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Miss transgender Nong Poy U40 is flawlessly beautiful and happy with her husband

Mẫn Nhi21:35:20 15/05/2024
At the age of U40, Nong Poy is still radiantly beautiful, worthy of the title of the most beautiful transgender beauty in Thailand. In addition, Nong Poy was also lucky to find sincere love and was deeply loved by her husband's family.

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International transgender runner-up in MU competition, series of transgender beauties in beauty contest, why?

Thiên Di16:46:37 13/04/2024
Recently, many transgender beauties attracted attention when taking turns participating in beauty contests. Most recently, the 2023 International Transgender Runner-up attracted the media when she registered to participate in Miss Universe.

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The 140kg transgender beauty decided to "crush" her opponent at Miss Universe Cambodia

Nguyễn Kim11:46:28 07/03/2024
Transgender beauty Pancake Vann made headlines while competing in Miss Universe Cambodia 2024. With a height of 1.8m and a weight of 140kg, her profile was quickly noticed by beauty fans.

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Do Nhat Ha return to the beauty track, enroll in Miss Universe Vietnam 2024?

Khánh Huyền09:31:40 07/03/2024
Do Nhat Ha was the first transgender beauty to reach the top 41 in Miss Universe Vietnam. So far there is information that she will once again f.ight in this arena, Nhat Ha has also had an official response to the media.

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Hoang Minh Hung: hotboy whose budding career ended because of love

Khánh Huyền14:25:24 25/02/2024
Hoang Minh Hung is a handsome, potential young TikToker, model, and actor. He is well known for his noisy love affair with transgender beauty Mym Tran.

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The transgender runner-up "competing" for the crown at Miss Universe, how "competitive" is her appearance?

Châu Anh16:30:40 25/01/2024
Since Miss Universe organizers broke the rules and allowed transgender people to participate, it has helped the beauties become more motivated and confident in expressing themselves. Recently, there was another ambitious queen fighting in the most fierce beauty arena on the planet.

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1st runner-up Miss Fabulous: what makes unique beauty win over Vietnamese transgender beauties

Khánh Huyền17:13:21 13/12/2023
The Miss Fabulous contest once caused great controversy when the final result was that the unique beauty queen from Thailand outperformed her strong opponent - Vietnamese transgender beauty Luong My Ky to win the title. 1st runner-up.

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Lam Khanh Chi implicitly admitted to dating an assistant who is 21 years younger than her when responding to netizens' sarcastic comments

Tiểu Trúc06:34:07 12/12/2023
Recently, on his personal page, Lam Khanh Chi posted a series of photos traveling with his underage assistant. Notably, the transgender beauty also implicitly admitted to dating her assistant when responding to netizens' sarcastic comments.

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Bui Quynh Hoa "lost face" with Luong My Ky: Thi MU returned quietly, the contestant "village pond" fans crowded the airport

Châu Anh13:32:56 07/12/2023
Luong My Ky has returned home after w.inning the title of 2nd runner-up in the Miss Fabulous International 2023 pageant. At the airport, crowds of fans were on hand to greet her. Worth mentioning, Bui Quynh Hoa was suddenly named when Luong My Ky returned home.

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Mym Tran continuously shares posts implying she was cuckolded, even though Minh Hung has corrected the "rainy sister" rumor.

Khánh Huyền16:39:48 30/11/2023
Mym Tran and Hoang Minh Hung are two names receiving the attention of the online community as they continuously make new moves after announcing their breakup on November 28 on the transgender beauty's personal page.

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Tran Duc Bo was 'scanned' for his orange beauty after gender reassignment surgery, is it enough to compete in a beauty pageant?

Khánh Huyền10:42:33 22/11/2023
After gender reassignment surgery, Tran Duc Bo (Man Nhi) appeared for the first time at an event. She received a lot of attention because of her new changes in appearance, the online community constantly scrutinized her beauty in everyday life.

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Miss Universe 2023: Bui Quynh Hoa's brand new opponent is transgender, both colorful and talented

Hoa Tuyết11:27:06 09/10/2023
This isn't the first time the Miss Universe 2023 organization has seen transgender beauties compete. However, this has been a controversial issue in the world all along.

