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Thuy Tien was given 1208 kg of rice by fans at the fan meeting, crying because of the meaning of the number

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:30:21 08/04/2024
Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien is still one of the most attractive queens at the moment. At the recent fan meeting of nearly 2000 fans, the queen burst into tears because of the love of fans for her.

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Thuy Tien publicized the amount of m.oney to celebrate Ming Tu's wedding, and said a green sentence to the senior's face

Đức Trí15:04:22 05/04/2024
After a series of promises, supermodel Minh Tu will officially get married to her German husband. As a close sister to the supermodel, Miss Thuy Tien has also recently made remarkable shares, r.evealing the amount of m.oney to celebrate the wedding.

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Opponent Thuy Tien looks for opportunities at Miss Supranational, who should Vietnam send to win?

Tuyết Ngọc15:29:09 22/03/2024
Stopping at the Top 20 Miss Grand 2021 filled with regret, Luisa Victoria Malz quickly regained her form and prepared to attend Miss Supranational 2024 with the desire to bring the international crown back to her homeland.

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Thuy Tien spent 68 billion to buy MGI shares, on par with Engfa - Mr. Nawat?

Minh Lợi13:44:17 18/03/2024
The rumor that Thuy Tien spent 68 billion to become a shareholder of Miss Grand International received the attention of many fans. Recently, the former MGI 2021 spoke up about this.

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HH Thuy Tien revealed her living space for the first time: Not lavish but strangely warm

Minh Phúc09:58:26 12/03/2024
Although she is one of the most famous beauties and has a huge income at the present time, Miss Thuy Tien chooses a very simple lifestyle. Netizens couldn't help but be surprised at her very ordinary living space.

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Thuy Tien rarely lets her daughter appear on air, admitting that she is only a "surrogate" for her husband

Hương Duy15:12:13 11/03/2024
The moment when Thuy Tien's daughter was broadcast by her mother is receiving a lot of attention from the online community. The female singer also attracted attention when she shared about being a surrogate for Cong Vinh.

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Lee Dong Wook stretches his face, corrects the ungraceful MC at the event in Vietnam

T.P10:17:34 08/03/2024
Korean actor Lee Dong Wook wowed Vietnamese fans with his direct questioning with the MC interpreter at the event in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Accordingly, he was annoyed by the MC's unprofessional behavior.

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"Nation's husband" Lee Dong Wook arrives in Vietnam: Sisterhood surrounds the airport

Nhật Duy09:59:46 07/03/2024
Due to the large number of fans gathered at Tan Son Nhat airport, Lee Dong Wook's crew changed their plans, taking the actor to the car very quickly by VIP door. Even so, he lingered a bit to receive flowers from fans.

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Thuy Tien was "rejected" by Vice President Teresa after rumors of becoming a Miss Grand shareholder?

Đình Như13:49:03 28/02/2024
Recently, the conflict between Miss Thuy Tien and the Miss Grand International Organizing Committee has not been completely resolved, but it no longer seems to make a noise, as each side is busy with their own work.

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Thuy Tien has a new position at MGI. Ms. Teresa "turned the wheel" extremely harshly and no one expected it?

Nguyễn Kim13:35:06 26/02/2024
The news that Thuy Tien is about to become a shareholder of Miss Grand International makes many beauty fans excited. This is considered a new turning point in the career of the long leg born in 1998.

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Thuy Tien "invited" Luong Thuy Linh to go to lion dance: Professional person, comedian

Quỳnh Quỳnh09:54:36 05/02/2024
The image of Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien and Luong Thuy Linh appearing at the lion dance team surprised the fans. However, the most remarkable thing is the completely opposite expressions of the 2 girls that make everyone laugh.

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Thuy Tien was "cut off", the moment the organizers invited her off the red carpet was h.ot again

Hoàng Phúc17:57:46 28/01/2024
Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien is one of the queens who has a strong fan base thanks to her ever-rising beauty and closeness to the audience. From social networks to the events she attended, she received the attention of netizens.

