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"Rating queen" Shin Hye Sun admitted to being an "addict", the director nodded

Thanh Phúc06:52:16 24/05/2024
Korean ratings queen Shin Hye Sun admitted that she only wanted to act in movies and couldn't do anything else, she was addicted to taking on roles. These are the actress's latest shares after playing the main role in Following.

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New husband Zhao Liying, who was far behind his ex, still scored points for this

Tuyết Ngọc16:03:12 01/02/2024
Although they had been divorced for a long time, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng were constantly being called together. Xiaohua's new husband has also just been compared to an actor surnamed Feng, as a result, her beauty is still far behind.

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Liu Yifei lost to Zhao Liying, despite working hard in movies for the past time

Bình Minh18:16:07 06/01/2024
Receiving the good news at the beginning of the year, Liu Yifei still could not surpass Zhao Liying in the film segment. The billion-billion fairy continues to lose to its peers in the ranking of the most anticipated works.

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"The Wind Blows Half Summer" helped Trieu Le Dinh "defeat" a series of strong opponents, despite being in hiding.

Nguyễn Tuyết21:07:29 20/12/2023
Even though it has been on air for a year, The Wind Blows Half Summer still continues to bring new achievements to Trieu Le Dinh. It is also this brainchild that helps the little flower g.irl leave many opponents far behind.

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Trieu Le Dinh was severely criticized for creating a disastrous image like Yang Zi, her old role was suddenly rediscovered.

Bình Minh20:17:33 17/11/2023
Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Tu are both flower girls with the best film resources today, but the pair's beauty and dressing sense have many times been entangled in controversy in the online community.

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Zhao Liying was accused by her ex-husband of running after a new love for neglecting young children, the evidence is clear and difficult to argue

Hướng Dương13:19:05 04/10/2023
Although they had gone their separate ways for a long time, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng had been called together many times. Recently, this condition continues to repeat itself and seems more serious than the last time.

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Trieu Le Dinh revealed evidence of reuniting with Phung Thieu Phong, fans of both families were excited to congratulate?

Tuyết Ngọc21:07:28 27/09/2023
The online community and fans were surprised by the news of Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong reuniting. Although they were very surprised, they still did not forget to congratulate both broken mirrors on their recovery.

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Trieu Le Dinh is "inferior" to Duong Mich in terms of behavioral skills, fans recommend practicing more

Hướng Dương16:18:12 22/09/2023
Recently, Trieu Le Dinh was suddenly advised to learn from Duong Mich on how to answer interviews. Because of the same question, Ms. Bach Thien had a behavior that was highly praised by the public.

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Zhao Liying, who was active in charity, was suddenly scolded for forgetting his roots

Bình Minh21:12:05 10/08/2023
Out of generosity, Zhao Liying donated enthusiastically to the people affected by the typhoon in China. However, because of an incident, she became involved in controversy while volunteering.

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Xiao Chien "should be charmed" with Zhao Liying, what is his current position that he is confident in?

Hoa Tuyết07:33:52 07/08/2023
Recently, it was revealed that Xiao Chien's side is discussing cooperating with ratings queen Zhao Liying in a new film project, which makes people can't help but look forward to it.

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Trieu Le Dinh was "unmasked" by the cult producer, whose real personality is far from imagination?

Hướng Dương14:05:09 19/07/2023
Recently, the producer of the movie The Wind Blows Ban Ha has revealed the real-life personality of Trieu Le Dinh, showing that she is more suitable for the role of Hua Ban Ha than any other actor.

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Duong Yen and 2 opposite loves: From a servant to now a princess

Nắng09:39:42 22/08/2022
As the bright face of Chinese-language cinema, Duong Yen is known as the "Queen of rating". The films she participated in all had very high viewership ratings and achieved many victories. Typically, "Cam Tu Vi Huong" stormed the screen in 2016, "Together for life", "Sword...

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Trieu Le Dinh shocked the film industry with the historical image in the new movie

Nắng08:39:59 20/08/2022
Recently, a new series of photos of the female lead Shen Ly in the movie "Due Phoenix" by Trieu Le Dinh has been released by the producer. In the photo, Trieu Le Dinh appears with a simple white dress, the hairstyle is also very rustic. However, the thing that caught everyone's...

