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Vuong Nhat Bac was scolded by the people, his colleagues were shunned for 1 reason

Hoàng Anh15:17:35 18/06/2024
Vuong Nhat Bac is always indifferent to the times when his c.razy fans attack his colleagues. Or inert facial expressions that are somewhat stiff every time they appear in front of the media. This, caused the male god to encounter a lot of criticism or be boycotted by colleagues.

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The producer spoke out about the noise that Vuong Nhat Bac was robbed of the Thi De a.ward by Vuong Duong

Bút Mực15:21:12 05/06/2024
The producer admitted that both Vuong Duong and Vuong Nhat Bac were nominated for Best Actor at the Bach Ngoc Lan A.ward. Vuong Nhat Bac also expressed that he would continue to do his best, focusing on all roles and films.

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Wang Yibo failed the Emperor Prize, suspecting Wang Yang of "playing tricks"

Bút Chì13:28:58 01/06/2024
The fact that Wang Yibo was not included in Bai Yulan's nomination is the subject of controversy on Chinese social media. Many people questioned the biased team only sending Wang Yang's name to register for the competition.

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Lei Con is compared to the Chinese screen god, fans riot because of 1 thing

Keng07:16:56 03/05/2024
Recently, the appearance of Quang Linh Vlogs and the African team when returning to Vietnam has attracted much attention. In this journey, Lei Con - the b.aby loved by many fans also participated.

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Lin Jingjin was embarrassed to kiss Zhao Liying, and the person close to him spoke up

Nguyễn Tuyết14:12:40 05/04/2024
In the kissing scene of Lin Jingjin and Zhao Liying, it was one of the most expensive. However, 1 confusing action of the male lead caused a social media fever.

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Truong Phong Pha Lang: Vuong Nhat Bac and his girlfriend reported good news and received 1 point

Châu Anh11:22:51 15/03/2024
After a period of bombardment in the film industry, Vuong Nhat Bac has returned to the small screen race with the project Truong Phong Pha Lang in collaboration with Ly Tham. Recently, the two announced good news that made fans look forward to it.

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Jennie poses with Wang Yibo, a detail reminiscent of BTS's V

Bình Minh10:46:58 08/03/2024
Despite the fact that fans of the two great warring houses, Jennie and Wang Yibo still posed for photos together while attending Chanel's show. This visual double frame is causing a stir in the online community.

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Uong Trac Thanh: Seeing Tieu Chien as an enemy, he has been working hard in movies and still not famous

Hoa Tuyết09:50:27 20/02/2024
Uong Trac Thanh is famous and known to many people thanks to the success of the movie Tran Tinh Lenh starring Tieu Chien - Vuong Nhat Bac. However, he also suffered a lot of trouble because of c.razy fans.

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Trieu Le Dinh "shakes hands" with Duong Tu against Chau Tan, will the small flower win the big flower?

Phượng Vũ16:55:17 29/01/2024
The online community couldn't help but stir at the news that Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Tu are competing for the female lead role with Chau Tan in Truong Yimou's movie. Who will win in the end?

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Tieu Chien reluctantly became the third person, publicly "torn the couple" with Vuong Nhat Bac

Phi Yến09:33:02 21/01/2024
Tieu Chien's fans were stirred up when the idol became the main character in the story of a famous couple. As expected, it is the peak traffic of the Chinese entertainment industry.

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Trieu Le Dinh - Tieu Chien are about to become a couple, netizens are worried about this reason!

Snow10:00:13 17/01/2024
The online community has just become restless over the news that Trieu Le Dinh and Tieu Chien are filming Truong Yimou's movie. Many people wonder what will be the fate of the Cbiz star couple?

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Thanh Nghi was highly praised by special people, the day of surpassing Tieu Chien is not far away

Snow07:20:27 10/01/2024
With unremitting efforts, Thanh Nghi continuously achieved great achievements and the day of surpassing Tieu Chien is not far away. Lien Hua Lau, which he starred in, is also listed as one of the most attractive martial arts films.

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Vuong Nhat Bo went to Vietnam to film, fans "stood still"

Bình Minh13:41:50 02/01/2024
After the success of Enthusiast, Wang Yibo continued to embark on a new film project; However, his brainchild has not been able to finalize the s.hooting schedule so far.

