luong Thuy Linh and being "patted in the face" by the palace chief.

Minh Lợi17:47:52 12/03/2024
Phuong Nhi was crowned 2nd runner-up Miss World VN 2022. After the contest, the beauty received a lot of interest and attention from fans. The queen born in 2002 is fondly given the name "fairy sister" because of her pure, gentle and loving beauty.

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Liu Yifei was inferior to Lisa (BLACKPINK) because of the out-of-place and inferior coordination

Bình Minh07:35:36 07/03/2024
Liu Yefei was famous for possessing the beauty of tilting water into thousands of people, and his taste in dress was also quite good. But recently, she disappointed fans with her lack of classy fashion style.

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"Fairy sister" Liu Yifei was urged by her mother to get married: Must have children before the age of 40

Nhật Duy15:08:25 24/02/2024
Despite having an extremely outstanding and progressive acting career, Liu Yifei's personal life is quite quiet. Worried that her daughter would be single her whole life, the actress's mother urged her to get married soon before the age of 40.

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Liu Yifei became a couple with a young man 12 years younger, an acquaintance of Dam Tung Van

Hoa Tuyết15:38:53 21/02/2024
Recently, there was information that Liu Yifei is about to co-star in a movie with a handsome man 12 years younger than Tong Uy Long. This immediately made the fan community of both houses stand still.

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Liu Yifei was exposed 10 years ago, r.evealing a personality that was different from his appearance

Hoa Tuyết06:53:14 19/02/2024
The public was just amazed to learn Liu Yifei's true personality. As it turned out, the billion-billion fairy was not what they thought, inside was a completely different person.

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Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time

Bình Minh18:16:07 06/01/2024
Receiving the good news at the beginning of the year, Liu Yifei still could not surpass Zhao Liying in the film segment. The billion-billion fairy continues to lose to its peers in the ranking of the most anticipated works.

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Zhao Lu Zi turned into a billion-billion fairy in the new film, not as criticized as Liu Yifei

Hướng Dương13:36:57 01/01/2024
After a series of successful roles, Zhao Luoxi's beauty is considered to be more advanced than before. Xiao Hua had just tried her hand at white robes, and the billion-billion fairy was praised no less than Liu Yefei.

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Liu Yifei was tragically harmed by "normal orange", the special person suddenly appeared on hotsearch

Bình Minh13:55:34 31/12/2023
Liu Yifei is one of Cbiz's famous little flowers of the 85th generation. Her popularity and charisma are so strong that every person who appears next to her receives great attention.

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Liu Yifei is worthy of being called a "fairy sister", just one photo is enough to "crush" the flower g.irl group.

Vân Anh13:21:39 09/12/2023
Liu Yifei was praised by netizens, but was devastated when her image from many years ago was dug up. Just a few simple photos in simple outfits are enough to make all the famous beauties in China today disappear.

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Liu Yifei made fans excited when he received good news with his "boyfriend" Li Xian

Khánh Huyền18:28:09 02/12/2023
After nearly 1 year of broadcasting, the drama "Going to the Windy Place" continuously receives good news about major nominations at home and abroad. This cannot help but make movie fans feel extremely happy and happy.

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"Billion-billion fairy" Dang Thu Thao shows off his angle, fans still regret breaking their guts because they refuse to "export"

Mẫn Nhi12:15:06 01/12/2023
Each time he appears, Dang Thu Thao makes fans wake up because his beauty after two births is still beautiful. The queen refused to compete internationally at the time of her coronation, so far many people regret her decision.

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Cao Thien Trang revealed her relationship with Dang Thu Thao for the first time, r.evealing a touching detail

Phi Đức18:30:50 29/11/2023
Cao Thien Trang and Dang Thu Thao have never appeared together before. So the fact that the two enjoyed cakes and drank tea together created a lot of surprises for the audience, everyone was curious about the relationship between the two beauties.

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Liu Yifei revealed the moment when he lost his image, his senses scattered, how did netizens react?

Thanh Thanh12:56:22 28/11/2023
Recently, Liu Yifei caused a fever with a series of radiant and youthful moments when attending an event. There's nothing to talk about if a fairy sister reveals a moment when she loses her image and her senses fly apart.

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Liu Yifei is living with a special character, everyone is surprised to know his identity?

Đào Thị14:33:02 23/11/2023
As one of the prominent female stars of the Chinese screen, Liu Yifei's every move always attracts people's attention. Recently, people discovered that she was living with a special character, everyone was surprised to know her identity.

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Liu Yifei's U40 beauty was 'scanned' beyond normal standards, can beauty overcome time?

Vân Anh15:05:05 17/11/2023
At the BVLGARI event in Shanghai (China) on the evening of November 16, four great beauties - Liu Yifei - attracted the attention of the online community. Many times, she was mercilessly drowned by oranges, r.evealing all the flaws in her face and b.ody.

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Liu Yifei appeared with his biological father secretly, netizens had to exclaim "extreme products create extreme products"

Tiểu Trúc15:23:20 06/11/2023
Recently, social media has dug up a rare moment where Liu Yifei shared a frame with his biological father behind closed doors. Many people could not help but exclamate his handsome appearance and performance. There were even netizens who commented: "Extreme products create extreme products.

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The elementary school teacher "stirred" the social media to teach all week without any coincidence, beauty like a "billion-billion fairy"

Kim Lâm16:54:30 02/11/2023
An elementary school teacher suddenly became famous because the images on Tik Tok went viral. The young g.irl's teaching style is very pleasing and every day she goes to school she wears a different outfit, looking forever not bored.

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Phuong Nhi defeated 70 international opponents to take home the first minor prize, fans are still worried about this.

Tuyết Ngọc11:19:02 13/10/2023
On the first day of joining, Phuong Nhi took the spotlight with her outstanding beauty, w.inning the Miss Visit Japan a.ward. However, many people believe that this is a curse at Miss International.

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Hoang Thuy Linh suddenly "sat on the same plate" with Liu Yifei, the fans immediately sarcastically said: Not on the same level!

Nguyễn Tuyết10:20:03 11/10/2023
The owner of the hit song See Tinh has just been compared by the people to the billionaire goddess Liu Yifei. Many people believe that the female singer's current acting ability is not worthy of the famous star Cbiz.

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