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Tan Miss Global was criticized for being weak, the runner-up defeated Thuy Tien to lose the title of MU 2024 competition

Keng15:14:14 28/01/2024
After 10 days of ascending to the top position at Miss Global - Miss Global 2023, beauty Ashley Melendez has begun implementing the tasks and projects proposed by the organizers in her new position.

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Miss Thuy Tien proactively asked to take photos of Den Vau, a big hint about a common project?

Minh Ngọc08:12:07 27/01/2024
Miss Thuy Tien attended the awards ceremony but was just anxiously waiting to leave so she could take a photo with her idol - Den Vau. This moment was soon recorded, making many fans excited.

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Thuy Tien froze when she dropped her "parts" while presenting the a.ward with Noo Phuoc Thinh

Nguyễn Kim10:32:19 26/01/2024
Appearing at the Green Wave awards ceremony, Thuy Tien received a lot of attention when showing off her stunning beauty. Besides, the queen made people talk again with an embarrassing incident while serving as an award-giving MC with Noo Phuoc Thinh.

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The most beautiful queen Miss Grand suddenly had her title removed, will the ending be like Thuy Tien?

Mẫn Nhi07:36:50 26/01/2024
Recently, netizens discovered that Miss Grand International 2019 - Valentina Figuera has removed this title from her biography on her Instagram profile page. The move of the long-haired Venezuelan attracted a lot of attention.

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Thuy Tien admits that she doesn't dare to r.eveal her boyfriend publicly, does she have a lover in mind?

Phương Thảo14:41:03 25/01/2024
The love story of Miss Grand International 2021 - Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien is always a topic that receives a lot of special attention from beauty fans, but recently the queen shared that she will keep her private affairs private. me instead of work...

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Thuy Tien turned into a bronze statue, standing still in the middle of the pedestrian street, her appearance surprising

Bảo Nam15:21:06 20/01/2024
Recently, social networks spread the image of Miss Grand International Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien appearing on a pedestrian street with a strange appearance. Her extremely muddy moment made the online community excited.

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Miss Grand International raised the participation age, Ky Duyen immediately called her name

Châu Anh16:14:30 16/01/2024
Miss Grand International - Miss Grand International announced an increase in the age limit to 29 instead of 28 as before. Ky Duyen was immediately called to take the exam and was expected to be a strong candidate.

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HH Yuzhou and Thuy Tien did a "riotous" thing after the end of his term

Mộc Trà10:24:50 09/01/2024
Although the work of transferring the Universe mission to his successor has been completed, all activities around the Top 3 Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2022 have especially received attention from the public.

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Thuy Tien 'fell off' limbs, recounting the moment that made history for Vietnam

Thanh Phúc09:31:14 06/01/2024
Thuy Tien has just shared remarkable titles that make history for Vietnamese beauty. As the first person of our country to win Miss Grand International, so Thuy Tien became a name that became an A-list star overnight.

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Nguyen Le Thuy Tien: 22-year-old daughter of artist Huu Tien opened her own spa, 2 years later won runner-up award

Hoa Tuyết21:01:43 21/12/2023
Nguyen Le Thuy Tien is known as the daughter of artist Huu Tien, not only beautiful but also very talented; is currently the owner of a famous spa in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Miss Thuy Tien did something unprecedented, choking up in tears because a special thing had passed

Mưa11:09:31 20/12/2023
Recently, Thuy Tien suddenly released a set of photos recounting simple things in her hometown, Ho Chi Minh City. From this product, the queen wants to convey the message of love in everyday moments.

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Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh were called by 'creditors' to 'interrogate', had to quickly update their social networks, say a sentence that caught the attention of fans?

Trí Nhi09:03:12 19/12/2023
Former famous football player Cong Vinh - husband of singer Thuy Tien just made a post that caused a stir when he claimed to have been called by a stranger and asked why he was hiding from social networks. Cong Vinh immediately took action that made netizens stir.

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