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The case of a 22-year-old nanny snatching her husband: The fans revealed their fate, their true nature was exposed

Trí Nhi16:08:29 15/04/2024
The Vietnamese online community is extremely excited about the series about a 22-year-old Canadian nanny who snatched her landlord's husband. Recently, netizens also debunked this g.irl's horoscope, r.evealing her true personality in terms of numerology.

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Matcha hunter: thrilling jerking series, behind the hottest keyword on social networks

Phong Trần14:18:52 15/04/2024
In recent days, all social networking platforms from Facebook to Tiktok have been flooded with the keyword Matcha hunter. When clicking on the search bar on social networking platforms, it is not difficult to see that this keyword is popular.

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'Canada's hottest 22-year-old nanny' shows off her social media presence and lives an extremely luxurious virtual life

Mẫn Nhi10:04:18 15/04/2024
The most popular series in the first half of 2024 must name my family's wonderful nanny who is currently buzzing on social networks. People quickly tracked down the identity of the matcha g.irl after many sleepless nights wondering what happened.

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22-year-old nanny snatches the landlord's husband, thrilling 27 parts, Vietnamese netizens are stunned

Pinky13:46:16 12/04/2024
Vietnamese netizens are constantly buzzing about a Vietnamese tiktoker's nanny-snatch-her-husband drama series, a thrilling 27-part series that everyone is looking forward to. This series of millions of views r.evealing videos is shaking netizens.

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The wife discovered that the star fruit sisters had snatched her husband and posted a message on social media to e.xpose them

Phượng Vũ18:36:08 27/01/2024
An article by a sister with a series of photos exposing her close younger sister's affair with her husband is attracting great attention from the online community. Tieu Tam also brazenly reminded the main house to keep her husband careful.

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Tiktoker May Bae speaks out when accused of being "green tea", denying rumors of receiving 8 billion VND in support

JLO11:35:51 13/12/2023
Social network users are no longer unfamiliar with the name May Bae - a h.ot TikToker who is famous for his US-UK music cover clips with millions of views. May Bae is loved for his powerful high voice and adorable appearance.

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Britney Spears was accused of sabotaging someone else's marriage, the "main wife" confronted her, and revealed a shocking story

An Nhi13:46:05 30/10/2023
The relationship between Britney Spears and dancer Kevin Federline was constantly gossiped about because of the gap in fame and m.oney. If Kevin Federline is considered a gold digger, then the pop princess is called a petty thief stealing someone else's husband.

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Hana Cam Tien: The most prolific singer in Vbiz, what is the career like after the drama of snatching her colleague's husband?

Nguyễn Tuyết11:17:02 06/09/2023
Hana Cam Tien is one of the young singers pursuing the authentic country music genre that is storming today. She also left many marks when she had MVs that reached millions of views on YouTube.

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The banker had a husband but still turned into a minor tam, stepped in to be the wife of the CEO, and the government handed out a beautiful hand

Đức Trí16:33:07 30/08/2023
Netizens are extremely stirred, outraged by the blunt denunciation of a female banker, beautiful and talented but with a habit of being a miniature. Stepping into the position of the superintendent's wife, she brazenly irritated the government.

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The former Hong Kong runner-up rushed to find shelter, after "jerking her husband" shocked Cbiz

Tuyết Ngọc12:47:17 18/08/2023
The online community was abuzz with the news that a Hong Kong runner-up is aggressively preparing to register her marriage with a familiar male artist, after living together.

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Heather Hu revealed a shaky, stubborn photo like no other, returned to music and was immediately slammed by fans: 'Who welcomes?'

Thanh Phúc10:18:19 15/08/2023
Singer Hien Ho is being mercilessly battered, before the introduction images for her new product, returning after more than 1 year of silence because of the scandal of jerking her husband.

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Hien Ho revealed the move to "run away" after selling the G63 supercar, wiping out all traces, avoiding public opinion

Đức Trí13:42:45 12/08/2023
Singer Hien Ho has just made a move to stun the audience, questioning public opinion after the announcement of the G63 supercar. The mysterious act, which led many to suspect she was deliberately avoiding public opinion by noisily jerking her husband was dug up along with the phrase G63.

