Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point!

Nguyễn TuyếtDec 02, 2023 at 16:55

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After being wiped off by Zhang Lingxing, Bai Lu suddenly enjoyed great benefits. However, Xiao Hua still let Luo Yunxi mercilessly surpass her.

Bach Loc is currently the face of both the media and the public, after the two dramas she starred in, "Di Ai Vi Doanh" and "Ninh An Like a Dream", aired and ended at the same time.

Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point! - Photo 1

Although the premiere effect of both works is quite positive, contrary to the expectations of fans, Bach Loc is constantly noisy. However, after the rumors of breaking up with Zhang Lingxing exploded, Xiao Hua suddenly received special treatment from the brands she was working with.

Accordingly, the advertisement of Hua Xizi by the global ambassador of the brand Bach Loc in Paris has been officially launched. In particular, this ad has a combination of female star Ninh An Nhu Dream, the brand and Bazaar magazine.

Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point! - Photo 2

Appearing in the video, the actor surnamed Bai is impressed by the beautiful, clear but equally poetic beauty in the European sky. In addition, her charisma has also received much praise from the public for being natural and has become less stiff than before.

Thereby, it can be seen that, with the attraction and reputation at the present time, it is understandable that Bach Loc is constantly being noticed by brands as well as given big special treatments.

Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point! - Photo 3

However, there are also many opinions that the actress surnamed Bai does not deserve those treatments. They expressed the opinion that she has never built her own brand, and does not have the spirit of high-end brands.

Speaking of Bai Luo's recent controversy, she received a rain of "bricks and stones" when she revealed a video of her laughing ungracefully with Wang Hei when the two were filming "Yi Ai Wei". Stemming from the fact that behind the scenes, the actor surnamed Wang commented on the angle with director Guo Ti, even proposing to take the Korean film "Goblin" as a reference.

Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point! - Photo 4

However, Wang Hexi's opinion was rejected by the director, and at that time, Bai Lu laughed and joked with the director, putting him in an awkward position. It was this reaction that caused the actress to be "stoned" by the audience, ostracized for supposedly being uncivilized. Previously, Xiao Hua born in 1994 was also criticized many times by the audience for her uncontrolled speech.

In early 2023, the historical drama project "Chang Yue Jinming" starring Bai Loc and Luo Yunxi has broken the record of all web dramas ever with more than 5 million viewers booking in advance, the media index always r.emains at the highest heat mark. The success of the film helped the couple own a large fan base. The two have even gotten into dating rumors because of their behind-the-scenes romantic interactions.

Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point! - Photo 5

However, by November 2023, it will be discovered that the two are no longer together when they return to the small screen. They should even grace their new co-stars and go head-to-head with each other on the drama charts.

Also because they used to have a "salty" time together, Bai Loc and Luo Yunxi were constantly put on the scale by the online community to compare the reality of movies.

Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point! - Photo 6

Recently, Luo Yunxi and Zhang Ruonan's drama "Lovers of the Healing System" opened a Douban score of 5.8 with nearly 15 thousand reviews. Thus, the "brainchild" of the male beauty surnamed Luo has officially surpassed "Yin Ai Wei" starring Bai Loc - Wang He, but lost to "Ning An Like a Dream" with a Douban score of 6.9.

Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point! - Photo 7

Before this result, many viewers thought that in terms of acting, Luo Yunxi was still appreciated more than the actor surnamed Bai and her rumored love. But compared to the novelty in the script, "Healing System Lover" has not been able to surpass "Dream Security".

Bai Luo walked away from Zhang Ling Heng clearly, still losing to Luo Yunxi at this point! - Photo 8

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