Quang Linh's sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued?

Hoàng PhúcApr 22, 2024 at 17:42

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Recently, Quang Linh Vlog and "emerging c.hild idol" Loi Con officially landed in Vietnam. Both will have a journey to have fun, explore and learn about Vietnamese culture. In the midst of this, a Vbiz queen suddenly had her name called out.

This person is none other than Thuy Tien, former Miss Grand International. Some viewers expressed their confusion when the queen did not come to pick her up and did not make any move to mention Quang Linh Vlog or Loi Con even though she had previously been very excited to meet the b.oy in Africa.

Quang Linhs sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued? - Photo 1

However, in a livestream, Loi suddenly called out Thuy Tien's name, making people stir.

Specifically, Loi Con recently appeared on the livestream of Quang Linh's sister Nhat Le. Nhat Le and a few others fed Loi Con grapes and talked to the b.oy. A moment attracted the attention of the online community when Loi Con babbled and said "Miss Tien", making the adults present in the car surprised and bewildered.

Quang Linh's sister even intended to block Loi Con's mouth and was startled when he blurted out the name of beauty queen Thuy Tien. However, the misunderstanding was later clarified.

Quang Linhs sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued? - Photo 2

Quang Linhs sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued? - Photo 3

It turned out that Loi Con called "Uncle Tien" but because his voice was unclear, plus the pronunciation he learned from Quang Linh caused confusion. After that, Nhat Le also corrected Loi Con, saying that the b.oy wanted to say "he has money" when he mentioned preparing to "travel" across Vietnam.

Below the video, everyone couldn't help but laugh at the adults' attitude and Loi Con's carefreeness. Everyone left comments hoping to see Loi Con and Thuy Tien reunite in Vietnam:

- Surely Loi will see Miss Tien again and Miss Tien will keep her promise

- Loi Con mentioning Ms. Tien is normal, but Ms. Le's attitude is not normal at all

- Let's go to Ho Chi Minh City to meet Ms. Tien, Loi

- If Loi didn't hear people talking about Ms. Tien often, he probably wouldn't remember Ms. Tien

- Last time Miss Tien promised that when Loi returned to Vietnam, Miss Tien would take Loi to buy new clothes

Quang Linhs sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued? - Photo 4

Miss Thuy Tien and Quang Linh Vlogs first met in mid-2022 when they both decided to cooperate in volunteering. The queen set off to Africa to build clean water wells for the people of Angola.

Quang Linhs sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued? - Photo 5

During her days in Africa, she and Quang Linh Vlogs had a meaningful time filled with laughter. There are videos about the daily activities of the Nghe man and the queen that attract millions of views.

In addition, the two also cooperated for a perfume brand in Vietnam. Possessing a cheerful, sociable personality and good cooperation at work, the couple is assigned by fans and hopes to become a couple soon.

Quang Linhs sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued? - Photo 6

Not only do they love the couple by saying they hope they get married, fans also put pictures of Thuy Tien and Quang Linh in their wedding photos.

Even Miss Thuy Tien posted a photo of her early birthday celebration with the Quang Linh group and her friends, making fans enthusiastically "push the boat".

Quang Linhs sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued? - Photo 7

Recently, many people assumed that Quang Linh's purpose in returning to Vietnam was because of Thuy Tien. Faced with the audience's excessive labeling, Quang Linh expressed frustration on the livestream. The male YouTuber asked the crew to immediately block the keyword "viu". He also emphasized that he was returning to Vietnam because he had plans to implement in his home country.

Quang Linhs sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued? - Photo 8

The male Youtuber shared frankly and expressed his frustration: "I frankly said that I came back because I had many projects, I didn't come back according to someone's purpose or this or that wish. From the past until now, I've only come back." follow the direction you set out, don't follow what others say. Those who follow, just follow. Those who don't want to follow, you can follow other places, don't bother posting those things Just joking, it's not funny at all. I said it a long time ago but many people still don't understand."

Quang Linhs sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued? - Photo 9

Quang Linh said he only wants to share positive things and interesting stories with everyone. The male YouTuber doesn't want the audience to act too much like they are now.

Quang Linhs sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued? - Photo 10

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