Liu Yifei reveals shady relationship with adoptive father, which is related to a movie

Bút ChìJun 11, 2024 at 06:42

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Page 163 reported that the movie Liu Yifei's Rose Story was broadcast and received mixed opinions. Some viewers think that the film is beautifully filmed, the heroine is attractive and attractive, Liu Yifei is younger than her age.

However, there are also many viewers who think that the content of the film has many ridiculous plots, creating unrealistic contradictions just to honor the heroine. Besides, the fact that Liu Yifei's adoptive father, Mr. Tran Kim Phi, is the director of production of the film makes the public's view of this work different.

Liu Yifei reveals shady relationship with adoptive father, which is related to a movie - Photo 1

Chen Jinfei is the chairman of Beijing Asset Investment Group, a billionaire in the Forbes ranking with assets of up to 8.4 billion USD. He is not only the godfather but also the representative of Liu Yifei, the capital behind the billionaire fairy. When she was 15 years old, Tran Kim Phi changed her stage name to help the actress and brought her into the entertainment world.

Mr. Tran Kim Phi also opened Hong Tinh Entertainment Company, only in charge of managing Liu Yifei's artistic activities. Thanks to his adoptive father's relationship, Liu Yifei was able to participate in the film projects Kim Phan The Family, Thien Long Bat Bo even though he did not have much acting experience.

The adoptive father is a great influence on both Liu Yifei's career and personal life. He assisted in connecting a representative company in the US to help the actress. When Liu Yifei was 18 years old, he also spent a large amount of m.oney to celebrate her birthday. Liu Yifei has many photos taken at the villa in Beijing, which is also the property of her adoptive father. Therefore, Liu Yifei's name is associated with billionaire Tran Kim Phi, it can be said that he single-handedly elevated her to an A-list star.

Liu Yifei reveals shady relationship with adoptive father, which is related to a movie - Photo 2

However, the fact that Liu Yifei was supported by her father to stand on her heels in the entertainment world made her title of "billionaire fairy" subject to many detractors. Especially when Mr. Tran Kim Phi is dating actress Duong Thai Ngoc, who is likened to a copy of Liu Yifei.

Also during the time when Duong Thai Ngoc and billionaire Tran Kim Phi were together, Liu Yifei suddenly lost contact with her adoptive father, and her career immediately went downhill. This makes the speculation surrounding their relationship even more ambiguous.

Duong Thai Ngoc also showed off photos taken in the villa of Mr. Tran Kim Phi and his dogs. Previously, Liu Yifei also posted photos at the villa and with these pets.

Liu Yifei reveals shady relationship with adoptive father, which is related to a movie - Photo 3

Yang Taiyu's actions partly hit Liu Yifei's image of the Beijing lady. The actress was criticized as a canvasser about the rich background, not her villa, but did not deny it, so that the public misunderstood.

Around the beginning of 2021, Duong Thai Ngoc and Tran Kim Phi officially went their separate ways. Also during this time, Liu Yifei's career recovered rapidly. She has continuously signed advertising contracts of big brands as a global representative. Hong Tinh Management Company also resumed operations. Mr. Tran Kim Phi and his mother Liu Yifei also opened a joint company, jointly investing in the movie Dream of the Green Flower, the actress's return to the small screen after 16 years.

Liu Yifei reveals shady relationship with adoptive father, which is related to a movie - Photo 4

In addition, according to 163, in the original novel of The Rose Story composed by writer Yi Shu, in the end, the heroine Hoang Yi Mai chose to marry a businessman over 70 years old, who was 20 years older than her, who witnessed her growing up. The character image is somewhat similar to Liu Yifei and his adoptive father.

At this time, the audience is even more worried about the real relationship between Tran Kim Phi and Liu Yifei. The name Tran Kim Phi has become a sensitive topic for fans of "billionaire fairy". They didn't want to mention him even though Chen Jinfei was a person who was indebted to Liu Yifei.

Liu Yifei reveals shady relationship with adoptive father, which is related to a movie - Photo 5

According to 163, in fact, in the Chinese-language entertainment world, there are many stars who accept godfathers and adoptive fathers, but no one hides like Liu Yifei. Tran Kim Phi suddenly became a stain when Liu Yifei's name was shining. Currently, the billionaire surnamed Tran continues to work as the production director of the film The Story of the Rose, proving that their relationship has been going on for 20 years.

Liu Yifei reveals shady relationship with adoptive father, which is related to a movie - Photo 6

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