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Lin Qingzhi "corrected his addiction", was advised not to correct anymore, and immediately responded with a "surprise"

Bảo Tiên14:32:06 06/10/2023
Lin Qingzhi did not hesitate to publicize a series of photos of his recent self-restoration that made people feel sorry. But what was more shocking was the response when advised to stop.

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Zhang Jiahui had to go to "gargle" after kissing Nong Poy, took 1 week to watch Japanese movies to calm down

Thảo Mai17:04:29 22/08/2023
Not only impressed by her life story, but Nong Poy also proved herself as a beauty queen, model and especially actress. At one stage, she made the Chinese market audience buzz with her debut role.

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Lam Khanh Chi lost billions after laryngeal surgery, health condition is increasingly worrying

Huỳnh Phúc16:02:58 17/07/2023
Lam Khanh Chi shared about the health situation after the previous beauty restoration as well as her voice after more than half a year since completing the vocal cord surgery. The singer said she is in the recovery phase after surgery...

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Mym Tran - Transgender female lead Who Is That He fell 'face down' on the red carpet, 'changing the color of the country' because of pain

Pinky13:42:29 15/07/2023
Transgender beauty - Mym Tran, who used to be the female lead in the dating show Who Is It and was a student of Mai Ngo at a beauty contest, has just caused a stir in the internet when she suddenly slipped and fell on the carpet. red, everyone watching must have a heart attack.

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Student Hoang Thuy - Trang Nhung (Bolo Nguyen) reveals the thrilling journey of gender reassignment surgery

Juni Nguyễn10:25:11 11/07/2023
Student Hoang Thuy - Trang Nhung (Bolo Nguyen) will soon take on the role of MC for a show about coming out, that's why, transgender beauty has revealed a thrilling transgender surgery journey.

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The first transgender beauty to be crowned Miss Universe Netherlands, her beauty was "criticized" fiercely

Khánh Tự14:34:57 09/07/2023
A transgender beauty has just won the top position of the Miss Universe Netherlands 2023 pageant, and won a ticket to the upcoming Miss Universe 2023. She was criticized by fans who are going to be beautiful in the country for her beauty and b.ody.

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Who is that person episode 5: The heroine is as beautiful as an angel stunned because she gave the wrong flower, Xuan Hinh's son-in-law caused a storm

M.A14:44:25 17/06/2023
Coming to Who Is It, Mym Tran wanted to find a prince who could complete the fairy tale he had drawn. However, the final ending left a lot of regret for the beauty.

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Mym Tran as the female lead Who is he, crying about his old love, h.ot b.oy Hoang Minh Hung was called out

Keng11:45:02 15/06/2023
Mym Tran participated in the game show Who is he with the desire to find his prince after emotional breakdowns. In addition, the female lead also wants to share all the stories she has hidden from her mother.

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Huy Hoang: Who is the g.irl who was praised for the best interview, who once weighed 115kg, lost 30kg for the HH Transgender contest?

Hoàng Phúc13:41:32 23/03/2023
In addition to Nguyen Tuong San, Nguyen Dan Tien, Mym Tran, Huy Hoang is also one of the names that make the audience talk a lot at Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023 (Miss International Queen 2023). Tran Huy Hoang was born in 2003, a native of Ho Chi Minh City, a student majoring in...

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Huong Giang lost weight, lamented when Matt Liu had a new person, hurried to publicize her boyfriend to face her old love?

Minh Lợi09:41:44 16/02/2023
Matt Liu and Huong Giang used to be a couple admired by the audience. After 2 years of being together, overcoming many disadvantages, but in the end, the couple still came to a regretful separation notice in August 2022. Half a year after the breakup, Huong Giang and Matt Liu...

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Luong My Ky received good news after losing the international exam, "confronting" Huong Giang company?

Nam Phương17:17:10 31/01/2023
After announcing to give up the international exam to another lucky g.irl. Luong My Ky is expected to attend a new beauty playground. In addition, the audience also questioned the emotional rift between the original long legs of Tien Giang and Miss Huong Giang. According to the...

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Luong My Ky and controversial statements: From "I like it, I carry it" to "don't greet the guard"

N.P15:21:10 20/09/2022
As one of the transgender beauties that many viewers are interested in. However, Luong My Ky recently has been constantly controversial about her actions and statements. Recently, on her personal Facebook page, Luong My Ky posted a clip recording the moment she confidently...

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