Loi Con was eating when a tiktoker interrupted him. Quang Linh was upset but helpless

Đình NhưApr 25, 2024 at 16:09

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It has been more than 5 days since I returned home, but Loi Con's attraction still shows no signs of cooling down. The Angolan b.oy's every move continuously became a topic of discussion across social networking sites.

Accordingly, right from the moment the image of going to the airport was posted, Vietnamese netizens were looking forward to seeing the b.oy.

It is known that during the flight from Angola to Vietnam, Quang Linh was almost detained by airport customs because Loi suddenly forgot his mother tongue and s.hot out a string of Vietnamese, causing suspicion. As a result, the whole team had to book another flight to return to Vietnam after clarifying all issues with customs.

Loi Con was eating when a tiktoker interrupted him. Quang Linh was upset but helpless - Photo 1

At the airport, Loi Con was warmly welcomed by many fans. The b.oy was given flowers, had photos taken, interacted and even "occupied the spotlight" of Quang Linh Vlogs, no less than A-list stars.

Loi Con was eating when a tiktoker interrupted him. Quang Linh was upset but helpless - Photo 2

As soon as he arrived in Vietnam, Loi Con became famous with his performance of the song 'Cut Sorrow in Half' in Vietnamese, which everyone loved.

The b.oy is also loved because of his intelligence, cunning but also very understanding. Because he lived with the African team since he was a c.hild, Loi spoke Vietnamese very fluently and memorized many Vietnamese songs.

It's also because it's so viral on social networks that Loi Con is bothered by some tiktokers, even taking advantage of them to attract views.

Loi Con was eating when a tiktoker interrupted him. Quang Linh was upset but helpless - Photo 3

Accordingly, recently, a clip about Loi Con caused controversy. Specifically, while sitting down to eat, an unidentified woman approached and wanted to kiss Loi Con. This person even took a 500 thousand bill to lure the b.oy. However, Loi Con did not care about m.oney, he continuously refused to come close.

Loi Con was eating when a tiktoker interrupted him. Quang Linh was upset but helpless - Photo 4

The clip immediately caused a stir among people. The vast majority were upset with the other woman's actions.

As for Quang Linh, he also later spoke up to defend Loi Con.

The youtuber from Nghe An confided: "This morning, many people asked to take photos and videos, but I also said that he was tired. The uncles and aunts shook hands and hugged each other. It was okay for some women to tiktok and then some women pulled and jerked. This person and that person turn around and turn away. That's called tiktok, wanting to trend.

If I were in Angola, I would be able to speak, but in Vietnam, I wouldn't be able to have an attitude. Sometimes it's very bitter, but that's okay.

Loi Con was eating when a tiktoker interrupted him. Quang Linh was upset but helpless - Photo 5

But I have to say it again, there are many people who really admire it. Because doing these jobs, Loi is still young. Unable to get used to this style, many people asked to take pictures. Many times when I go out to eat or drink, I have to stand up and take a photo as soon as I get a bite into my mouth. Started going back to the table and then some people came out, people came in and then had to take another photo. But that's okay, I can't do that."

Loi Con was eating when a tiktoker interrupted him. Quang Linh was upset but helpless - Photo 6

Quang Linh Vlogs's real name is Pham Quang Linh, born in 1997, from Nghe An. After graduating from high school in 2016, Quang Linh decided to export labor. The place he came from was Luanda - the capital of Angola, a sunny and windy African country. Here he worked as a construction worker. After that, Quang Linh switched to ice factory development activities.

Loi Con was eating when a tiktoker interrupted him. Quang Linh was upset but helpless - Photo 7

At the end of 2018, after a period of accumulating capital, the Nghe guy switched to selling shoes and clothing products and started filming his first videos. The difference of Quang Linh Vlogs is that the content and images he records are extremely realistic, reflecting the daily life of him and his friends in Angola, from work to play.

Unlike other foreign YouTubers, the content Quang Linh Vlogs chooses to make videos is extremely rustic and simple.

Loi Con was eating when a tiktoker interrupted him. Quang Linh was upset but helpless - Photo 8

Even more respectable is that after his YouTube channel received a lot of love, he gradually became famous and his income increased, Quang Linh did not keep it for himself. He uses that m.oney to organize charity activities, from small things like buying food, clothes, and food to donate to indigenous people to bigger things like drilling wells, building charity houses, and repairing food. school, helping African people where he lives have jobs and community development.

Loi Con was eating when a tiktoker interrupted him. Quang Linh was upset but helpless - Photo 9

In early April, Quang Linh suddenly announced that his YouTube channel "Quang Linh Vlog - African Life" with more than 3.83 million followers was hacked. Worth mentioning, not only Linh but two members of the African team including Dong Paulo and The Nhan Vlogs also had ownership of the channel.

Luckily, on the same day, the YouTube team contacted Quang Linh and helped him get his channel back. The YouTube channels of Quang Linh and The Nhan recovered the fastest, while member Dong Paulo's channel recovered more slowly but could still be safely controlled.

Loi Con was eating when a tiktoker interrupted him. Quang Linh was upset but helpless - Photo 10

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