Quang Linh and Loi Con had an incident at the airport and couldn't meet Thuy Tien because of a g.irl?

KengApr 19, 2024 at 16:50

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Those who have followed Quang Linh Vlog for a long time are no stranger to Loi Con, an African b.oy who has been with Quang Linh and his brothers in the Vietnamese team for 3 years. Loi Con's cute, understanding, and sometimes cunning personality makes many people love him.

This African b.aby even has his own, extremely large fan base. Loi Con was considered by Quang Linh as his adopted son, took care of him every step of the way, told him to study and taught him Vietnamese.

Recently, Quang Linh Vlogs shared photos with "Loi Con" at the airport. The Nghe Youtuber said that due to some problems with "Loi Con"'s documents, he had to find another flight tomorrow to return home. This information makes many netizens excited.

Quang Linh and Loi Con had an incident at the airport and couldnt meet Thuy Tien because of a g.irl? - Photo 1

Previously, Quang Linh said that this trip Loi Con will go with his biological father, while his mother will stay in Angola to take care of the family.

This trip to Vietnam between father and son will last about 3 months. Before leaving, Quang Linh said he would buy some clothes for the father and son, then return to Vietnam to continue shopping.

Quang Linh and Loi Con had an incident at the airport and couldnt meet Thuy Tien because of a g.irl? - Photo 2

Regarding the procedures and paperwork, the Youtuber from Nghe An said it was 100% completed. However, I don't know what the problem is that caused the delay.

Quang Linh and Loi Con had an incident at the airport and couldnt meet Thuy Tien because of a g.irl? - Photo 3

It is known that recently, Quang Linh Vlogs has continuously had collaborations causing fever on social networks with Tiktoker Hang Du Muc. Both often appear in livestream sales sessions. In particular, on the last Tet holiday, Hang Du Muc used the double live feature (PKP) to help Quang Linh sell nearly 3,000 orders in just 2 hours.

Quang Linh and Loi Con had an incident at the airport and couldnt meet Thuy Tien because of a g.irl? - Photo 4

On a recent livestream, Quang Linh Vlogs suddenly promised to return to Vietnam to share a frame with Hang Du Muc. Because of this, many netizens believe that Quang Linh's return to Vietnam is very likely to fulfill his promise to his seniors. Others expressed their excitement, waiting for the combination of the two "livestream gods".

During the period, Quang Linh continuously encountered bad luck.

Specifically, at the end of March, the YouTuber was shocked when the recently purchased goat herd had "gone" before it could grow.

"It's possible that Quang Linh farm can't raise goats anymore, so he probably won't dare buy more goats. A few months ago, when I saw Mr. The announcing that the goats were giving birth a lot, on average 1-2 babies per day, I had high hopes. , I hope that after 2 years I can develop the dyke herd and do business, but it may really fail. It costs 200 million to operate the farm every month, but it's not profitable yet, but if the goats die, then it's a loss. I was hoping that the livestock sector would be profitable to compensate for the agricultural sector that has never seen any profit. Pouring billions of m.oney into it. After 2 years of hard work and dedication, Quang Linh farm is no different from a movie studio. Where's the YouTube recording?", Quang Linh confided.

Quang Linh and Loi Con had an incident at the airport and couldnt meet Thuy Tien because of a g.irl? - Photo 5

In early April, Quang Linh Vlog continued to cause confusion when it announced that its YouTube channel had been attacked and taken over by hackers.

"I was really worried. I thought, I'm done, my life is over, my YouTube channel is gone, my farm has just lost a big fortune.

For YouTube content creators like my brothers, losing their channel will have a huge impact. Some videos had to be reposted and channel subscriptions also decreased. I've been doing YouTube for 5 years, Dong Paulo for 3 and a half years, The Nhan for 2 years. Now, making a new channel is very difficult. Of course there will still be a supportive audience, but the loss cannot be avoided. Besides videos, revenue also decreased," Quang Linh expressed.

Quang Linh and Loi Con had an incident at the airport and couldnt meet Thuy Tien because of a g.irl? - Photo 6

Through the incident, the h.ot YouTuber from Nghe An has learned a great lesson. Quang Linh pointed out 2 main reasons why 3 YouTube channels of the African team were hacked.

First, most users today log in to YouTube on PC. Quang Linh said that the Windows operating system will be easier to hack, and the MacBook will have fewer problems.

Second, users need to be careful when using free software. In the past, Quang Linh often used video editing software and freely "cracked" it to get free monthly use.

"I know everyone will use software to edit videos and most will jailbreak them so they don't have to pay monthly license fees. But no one gives anyone anything for free, guys. When people need something In my computer, people will take it away at any time. The reason why so many channels are lost in one day is because people have secretly planned it for a long time, and when they need it, they will collect it for 'flying'. a series," Quang Linh said.

Quang Linh and Loi Con had an incident at the airport and couldnt meet Thuy Tien because of a g.irl? - Photo 7

Although some accounts have been recovered, the Quang Linh Vlog team also suffered economic losses when the revenue from this YouTube channel is supporting the Quang Linh team a lot in their activities in Africa.

Quang Linh and Loi Con had an incident at the airport and couldnt meet Thuy Tien because of a g.irl? - Photo 8

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