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Ton Le was cursed by the director to cry, Tran Hieu was given 45 slaps from his wife Dang Sieu

Yang Mi02:37:53 03/01/2022
The side stories of the historical drama That year the flowers bloomed with the full moon were recently revealed, making many people feel sad. The movie that year flowers bloomed with the full moon with the participation of rating queen Ton Le, beautiful b.oy Tran Hieu and Ha...

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After 3 years of divorce from Luu Khai Uy, Duong Mich made many people feel sorry for just one sentence

Yang Mi10:30:04 28/12/2021
After three years of divorce from Luu Khai Uy, Duong Mich's conceptions of love and marriage also differed greatly. Recently, Duong Mich received a magazine interview and talked about her own life and love. With Yang Mi's words, everyone can't help but sigh that she's been...

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Trieu Le Dinh was "squeezed" by Phung Thieu Phong for the rating in the new movie?

team youtuber16:14:57 01/06/2021
Recently, the rating of each episode of the movie Ideal Projection China with the participation of ex-husband Trieu Le Dinh - Phung Thieu Phong has been to be announced. Looking at the rankings, netizens can't help but compare when the episodes have the participation of a recently divorced couple Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong. Because Trieu Le Dinh...

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Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong can't hold a wedding because of their mother-in-law's conflict?

team youtuber16:14:09 11/05/2021
The news that the couple Trieu Le Dinh - Phung Thieu Phong announced their divorce is still what makes the audience and the media confused. same surprise. Although there are many conspiracy theories surrounding the cause of the Minh Lan couple, the story is broken, but in general, the online community still feels sorry for the Queen rating because they...

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"Mr. Queen" Shin Hye Sun - the spectacular transition from "Woman" to "Queen"

team youtuber21:00:12 22/12/2020
Beautiful screen with the scammer of Landing Where You in Mr. Queen - the new drama that aired episode 1 has reached the top 3 with the highest opening ratings in tvN's history, once again proving the undeniable heat of the rating queen. Compared to her peers, Shin Hye Sun has a rather late starting point and she

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Bella Ranee Campen - The talented hybrid rose of the Golden Temple country

team youtuber12:30:01 11/12/2020
Surely anyone who is a Thai movie buff has heard of the talented rose of the Thai screen - Bella Ranee. She not only owns a beautiful face, slim b.ody, Bella Ranee also captures the hearts of others through many hit movies and is an exclusive actress of CH3. She is extremely loved by the audience by

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Ton Di "Queen of rating" will once collaborate with Nham Gia Luan or Tran Vy Dinh in a new movie?

team youtuber20:00:02 23/11/2020
Ton Di was born in 1993 in Xi'an City, Jilin Province. Known and loved by a large number of Vietnamese audiences from the movie Because Meeting You and Nhan Sinh If First Meeting. Recently, there was a rumor that Ton Di will play the female lead Hong Ninh in the film adaptation of the author's novel Season of Falling Flowers...

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Trieu Le Dinh and the films that made the name "Queen of rating"

team youtuber17:30:00 20/10/2020
Trieu Le Dinh has spent 7 years associated with life as a background and then suddenly became a rating Queen, which movie is h.ot. So let's take a look at the movies that have made the name of wife Phung Thieu Phong! Trieu Le Dinh was lucky for 7 years to meet Vu Chinh's golden hand. Vu Chinh also

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Yangtze - "Queen of ratings" with Cam Mi of Huong Mi Like Smoke and Mist

team youtuber17:06:44 15/10/2020
When the popularity of Yangtze increased, countless markets flocked to the beauties. From dating rumors with co-workers, personality questions to scandals from their own fandom. Duong Tu's career increased more and more when she participated in Hoan Lac Song, Tru Tien Thanh Van Chi and

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The sublime career of the ancient beauty Duong Yen

team youtuber18:00:02 18/08/2020
Duong Yen is a famous Chinese actress with an extremely successful acting career and was dubbed the Queen of ratings in the Chinese-language film village. As a freshman, she caught the eye of famous director Zhang Yimou. After graduating from the Central Academy of Drama, she moved to

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Huu Phi - The most anticipated ancient Bom Tan in 2020

team youtuber18:00:21 11/08/2020
Although it has not been officially released yet, the work Huu Phi, starring Trieu Le Dinh - Vuong Nhat Bac, has received a lot of attention from both the audience and the media. With the adaptation of the novel of the same name, which is extremely popular, in addition to the cast with high beauty value plus a quality production...

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