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Zhao Lu Zi turned into a billion-billion fairy in the new film, not as criticized as Liu Yifei

Hướng Dương13:36:57 01/01/2024
After a series of successful roles, Zhao Luoxi's beauty is considered to be more advanced than before. Xiao Hua had just tried her hand at white robes, and the billion-billion fairy was praised no less than Liu Yefei.

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Fan Vuong Nhat Bac, the head of the fandom, paid for it and built a "town" to accommodate idols

Mẫn Nhi16:35:26 30/12/2023
Fan Vuong Nhat Bac truly makes many people admire how much he can afford to support Idol. Not only does this fanclub have a lot of m.oney and generosity, but it is also highly appreciated for its creativity in many support projects.

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Liu Yuning, Wang Yibo is in the top of China's most hated actors, criticized for being less sharp and ungainly

Thanh Phúc09:31:59 07/12/2023
As is customary in the Chinese entertainment village, the end of the year is the time when netizens in the country of billions of people vote for the top of the most hated actors on the screen. This year, Liu Yuning and Wang Yibo continued to be among the most unsympathetic actors.

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Nham Gia Luan "crushed" Duong Duong, Vuong Nhat Bac was criticized for being unattractive and fans couldn't defend him

Mưa10:09:28 27/11/2023
Recently, the prestigious statistical unit Douban announced the score of the movie Mo Sac Tam Uoc. The film marks the collaboration of talented couple Nham Gia Luan and Angelababy, with 40 episodes directed by director Ly Ngang.

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Rare photos of Tieu Chien and Vuong Nhat Bac were released, r.evealing the whole truth about their relationship

Mộc Trà15:07:14 21/11/2023
Recently, a blogger released rare photos of Tieu Chien and Vuong Nhat Bac behind the scenes of the movie Tran Tinh Lenh. The two's interaction quickly caused a fever on social networking forums, implicitly showing the couple's real-life relationship.

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Vuong Hac De "kicked away" Vuong Nhat Bac, officially recognized by the audience for one thing?

Thanh Thanh13:36:39 20/11/2023
After the success of Thuong Lan Quyet in 2022, Vuong Hac De's name has been noticed by the audience. Recently, the actor kicked Vuong Nhat Bac away and was officially recognized by the audience.

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Wang Yibo is "isolated" at Jin Ke 2023: Lonely in 1 corner, suffering from the terrifying "black sea of silence"?

Nguyễn Kim16:40:36 05/11/2023
The image of Wang Yibo lost among the stars at the 2023 Golden Millet Awards is becoming a topic of discussion on social media. Previously, when appearing in the nomination list of this prestigious a.ward, Wang Yibo was also a controversial name.

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Yang Yang abandoned Wang Chu Chen for unexpected reasons, still surpassing Xiao Chien at this point!

Bình Minh14:27:07 05/11/2023
Since the rumors surfaced that Yang Yang - Wang Chu Yan were faking true love, every move of the Cbiz star couple has been on the radar and is of special interest to the public.

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Tieu Chien officially surpassed Vuong Nhat Bac, leading the ranking of Cbiz's most popular male stars

Tuyết Ngọc17:03:00 29/10/2023
This is not the first time Vuong Nhat Bac was called out when Tieu Chien won big on the small screen. The two are constantly being compared in terms of film and commercial achievements.

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Tieu Chien was mocked by a famous director: "As an actor, you must have culture", what's going on?

Bảo Tiên14:49:52 25/10/2023
Recently, Tieu Chien reluctantly became an enemy of Cbiz when dirty actions from his backroom were condemned. Accordingly, the move from a famous Chinese director is said to have mentioned Tieu Chien, attracting attention.

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Trieu Lo Tu holds hands with Vuong Nhat Bac to act in a new movie, Duong Tu also has a part, who is main and who is supporting?

Tuyết Ngọc09:39:37 25/10/2023
Recently, the online community was stirred by the news that Duong Tu, Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong Nhat Bac were about to collaborate on a movie together; The handsome man named Vuong spoke up immediately afterward.

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