Luong My Ky officially exposed Huong Giang's attitude after she won the title of international runner-up

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Recently, Luong My Ky took a flight at Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City). HCM), returning home after placing as 2nd runner-up at Miss Fabulous International 2023.

Many spectators were on hand to greet the queen. Here, she also shared about her past journey and attracted attention among them was the revelation of Huong Giang senior.

Luong My Ky officially exposed Huong Giangs attitude after she won the title of international runner-up - Photo 1

Specifically, when asked what message Huong Giang had after w.inning the international title, Luong My Ky frankly replied: "Since the day she texted 'try hard, wish me success', Ms. Giang did not send anything more, absolutely no message." This sharing of Luong My Ky made netizens can't help but talk and question the relationship between the two.

Luong My Ky once won the runner-up prize in a beauty contest that Huong Giang organized. Accordingly, the runner-up will have the opportunity to represent Vietnam in the Miss International Queen contest. However, at that time, due to many reasons, Luong My Ky finally no longer had the opportunity to compete in Miss International Queen.

Luong My Ky officially exposed Huong Giangs attitude after she won the title of international runner-up - Photo 2

At that time, Liang Meiqi also officially spoke. On her personal page on the afternoon of December 22, the transgender beauty sadly expressed:

"My Ky will not retake the Miss International Queen Vietnam exam if there is no chance. Because honestly, Ky has devoted himself to the long road for the past 4 years. Ky had suffered enough fatigue, enough two desperate words. A beautiful dream, a beautiful memory of past months: Thailand and Miss International Queen ".

Under the comment section, fans sent words of encouragement, and at the same time worried about Luong My USA, because she has prepared quite carefully for Miss International Queen 2023.

Since then, many people have said that the relationship between Luong My Ky and Huong Giang is not the same.

In an interview before leaving for Miss Fabulous International 2023 with us, Luong My Ky shared: "When it was announced that I could no longer represent Vietnam in Miss International Queen , I myself was very sad and desperate for myself and the whole pageant. I regretted my preparation, I spent m.oney to learn English, Thai, fire dance, even prepared the national costume but in the end was not shown. Perhaps due to my lack of luck, the organizers of the contest changed the schedule, so I also did not have a chance. But I think maybe at Miss Fabulous International this time, luck will smile on me.

After losing my spot in Miss International Queen, I had no faith in showbiz, nor b.lood about my journey, so I decided to focus on my business and making m.oney. Not only Huong Giang's show, I also did not appear on anyone's show, except for some close siblings."

Luong My Ky officially exposed Huong Giangs attitude after she won the title of international runner-up - Photo 3

Talking about her relationship with Huong Giang, Luong My Ky was frank: "I always consider Huong Giang as a senior in the profession. I'm a brother, a runner-up from your competition. Maybe because I see Ms. Giang less often, people think that the 2 sisters slit their faces, no longer as salty as before, but it is really because both of them have been very busy in the past time.

Anger inevitably leads to anger, about a lot of things. Sometimes, I am also a little angry with Huong Giang. But I think Huong Giang has her own reasons and beliefs. I respect her decision.

I texted Huong Giang. I expressed about the difficulty of 1 Vietnamese representative in the international beauty arena. I also apologize to you. In the past, sometimes I was too childish, too stupid to think that such a statement would be famous. I also apologized to her, afraid I would upset her. Then she wished me: 'Come on you, wish you success.' I wish you good health and thank you very much."

Luong My Ky officially exposed Huong Giangs attitude after she won the title of international runner-up - Photo 4

Luong My Ky officially exposed Huong Giangs attitude after she won the title of international runner-up - Photo 5

Luong My Ky officially exposed Huong Giangs attitude after she won the title of international runner-up - Photo 6

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