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Huong Giang and Bui Quynh Hoa join the "finding Truong My Lan's treasure" association, fans are excited

Phúc Sen13:32:55 17/04/2024
While the entire social network is buzzing with the trend of going online together, joining the great ocean voyage to find treasure of more than 673 trillion. Then the beauty queen's sister group suddenly heard their names called out, and a series of memes were born.

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Pham Thoai had a fake wedding, filmed a music video for Huong Giang, fans pointed out a series of violations?

Pinky16:35:43 29/03/2024
The news that h.ot tiktoker Pham Thoai officially got married is making the entire internet shocked, unable to believe it is true. While the male tiktoker picked up the bride, netizens suddenly thought that this was a fake wedding.

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Chen Ren reveals 'clear as day' move amid Huong Jiang dating rumors

Gia Nhi15:17:59 04/03/2024
Chen Ren made the people excited by the information that he was secretly dating Huong Jiang senior. Netizens recently shed light on the actor's new move, immediately declaring it clear as day, hard to deny.

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Huong Jiang reveals evidence of dating young men, extremely shocking identity, is a 'saint of sucking girls'

Trí Nhi06:48:10 02/03/2024
Miss Transgender Huong Giang is making netizens stand still, with the news that she is secretly dating an underage showbiz beauty. The identity was quickly revealed by netizens.

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Huong Giang wearing an ao dai suddenly announced her marriage, r.evealing the time was near

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:43:27 27/01/2024
After a period of being single, Huong Giang suddenly announced that she was preparing to get married, causing a stir all over the internet. The queen also revealed the time she got married, making people even more anxious. Everyone wonders who the other half is?

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Pham Huong reveals life in America, netizens have to exclaim: "Aura is worth the exchange"

Vân Anh08:03:20 28/11/2023
Pham Huong recently regularly shares many everyday moments in her million-dollar villa in the US. The queen makes the online community unable to stop gushing about her elegance and beauty, which is increasingly ranked.

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Ho Ngoc Ha "straightforwardly" pulled Huong Giang's hair in the middle of her birthday, the "extreme" attitude of both attracted attention

Thiên Di15:39:50 26/11/2023
After the program The New Mentor, the relationship between Ho Ngoc Ha and Huong Giang received a lot of attention from netizens. After a noisy break, the two recently had a reunion and Ho Ngoc Ha's unexpected actions attracted attention.

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Bui Quynh Hoa suddenly mentioned Huong Giang during the exam, r.evealing the reason why she only dared to smile

Hướng Dương14:55:21 08/11/2023
On the next day of activities at the harshest beauty contest on the planet - Miss Universe, Quynh Hoa excitedly showed off the enthusiastic encouragement of many beauty fans in Cambodia.

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Huong Giang made it clear that the microphone was turned off at The New Mentor, asking the organizers a question directly that attracted attention

An Nhi10:28:14 20/10/2023
In the recent finale of The New Mentor, Huong Giang attracted the audience with her extremely satisfying performance. However, she had a problem when her mic was turned off on stage, her attitude and reaction immediately caught attention.

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Mai Thanh Ha: "The pearl of cinema" was criticized for posing offensively on air "Who is that person?"

Gia Linh10:01:01 19/10/2023
Famous for her rustic beauty without makeup, although her acting career is still not really outstanding, Mai Thanh Ha is known for her unnecessary noise on television.

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Ha Ho, Huong Giang were accused of plagiarizing BLACKPINK, BoA at The New Mentor, Community: "What I thought was plagiarism"

Kim Lâm06:54:20 17/10/2023
The stage of Ho Ngoc Ha and Huong Giang at the final night of The New Mentor was impressive and eye-catching in both audio and visual aspects. However, fans discovered that the two's performances had many unexpected similarities with previous BLACKPINK and BoA stages.

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Huong Giang clearly lip-synced at The New Mentor, so engrossed in stealing the contestant's spotlight that she forgot to sing

Kim Lâm14:36:47 16/10/2023
The combined performance of Huong Giang and the contestants at The New Mentor stage left many impressions because of their willingness to play and investment. However, engrossed in performing extreme choreography, netizens discovered that Huong Giang was lip-syncing.

