What Luong My Ky said before rumors of a rift with Huong Giang after "give up" the Miss contest position

Nam PhươngJan 19, 2023 at 16:39

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Luong My Ky said that although the dream of conquering Miss International Queen is not complete, the beauty is proud of her efforts and changes. The transgender runner-up added that the program to protect health and raise awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention will continue to be maintained in the future.

After the copyright holder announced that Luong My Ky had only a 50% chance of going to Miss International Transgender. On the evening of January 18, long-legged born in 1999 confirmed to "give" the opportunity to another representative. Previously, My Ky announced that she would not retake Miss International Queen Vietnam (MIQV) 2023 to win the "golden ticket". This information makes many viewers regret because the US is considered a capable "warrior" of Asia.

What Luong My Ky said before rumors of a rift with Huong Giang after "give up" the Miss contest position - Photo 1

She said that she is always ready to represent Vietnam in the international arena. With the title of 1st runner-up - Miss Transgender Vietnam 2020. Luong My Ky was set to go to Thailand to attend in 2022. However, due to covid-19 developments, this ticket was changed to the reigning Miss. Tran Dai last June.

What Luong My Ky said before rumors of a rift with Huong Giang after "give up" the Miss contest position - Photo 2

BTC Vietnam issued a statement, if Miss International Queen 2023 takes place in March 2023 as in previous years, Luong My Ky will still represent Vietnam. But if the contest takes place in June like last year, the new Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023 is the preferred choice.

"Today, My Ky herself officially decided to give this precious opportunity to another young g.irl who is luckier than My Ky, more beautiful and brave than Ky to participate in this international beauty arena. Ky tried her best to practice during the past time: Not only to compete for Miss International Queen, but to really improve herself in many shortcomings and correct all mistakes in the past..." - Luong My Ky wrote

Closing her dream of conquering the crown, Luong My Ky could not hide her sadness. It is known that in the past 2 years, she has constantly improved her knowledge and practiced skills. The beauty even learned Thai to confidently communicate. On her personal page, she also regularly updates the training process and shows a clear change. Long legs confided, the most regrettable thing is that parents did not have the opportunity to see their daughter shine at the international beauty contest. However, this journey is still extremely meaningful with the support of family and audience.

What Luong My Ky said before rumors of a rift with Huong Giang after "give up" the Miss contest position - Photo 3

Currently, on Fanpage and personal page of Luong My Ky, the booking information of Huong Giang management company has been removed. Many opinions said that the two sides had a conflict, this was also the "full drop of water" that made America "give up". Before this question, Luong My Ky refused to answer and wanted to close all controversies. She only briefly revealed "desperation and disappointment about a lot of things".

What Luong My Ky said before rumors of a rift with Huong Giang after "give up" the Miss contest position - Photo 4

It is known that Luong My Ky also prepared 2 community projects for Miss International Transgender, which is the HIV/AIDS prevention program and calls on people to support cosmetics, clothes, shoes,... for LGBT friends, bingo artists who have a difficult life in remote areas. Besides art activities, Luong My Ky affirmed that she will continue to accompany and support these humanitarian activities.

Before falling in love with the beauty field, Luong My Ky used to be a familiar name at gameshows such as: Who's voice, Comedian challenge, Mysterious person,... She quickly became a " network phenomenon" by skillful eloquence, clever but no less charming. In early 2022, Luong My Ky performed pharyngeal surgery to have a more feminine appearance and a softer voice

About the journey of dramatic change in beauty and appearance, Luong My Ky said: "The dream of transgender in me since I was very young, the year I started kindergarten, I had this dream. I always look in the mirror and feel that my age at that time is not what I wish I always dreamed that one day I could be eligible to be transgender.In fact, since my school years, I am very I like to be a model or a Miss because I like beauty and I love art... but besides that, I always try to study well in cultural subjects to fulfill my dream."

What Luong My Ky said before rumors of a rift with Huong Giang after "give up" the Miss contest position - Photo 5

At the final night of Miss Transgender Vietnam. In addition to her brilliant beauty, her impressive response and presentation of numbers were also praised for bringing a clear and inspiring message to everyone. Long legs Tien Giang shared: "I would like to choose son number 37 because in 2015, the National Assembly of Vietnam officially passed an amended civil law, including article 37 recognizing the right to transgender people.

I feel that from here on, my life and that of the transgender community can only turn to a new page, although everything is still in motion. I am proud to be a Vietnamese and I will continue to accompany other brothers and sisters so that the law on transgenderism is soon implemented in Vietnam!"

What Luong My Ky said before rumors of a rift with Huong Giang after "give up" the Miss contest position - Photo 6

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