Father Loi Con was given a huge gift by Quang Linh in Vietnam, his "playful" past was dug up

JLOApr 26, 2024 at 16:28

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Those who regularly follow the activities of Quang Linh and the African team in Angola must no longer be too familiar with the b.oy whose Vietnamese name is Loi Con (real name Mativado).

Many netizens humorously nicknamed Loi Con "TikTok Idol" because there is a large number of people who love it, especially the b.oy's recent clips in Vietnam that caused a storm on social networks.

Father Loi Con was given a huge gift by Quang Linh in Vietnam, his playful past was dug up - Photo 1

It is known that on this trip to Vietnam, Quang Linh also brought along his father Loi Con (named Matiloi). He is considered quite gentle and quiet. Recently, Loi Con's father was given a huge gift by Quang Linh, which warmed the hearts of viewers.

Specifically, realizing that Loi Con's father's phone was old, Quang Linh decided to spend 5 million to buy it for Matiloi. The old phone bought for 1 million 500 thousand will be returned to Loi Con.

Father Loi Con was given a huge gift by Quang Linh in Vietnam, his playful past was dug up - Photo 2

Quang Linh humorously teased Loi Con's father: "Going back to Vietnam to film and take photos and then send them back to my wife and everyone to see. The old phone is so boring, guys. I bought it to have a phone to take quality photos and videos. than".

Coming to the store, Quang Linh decided to close an order for a phone with a higher price than expected, 9 million VND.

Father Loi Con was given a huge gift by Quang Linh in Vietnam, his playful past was dug up - Photo 3

It can be seen that Loi Con's family's life has changed significantly since meeting the African team and Quang Linh.

Not long ago, a video recording of Loi Con's family when they were still in the village was "dug up" and shared by the audience. This is also the moment Quang Linh first met the b.aby as well as family members.

My parents and Loi Con live in a small, shabby house built from the ground. The house is small and has almost no amenities. It was raining outside and the father walked around without any protection.

Father Loi Con was given a huge gift by Quang Linh in Vietnam, his playful past was dug up - Photo 4

When Quang Linh entered, the atmosphere was somewhat gloomy. While his mother held the b.aby, Loi Con sat on one side of the fire to warm up. Even the self-made stove for cooking is sketchy and quite desolate.

When he saw Quang Linh, Loi Con was somewhat surprised at first. Even though he was a stranger, when the male YouTuber called, he still smiled brightly and answered politely.

Father Loi Con was given a huge gift by Quang Linh in Vietnam, his playful past was dug up - Photo 5

At this time, Loi Con was still young and quite skinny. Because he did not have much contact with the world around him, he appeared cowardly and strange to everyone.

Since having Quang Linh, Loi Con's life has changed a lot. His childhood became more meaningful thanks to the Quang Linh Vlogs team.

Not only teaching, Quang Linh also buys many important items for Loi Con such as clothes, shoes or books... The group members also often let Loi Con enjoy delicious food like never before. looks like fried chicken...

Father Loi Con was given a huge gift by Quang Linh in Vietnam, his playful past was dug up - Photo 6

Meanwhile, Loi Con's father is a simple, gentle man and is working with Quang Linh's team. He is considered a skillful person, often undertaking welding work.

However, before that, Loi Con's father had caused disappointment when he loved to play and was lazy to work, causing Quang Linh to reprimand him. On his channel, Quang Linh recounted the story and expressed his disappointment with the four African team members, including Loi Con's father who was working for him.

Father Loi Con was given a huge gift by Quang Linh in Vietnam, his playful past was dug up - Photo 7

Accordingly, on the occasion of Christmas, he gave everyone a holiday. However, when the day off ended, everyone on the farm had gone to work, but Loi Con's father and three other brothers were still h.anging out, eating and drinking, forcing him to ask someone to find him. Even when meeting Quang Linh, all four people were still not awake to talk.

"That's why now I'm afraid of your apologies. I no longer believe them. Your apologies are no longer valid." "I'm disappointed, very disappointed. This has happened many times but I always hid it because I was afraid it would affect the guys, they wouldn't like them anymore. Because they've been with me for a long time, Since I don't have anything, I won't fire you guys this time, I'll just do it really hard or there's a way for you guys to learn that it's not okay to be lazy and go out drinking , irresponsible" - Quang Linh offers a solution.

Father Loi Con was given a huge gift by Quang Linh in Vietnam, his playful past was dug up - Photo 8

Finally, Quang Linh said he would "suspend" the work of Loi Con's father and the other brothers for 1 month, to let everyone know the difficult feeling of no longer having a salary from the work they do. Before his actions, Mr. Matiloi felt very sorry and apologized to Quang Linh many times.

After a period of time, Loi's father regained Quang Linh's trust and became increasingly diligent and hard-working.

Father Loi Con was given a huge gift by Quang Linh in Vietnam, his playful past was dug up - Photo 9

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