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Huong Giang suddenly "attacked" her students at The New Mentor: The secret was revealed, surprising everyone

Mưa13:04:27 13/10/2023
Currently, Huong Giang feels satisfied with her beauty and has no intention of changing anything further. It must be admitted that having cosmetic surgery was the right decision for her.

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Huong Giang got mad and declared war on netizens when a series of old photos were dug up

Ning Jing20:22:15 11/10/2023
For some reason, a series of old photos of Huong Giang were suddenly dug up by the online community and caused a storm on social networks. Before the incident, Huong Giang was angry and responded harshly.

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Mai Wu blamed filming The New Mentor for having her health affected, Huong Giang immediately spoke up

Hoa Tuyết11:20:16 10/10/2023
Talking about the cause of The New Mentor's disappearance, Mai Ngo said she was going to hide it but because people asked too much, she was f.orced to speak up.

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Huong Jiang 'tormented' antifans before a series of false speculations, unexpected reasons related to Hoa Minzy

Đức Trí11:10:46 04/10/2023
Transgender beauty Huong Giang has just had an article that caused a stir online, suddenly shouting Hoa Minzy's name to spread false rumors about the relationship of the two, tormenting anti-fans to prevent negative information.

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Huong Giang is suspected of dating HIEUTHUHAI, r.evealing "clear and obvious" evidence that is hard to deny?

Quỳnh Quỳnh09:54:22 01/10/2023
Huong Giang - HIEUTHUHAI recently caused a stir in the online community when they were suspected of dating each other. Images of the two appearing at the same location were spread across social networking sites.

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Huong Giang became a victim of photoshop, lost part of her b.ody, joined netizens to demand justice

Phúc Sen07:02:35 30/09/2023
Miss transgender Huong Giang just made people stir when her image suddenly became weird on social networks, photoshopped so much that she lost her knee. The queen panicked and joined netizens in demanding justice.

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Huong Giang wearing branded goods was still criticized for looking like an 'auntie', and her bitter response made fans speechless

T.P17:56:57 27/09/2023
Miss Huong Giang just had a very profound response to an online account, when this person said that she looked no different from an aunt, sarcastically showing an old figure even though she was covered in branded goods.

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Thanh Hang implicitly said that Huong Giang "robbed and shouted at the same time", affirming that w.inning or losing is not important

Snow19:45:53 23/09/2023
This is not the first time Thanh Hang has been accused of intentionally playing tricks on the show The New Mentor. Faced with this comment, the long-legged supermodel has just responded harshly.

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Huong Giang compares beauty with Tiffany Young, Anh Tu shares the same frame as Suho (EXO), who is better?

Snow10:46:41 23/09/2023
In addition to competing with the emerging Chinese beauty Ngu Thu Han, the moment Huong Giang shared a frame with Tiffany Young also received great attention from the online community.

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Miss Thuy Tien dominates social networks, affirming a class that is difficult to surpass in the Vietnamese beauty industry

Kim Lâm15:31:01 15/09/2023
Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien is still a h.ot name that attracts public attention even though her term ended quite a long time ago. The proof is that recently, the queen took the top 1 position in the ranking of the most influential figures on social networks.

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Pharmacist Tien responded to a.buse of power, ridiculous work at The New Mentor, harsh attitude, defiance of fans

Đức Trí10:36:29 09/09/2023
The host of The New Mentor 2023 - Pharmacist Tien has just had a candid response, revolving around disparagement, mocking the fact that he is too much of an a.buse of power at the show, disqualifying contestants unfairly.

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Huong Jiang dressed disastrously, revealed her poor b.ody, and was ridiculed by netizens: Like the sisters singing the fair

Yaya07:32:59 25/08/2023
If the previous edited photos of Miss Huong Giang were praised by many people, her recent series of behind-the-scenes photos made many people want to faint.

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