Bach Loc in 2023: which films are criticized, acting does not improve

Mẫn NhiJan 07, 2024 at 23:18

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Despite diligently receiving films, there are even many famous works. However, in general, Bai Loc's 2023 is considered a "pathetic" year with performances in acting that make the audience bored.

In 2023, Bach Loc has 3 debuts - two historical films Chang Yue Jinming, Ninh An like a dream and modern romance film Di Ai vi joint (adapted from the novel Sawing the wrong boyfriend, being liked by her husband). Her co-stars are actors with a large fan base such as Luo Yunxi, Zhang Ling Hech, Wang Hede.

Chang Yunming (starring with Luo Yunxi) opened the quality score on the Douban review site with 6.2 but later dropped to only 5.8 points. The film was judged to have chaotic collage content, loose script, repeating many episodes like other historical drama projects, lacking novelty.

The character Ye Xiu/Le Su Su is criticized for falling in love, falling in love with the man who destroyed his clan. Bai Loc's performance also caused controversy because of his bombastic and excessive expression.

Bach Loc in 2023: which films are criticized, acting does not improve - Photo 1

Bach Loc in 2023: which films are criticized, acting does not improve - Photo 2

Di Ai Vi Enterprise is a work that many audiences have been waiting for. Remember when it first aired, the drama attracted a lot of attention and was quite popular. However, until now, Bai Lu and Wang Hei's project has faced many criticisms.

There are two most important reasons why Di Ai Vi Enterprise lost the popularity of the audience, namely Bai Loc's unconvincing acting and the bad character setup of the heroine Zheng Shuyi. Even a part of the viewers, because they were so indignant, expected that by the end of the film, Xue Yan would "kick" Zheng Shuyi.

Bach Loc in 2023: which films are criticized, acting does not improve - Photo 3

Some newspapers in China only "faced" the main male and female duo Truong Ling Hach - Bai Loc and supporting man Chau Tuan Vy, saying that the performance of the trio was "a failure, if changed to another actor, Ninh An Nhu Dream will be more perfect".

About the character Jiang Tuyet Ninh played by Bai Loc is described as the heavenly perfume who meets the fascinator, regardless of whether male or female. On this point, it was obvious that Bai Lu could not meet it, not to mention, Jiang Xuening (Bai Loc) standing next to the woman Shen Zhiyi (Liu Shining) was even less sharp. Although the appearance is not close to the original, in return, Bai Loc's acting is the best praised in the film.

Bach Loc in 2023: which films are criticized, acting does not improve - Photo 4

According to QQ, Bach Loc's reputation is low because when there are 3 consecutive debuts, the audience has the opportunity to compare the role-playing ability and the progress in acting of the actress born in 1994. It can be seen that, thanks to its reputation, good resources, and promotion, Bach Loc has access to big projects. However, she did not take advantage of the opportunity, but acted mechanically stereotyped, revealing weaknesses in speech, not understanding the character well.

Besides, QQ also analyzed Bai Loc's aperture is not beautiful. The actress often curls her lips angrily when emotions run high, causing the heroine, who is in a situation that needs to receive the sympathy of the audience, to turn into an overbearing villain. This is a major weakness in Bai Loc's acting. In Long Moon Ming, with tragic, painful scenes... Bai Luo showed his inner self by screaming.

Bach Loc in 2023: which films are criticized, acting does not improve - Photo 5

According to Sohu, Bai Loc as well as many other h.ot little flowers such as Yu Shuhan and Zhao Luxu, all have problems with stereotypical and lifeless acting. They cry and laugh when asked but do not have a clear understanding of the situation and state of the character. Therefore, they can only act outwardly, do not delve into the inner development, creating a diverse psycho-emotional development of the character.

Bach Loc in 2023: which films are criticized, acting does not improve - Photo 6

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