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La Van Hi "abandoned" Bach Loc and revealed her new love was Lam Duan

Phương Thảo17:48:42 23/04/2024
The attraction of La Van Hi and Bach Loc comes not only from their bright appearance and impressive acting but also from their explosive chemistry on screen. The two are said to have similar temperaments and extremely sweet and romantic moments when paired.

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La Van Hi was praised as a fairy descending to earth with her appearance in the new film

Mẫn Nhi14:40:54 31/03/2024
La Van Hi's appearance in the movie Water Dragon Soaking continuously received positive reactions from the audience. Although the movie has not officially aired yet, the male lead's beauty has soon captured the hearts of netizens.

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Bach Loc transformed into a beautiful bride, overwhelming Cuc Tinh Y, and her two younger juniors also gave in

Snow10:24:26 26/02/2024
Bach Loc and Cuc Tinh Y are famous as Cbiz's fierce rivals. Not only are they placed on the table to compare their achievements and dressing sense, but their looks in the film are no exception.

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Bach Loc's appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh?

Phi Yến17:13:31 22/02/2024
After being compared to Trieu Lo Tu - Duong Tu, Bach Loc continues to be weighed by people along with two famous seniors Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh because they both have excellent costume designs.

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Cbiz Blacklist: The overbearing Dang Vi, the lover Bai Loc has a gypsy nature

Nguyễn Kim09:57:10 09/02/2024
The Chinese-language media jointly voted male stars with overbearing, odd, and disrespectful behavior. Among these, many Cbiz gods were mentioned such as Luo Yunxi, Zhang Ling Hao, and even emerging names.

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Bai Loc once again helped Luo Yunxi reach the international level, continuously receiving good news

Vân Anh19:34:27 03/02/2024
After the success of Changyue Jinming, Luo Yunxi continuously made admirable achievements not only domestically but also in the international market. A significant contribution to creating this festival of good news must mention his co-star Bach Loc.

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Yangzi's boyfriend reveals photo of "one armpit and two children", suddenly criticized for star disease

Hoa Tuyết14:01:43 02/02/2024
The online community has just been shown standing idly by the moment her on-screen boyfriend Yangtze hugged his c.hild on set. Many people commented, the guy is very much like a diaper father.

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Cuc Tinh Y's beauty visibly "improved" thanks to this change in the new film

Hướng Dương20:27:55 13/01/2024
The visuals of Cuc Tinh Y's new project do not disappoint the audience. Many people even praised the little flower g.irl born in 1994, overwhelmingly beautiful even Bach Loc and Duong Tu.

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Luo Yunxi released a picturesque historical photo, was he "inferior" to Xiao Chien?

Nguyễn Tuyết18:29:04 08/01/2024
The image in Luo Yunxi's new film did not disappoint fans. However, put on the scale compared to Xiao Chien, is this Cheng Yi inferior?

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Bach Loc in 2023: which films are criticized, acting does not improve

Mẫn Nhi23:18:53 07/01/2024
Despite diligently receiving films, there are even many famous works. But all in all, Bai Loc's 2023 is considered a pathetic year with performances in acting that bored audiences.

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Truong Nguyet Tan Minh achieved great results, Bach Loc - La Van Hi had a good season again

Phi Yến13:36:15 30/12/2023
Before the new year, Bach Loc and La Van Hi received the happiest news when Truong Nguyet Tan Minh achieved a new achievement. This makes fans feel comforted after the failure of Di Ai Vi Doanh.

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Bach Loc was "beautifully cut" by Chau Da when he touched her and was still praised for one reason

Phi Yến14:54:19 29/12/2023
Bach Loc is at the peak of her career and is known as a costume goddess sought after by everyone, but she is overwhelmed by a rookie from the same house when she clashes with her appearance in a new movie.

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Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point!

Nguyễn Tuyết16:55:55 02/12/2023
After being wiped off by Zhang Lingxing, Bai Lu suddenly enjoyed great benefits. However, Xiao Hua still let Luo Yunxi surpass mercilessly.

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Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized

Hoa Tuyết09:36:31 22/11/2023
Recently, the online community was stirred by the news that Bach Loc was in love with a man 8 years younger than him. The other person is said to have the same appearance as La Van Hi and Truong Lang Hach.

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Bach Loc's separation from La Van Hi is stormy, constantly "touched" by co-stars, fans ask to break up with boyfriend

Tuyết Ngọc10:40:00 20/11/2023
The online community asked Bach Loc to reunite with La Van Hi because her new boyfriend was caught up in controversy. Many opinions say that even though the handsome La man has a slightly thin b.ody, he still has advantages that surpass the other person.

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Bai Lu plotted to usurp the throne of Yangtze, becoming the elected female star to merge with Luo Yunxi

Bình Minh08:12:10 01/11/2023
Having lost his primetime slot, Bai Lu was officially put in a difficult position if he wanted to confront Yangtze with Yin Aiwei. Many people think that the chances of Xiao Hua 95 surpassing the senior are quite low.

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Bach Loc wore branded clothes and was criticized for being "alum", his pose was inferior to a h.ot g.irl online, fans shouted the name Trieu Lo Tu

Hướng Dương08:04:29 20/10/2023
Since the Fashion Week event in Europe, the 95th flower group has been constantly under scrutiny for its fashion style and new looks. Actress Bach Loc's recent photo set is no exception.

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La Van Hi officially broke up with Bach Loc and publicly dated the beauty who once secretly loved Thanh Nghi

Hoa Tuyết07:56:17 18/10/2023
Recently, a source said that La Van Hi and the beauty who once secretly loved Thanh Nghi are about to openly love each other. This g.irl is highly praised by netizens, her beauty surpasses even Bach Loc.

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Bach Loc was "bored" in love with Truong Lang Hach, now back with La Van Hi, secretly hinting publicly

Nguyễn Kim13:52:46 29/09/2023
As one of Cbiz's brightest little flowers, in addition to his career, Bach Loc's personal life is always in the sights of netizens. Recently, people suspected that she was dating La Van Hi after being co-stars together many times.

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Bach Loc is determined not to follow Trieu Lo Tu's footsteps, celebrities and internet hotgirls are not on the same level

Snow07:30:33 29/09/2023
Learning from the drama of Trieu Lo Tu and Ngu Thu Han at Milan Fashion Week in recent days; Having just appeared in Europe, Bach Loc scored absolutely points by doing this.

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Bach Loc officially "dumped" La Van Hi to be with a younger handsome man, is he so out of love and out of meaning?

Tuyết Ngọc08:00:36 23/09/2023
No longer just speculation, Bach Loc officially announced his love story with his new boyfriend, making netizens unable to sit still. Is a new face of Cbiz, having played a role in a quite famous movie.

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Bach Loc plans to "go home" with La Van Hi, Truong Lang Hach's fans strongly object?

Hoa Tuyết07:35:16 18/09/2023
The two collaborations were both successful, obviously Bach Loc still wants to continue filming with La Van Hi. Recently, she revealed that she hopes to play a villain if she reunites with actor La.

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Bach Loc - La Van Hi revealed evidence of dating for a long time, fans were happy like they were at a festival waiting for the day the couple would return home together.

Snow07:43:52 15/09/2023
In recent years, Bach Loc and La Van Hi have been known as one of the most beautiful couples on Chinese screens, both in movies and in real life. However, neither of them has ever spoken out about dating.

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Luo Yunxi, Xiao Chien was blacklisted, every co-star avoided it, what happened?

Hoa Tuyết11:06:08 05/09/2023
Although both Luo Yunxi and Xiao Chien are highly sought after by filmmakers today, they are the little students that female star fans do not want their idols to collaborate with.

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