International transgender runner-up in MU competition, series of transgender beauties in beauty contest, why?

Thiên DiApr 13, 2024 at 16:46

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Recently, many transgender beauties attracted attention when taking turns participating in beauty contests. Most recently, the 2023 International Transgender Runner-up attracted the media when she registered to participate in Miss Universe.

Not only within the framework of the Miss International Queen contest, many other beauty competitions such as Miss Universe also welcome transgender contestants to participate. However, the fact that transgender people participate in women's beauty contests is always a controversial topic in public opinion.

Recently, Singaporean beauty - Qatrisha Zairyah attracted attention when posting on her personal page a video recording behind-the-scenes of her photo shoot at the Miss Universe Singapore 2024 contest.

International transgender runner-up in MU competition, series of transgender beauties in beauty contest, why? - Photo 1

In the clip, Qatrisha Zairyah wears a blue swimsuit with a bold cut-out, showing off her seductive figure. She received many compliments from Instagram followers.

Many audiences expressed excitement when Qatrisha Zairyah participated in the national contest Miss Universe Singapore 2024. This is also the rare time a transgender beauty participated in the contest in this country.

Qatrisha Zairyah Kamsir is 33 years old, 1.77m tall. She has a modern, h.ot beauty. At the Miss International Transgender 2023 contest, Qatrisha Zairyah was an outstanding candidate right from the first round.

International transgender runner-up in MU competition, series of transgender beauties in beauty contest, why? - Photo 2

Not only does Qatrisha Zairyah have outstanding height, she also impresses with her professional performance skills. She was also one of the contestants with beautiful fashion sense at that year's contest.

In the end, the beauty stopped at the 1st runner-up position, making the audience regretful. Dutch beauty - Solange Dekker was crowned the highest winner. At that time, the audience argued fiercely about the results of the contest. Many people believe that Qatrisha Zairyah deserves to be crowned more than the Dutch beauty.

Miss Universe is one of the largest beauty pageants in the world. Over the past 10 years, Miss Universe, one of the most watched beauty pageants in the world, has seen growing calls for more diversity, representation and inclusion.

International transgender runner-up in MU competition, series of transgender beauties in beauty contest, why? - Photo 3

In 2018, the organizers of the Miss Universe World contest welcomed the first transgender contestant, the beautiful Angela Ponce from Spain. Currently, the Miss Universe contest allows women of all ages, who have been married, have had children, and even transgender women to compete. After that, many national competitions also accepted transgender people.

At the Miss Universe 2023 contest, there were two transgender beauties participating, the representative of the Netherlands - Rikkie Valerie Kollé and the representative of Portugal - Marina M.achete.

In the end, the Portuguese beauty was named in the top 20. Marina M.achete made history when she became the first transgender woman to enter the Miss Universe contest.

International transgender runner-up in MU competition, series of transgender beauties in beauty contest, why? - Photo 4

At Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Do Nhat Ha is also the first beauty named in the top 41 in the history of this competition. Previously, the beauty born in 1996 also won the top position of the Miss Transgender Vietnam 2018 contest.

International transgender runner-up in MU competition, series of transgender beauties in beauty contest, why? - Photo 5

However, the fact that transgender people are allowed to participate in Miss Universe has still caused many simmering controversies over the past few years. Many countries still firmly reject transgender people.

Recently, GenteOpa television channel - the new copyright holder of Miss Universe in Costa Rica - confirmed that transgender women will not be allowed to participate in the national competition. The reason given for this decision is because Miss Universe Costa Rica has long been a beauty contest for "authentic" women.

The explanation for the increasing number of transgender people registering in beauty contests is that many people believe that transgender people in particular and the LGBT community in general always expect equality in the beauty arena. And the dream of reaching the beauty crown is not simply a dream but also a desire to prove yourself in terms of beauty and talent.

International transgender runner-up in MU competition, series of transgender beauties in beauty contest, why? - Photo 6

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