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Hien Ho put the G63 supercar up for sale after snatching her husband, questioning the exhaustion of the economy because there was no one to support her

Phúc Sen14:53:56 09/08/2023
Singer Hien Ho has just caused a stir in public opinion, when she suddenly posted and publicly peddled the G63 supercar, the online community immediately mocked, suspecting that she was suffering from economic exhaustion because she did not go back and forth, there was no one to support her.

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Quynh Thu was hot-blooded, suppressing Diep Lam Anh's face after being warned: 'It's ridiculous, drawing a story'

Juni Nguyễn08:56:13 24/07/2023
No longer silent before defamatory words like before, Quynh Thu is now ready to f.ight at any time when someone publicly criticizes, kicks or condemns on social networks.

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Stealing the husband of the 2k house, the 1988 aunt was embarrassed with the 'ripe' face, humiliated with the truth being exposed

Đức Trí10:41:51 17/07/2023
People competed against each other before the story of the self, born in 2000, being brazenly robbed by a woman older than a zodiac, this 1988 sub-tam also raised a voice to challenge, making netizens simultaneously indignant.

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Many hotgirls "lack of clothes" risked sitting on the lap of other people's boyfriends on the pedestrian street: What's going on?

Nắng13:55:46 07/07/2023
These actions of the g.irl encountered mixed controversy from the public. Many people think that this is a carefree thing that turns out to be ungainly, affecting others in public.

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The wife was shocked to know that her husband took the name of a mistress to give her c.hild on the full month of the month, overwhelmed with the morality of "tieu tam"

Pinky07:23:40 27/06/2023
The world is simultaneously buzzing before the official's direct accusation in the story of having an adulterous husband, having an affair with his mistress, and naming his daughter on the full day of the month, making everyone who hears it angry. indignant condemnation.

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Thuy Top was accused of snatching her husband, scandalous past with Hoang Thuy Linh, now working as a TV editor

T.P10:31:28 13/05/2023
The super beauty of the 1st round once caused a storm when Thuy Top became a TV editor, turning back the audience's private life was also shocked, because there was so much noise and scandal surrounding it. Huynh Minh Thuy, also known by the stage name Thuy Top, is the most s.exy...

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Luu De Ly, who was accused of snatching her husband, now has a strange move, s.mashing the title "step mother", fullness even after coming

T.P07:21:11 05/05/2023
Actress Luu De Ly shows off a remarkable image after being accused of snatching her husband, fighting in the middle of the street because of debt, and is now full of happiness with a small family that everyone admires. Luu De Ly has long been known to many young viewers, when...

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Dan Tien "surpassed" Tuong San despite out-top, 1 Transgender runner was "trapped" by her husband?

Kiko11:28:46 25/04/2023
Although she only stopped in the top 6, but Dan Tien was still favored to participate in the event with Miss Diu Thao without the appearance of Tuong San - An Nhi. Besides, 1 runner-up of MIQ is also currently entangled in the noise of other people's husbands. Recently, beauty...

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H.ot milk tea g.irl turns into a minor tam, snatching someone else's husband is a police officer, brazenly jealous of the main chamber

T.P07:52:42 22/04/2023
Netizens were stirred up by the story of a h.ot g.irl selling milk tea, making a habit of snatching her husband, a police officer with a beautiful wife and good children, and shamelessly jealous of the main room. A.dultery, cheating on each other despite having a family are stories...

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The female cadre had an adulterous husband, now she is "the 13th animal", texting to provoke the government during confinement

Pinky11:17:08 21/04/2023
The story of a female tax officer playing a minor game, openly robbing other people's husbands, even though she had experienced the feeling of her husband having an affair, netizens were fed up with "the hurt people hurt others" . The issue of a.dultery, having an outside...

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Singer Bao An collapsed because he was accused of snatching her husband, threatening to throw "forbidden substances" to cancel the use: Sent a report

Kiko15:39:20 14/04/2023
Known as a popular c.hild singer, owning a series of hits of hundreds of millions of views, but at the age of 17, Bao An was suddenly accused of snatching her husband, pregnant, threatened with "banned substances"... Reports about her private life are currently causing the singer...

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Trieu Lo Tu's color dropped alarmingly after receiving good news and new love, fans advised to do 1 thing right away

Nhất Diệp14:48:13 11/04/2023
After the resounding success, Trieu Lo Tu is receiving a lot of attention from the public. Besides acting, the beauty of the female star is also a hotly discussed topic on online forums. Favored by fans with the title "Screen Goddess" of the new generation, Trieu Lo Tu is one of...

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