Lei Con is compared to the Chinese screen god, fans riot because of 1 thing

KengMay 03, 2024 at 07:16

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Recently, the appearance of Quang Linh Vlogs and the African team when returning to Vietnam has attracted much attention. In this journey, Lei Con - the b.aby loved by many fans also participated.

The group explored together from North to South, and each appearance received love from the online community.

Recently, the African b.oy has also been compared to the Chinese cult star.

Accordingly, besides acting in dramas, Wang Yibo also entered the film world with a huge series. Most recently, the male beauty returned to the big screen with the project "Peacekeeping Force" starring Huang Jingdu. The film quickly broke the 100 million yuan mark after its release on the first day.

Lei Con is compared to the Chinese screen god, fans riot because of 1 thing - Photo 1

Recently, netizens have passed on a series of extremely strange photos of Wang Yibo on the set of Peacekeeping Force. The guy appeared with dark skin, a unique hairstyle and an extremely funny expression. Many viewers couldn't help but laugh when they saw these images of the beautiful man Tran Tinh Command.

Lei Con is compared to the Chinese screen god, fans riot because of 1 thing - Photo 2

There were even many viewers who joked that Wang Yibo looked like an adult version of Lei Con with an expression that was both 'inanimate' and adorable. It's not hard to see how the 95-year-old actor sacrificed himself for his new role. The film project "Peacekeeping Force" starring Wang Nhat Bo - Hoang Canh Du is currently a h.ot topic on film forums.

Lei Con is compared to the Chinese screen god, fans riot because of 1 thing - Photo 3

Back to Lei Con, he recently reunited with Thuy Tien in HCMC after their first meeting during the business trip of Miss Africa 2022. The moment the queen held the "child idol" in her arms quickly caused a fever because it was too cute. Miss Thuy Tien said that after two years of meeting again, she found Lei Con older, bolder, more polite when talking.

Lei Con is compared to the Chinese screen god, fans riot because of 1 thing - Photo 4

Not stopping there, Thuy Tien and the Quang Linh Vlogs team together wore uniforms and "stirred" Nguyen Hue pedestrian street. Here, Thuy Tien showed off his karaoke skills in the last autumn song with Lei Con's extremely enthusiastic illustration. It can be seen that at first Lei Con was a bit shy when performing in front of the crowd but after that, he quickly regained his confidence to perform. Netizens enjoy this adorable "you sing your way, I dance your way" moment.

Lei Con is compared to the Chinese screen god, fans riot because of 1 thing - Photo 5

Before coming to Vietnam, Lei Con made headlines on social media through many videos of vlogger Pham Quang Linh, 27. Many moments of the b.oy having fun, babbling to learn Vietnamese, especially singing famous children's songs, always attract the attention of the audience.

Quang Linh once commented that Lei Con is intelligent, lovely, and emotional. He loves to sing, so he often plays the melody of Vietnamese children's songs to Lei clams. When his Vietnamese language improved, he began to memorize, showing "Little stork" (Le Xuan Tho), "I love you" (Xuan Giao), "The b.aby elephant" in Ban Don (Pham Tuyen).

Lei Con is compared to the Chinese screen god, fans riot because of 1 thing - Photo 6

On social media, Lei Con's everyday image received positive comments about her cute and energetic appearance. Many accounts and fanpages are set up by fans, specializing in posting children's moments, attracting followers.

Lei Con was born into a poor family in Africa, his parents worked as farmers. They used to live in a house made of mud, lacking living supplies. Lei Con has a younger brother. Her father, named Matiloi, is currently a member of the content production team on social networks, along with vlogger Quang Linh.

Lei Con is compared to the Chinese screen god, fans riot because of 1 thing - Photo 7

At the beginning of the year, Quang Linh planned to bring Lei Con to Vietnam to celebrate Tet, but encountered some problems with his identity documents to clear customs. After months of settling, he brought them home for the summer.

On April 20, when they appeared at Noi Bai airport, hundreds of fans waited to welcome and give gifts. For nearly two weeks, Lei Con came to Hue, Da Nang, enjoying many dishes, experiencing train rides, climbing mountains.

Lei Con is compared to the Chinese screen god, fans riot because of 1 thing - Photo 8

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