Luong My Ky received good news after losing the international exam, "confronting" Huong Giang company?

Nam PhươngJan 31, 2023 at 17:17

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After announcing to give up the international exam to another lucky g.irl. Luong My Ky is expected to attend a new beauty playground. In addition, the audience also questioned the emotional rift between the original long legs of Tien Giang and Miss Huong Giang.

Luong My Ky received good news after losing the international exam, "confronting" Huong Giang company? - Photo 1

According to the announcement from Miss International Queen 2023, Miss International Transgender will take place on June 24. Currently, the copyright holder countries are rushing to send representatives to this beauty arena. Recently, runner-up Luong My Ky caused a stir when she announced "give up" to another representative. This information makes many people regret because Luong My Ky owns a beautiful personality, she spent 2 years preparing carefully for Miss International. It is known that in 2020, Luong My Ky was crowned 1st runner-up of Miss Vietnam transgender and will compete internationally in 2022. However, due to the epidemic situation, this playground was interrupted. By 2022, her international contest was f.orced to transfer to the reigning Miss Tran Dai. Although there is no exact information, Luong My Ky could not hide her disappointment, raising suspicions of a rift with the management company.

Luong My Ky received good news after losing the international exam, "confronting" Huong Giang company? - Photo 2

Recently, fans spread dizzying messages between Luong My Ky and Vicky Chow - Vietnam's representative at Miss Trans Star International. This person asked Luong My Ky to "go abroad" to have the opportunity to show his bravery. However, the long-legged born in 1999 still wondered and refused to nod. It is known that Miss Trans Star International is also a prestigious playground for the transgender community. With the background and previous experience, the audience thinks this is a pretty fitting choice.

"Today, My Ky herself officially decided to give this precious opportunity to another young g.irl who is luckier than My Ky, more beautiful and brave than Ky to participate in this international beauty arena. Ky tried her best to practice during the past time: Not only to compete for Miss International Queen, but to really improve herself in many shortcomings and correct all mistakes in the past..." - Luong My Ky wrote

Luong My Ky received good news after losing the international exam, "confronting" Huong Giang company? - Photo 3

Closing her dream of conquering the crown, Luong My Ky could not hide her sadness. It is known that in the past 2 years, she has constantly improved her knowledge and practiced skills. The beauty even learned Thai to confidently communicate. On her personal page, she also regularly updates the training process and shows a clear change. Long legs confided, the most regrettable thing is that parents did not have the opportunity to see their daughter shine at the international beauty contest. However, this journey is still extremely meaningful with the support of family and audience.

Previously, Luong My Ky had faced harsh criticism for her act of carrying a skirt and performing apron on the catwalk. In response to the negative feedback, the queen could not keep her composure and criticized the audience for not being good enough to comment on her. "That dress is very difficult to wear, whoever walks will get caught in the leg. If you like it, you carry it. It is right to carry the dress to the catwalk because to ensure the safety of the model. It is natural, the standard of all models if I want to act. If anyone wants to be paralyzed, let it be. I like to act like that, like to carry it like that "- the transgender beauty replied on the livestream. This attitude is said to lack standards, even the audience asked Huong Giang to "deprive" Luong My Ky of the right to play.

Luong My Ky received good news after losing the international exam, "confronting" Huong Giang company? - Photo 4

In a closed interview with Miss International Queen Vietnam, Huong Giang once asked Luong My Ky: "Have you read the article that Luong My Ky will usurp Huong Giang? How do you feel about that article?". To Huong Giang's question, the beauty replied: "Sister Huong Giang is a very beautiful and successful person, I have idolized you since I was a serving b.oy. That comparison is a heavy thing. For myself, I have to try harder, even if I get 3/10 points from Huong Giang, I am very happy. I just hope that Huong Giang will always be beautiful and healthy, so that I can Dedicating to the Vietnamese LGBT community, the day you crowned the throne is the day I burst into tears and I hope one day I will stand on the international stage chanting two Vietnamese words and bring victory to Vietnam."

Luong My Ky received good news after losing the international exam, "confronting" Huong Giang company? - Photo 5

Luong My Ky received good news after losing the international exam, "confronting" Huong Giang company? - Photo 6

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