Yangzi's boyfriend reveals photo of "one armpit and two children", suddenly criticized for star disease

Hoa TuyếtFeb 02, 2024 at 14:01

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The online community has just been shown standing idly by the moment "screen boyfriend" Yangtze hugged his c.hild on set. Many people commented, the guy is very much like a diaper father.

Dang Vi is known to be one of the male stars to explode strongly in 2023. After the beautiful shapes in "Yue Jin Ming School", the male beauty continued to cause memories when he played Do Shanjing in "Xiangtu School" in collaboration with Yangtze.

Yangzis boyfriend reveals photo of one armpit and two children, suddenly criticized for star disease - Photo 1

After a series of h.ot supporting roles on internet platforms, the actor finally got himself his first lead role in the historical project "Tien Dai Huu Thu" in collaboration with Huong Ham Chi.

The series of images in Dang Vi's film was also quickly posted, which surprised people because it was so excellent. Possessing a handsome face, tall figure, the actor can easily weigh many different types of shapes.

Yangzis boyfriend reveals photo of one armpit and two children, suddenly criticized for star disease - Photo 2

Most recently, some images of the male surname Deng on the set of "Tien Dai Huu Thu" have caused a fever in the online community. In the photo, he is dressed in a simple blue period outfit, holding an adorable b.aby in his arms.

Netizens speculated, it seems that in this film project, the "screen boyfriend" Yangtze will have up to 3 children. The moment the actor was with his cubs quickly made people go c.razy, because of the national diaper father standard while taking care of the little one while playing with 2 older children.

Yangzis boyfriend reveals photo of one armpit and two children, suddenly criticized for star disease - Photo 3

In "Tien Dai Huu Thu", Dang Vi and Huong Ham Chi are considered to have beautiful appearances, suitable for fashion and promise to explode on the small screen when the film airs in the coming time. For the first time, the male surname Deng starred, so the audience also had great expectations.

People are looking forward to the drama being aired soon, to have the opportunity to see the actor's excellent series, as well as his interaction with his co-star surnamed Huong. Currently, the project is still in the process of filming and has not yet given the screening schedule.

Yangzis boyfriend reveals photo of one armpit and two children, suddenly criticized for star disease - Photo 4

Notably, not long ago, Deng Wei and some of his colleagues were suspected by netizens of being names on the blacklist of Chinese media.

Accordingly, on January 26, Sohu caused a stir when it announced the Black List in Chinese showbiz. The news site has "debunked" the claims and bad behavior of many artists, through the assessment of 59 reporters.

Yangzis boyfriend reveals photo of one armpit and two children, suddenly criticized for star disease - Photo 5

Although not naming any artists, but based on the "clues" provided by sources, the online community has conducted a search for stars who received great antipathy from the media.

First, Sohu said the bossy male star spewed cigarette smoke in the face of a reporter born after 1995. In 2023, he has 1 movie that resonates, after fame has shown himself to have a serious star disease.

Yangzis boyfriend reveals photo of one armpit and two children, suddenly criticized for star disease - Photo 6

Immediately, Deng Wei and Wang Ziqi were put into question. By 2023, the male star surnamed Wang will rise to the rank of outstanding actor thanks to the work "Love I Have for You". However, he had never been seen smoking. Therefore, netizens poured their doubts on the male beauty surnamed Deng.

Coincidentally, "screen boyfriend" Yangtze was also born in 1995, a name known after the craze of the movie "Xiangtu School". It is worth mentioning that he has been repeatedly spotted blatantly smoking c.igarettes in the middle of the crew, criticized for his unfriendly and overbearing attitude to the post-celebrity audience.

Yangzis boyfriend reveals photo of one armpit and two children, suddenly criticized for star disease - Photo 7

The male star who loves books is too harsh and quirky: "Don't show your waist, forbidden to turn your legs" was revealed to have emerged thanks to the avant-garde film, playing the male lead in a popular historical drama airing in 2023. Compared to when he first entered showbiz, the appearance of this actor has changed quite a lot.

Netizens are calling the names Luo Yunxi and Cheng Yi, because these 2 actors are famous for their pioneering films. In 2023, the male beauty surnamed Luo stars in "Chang Yue Jinming", while the "chicken laying golden eggs" of Hoan Rui Century also has a resonant film "Lien Hua Lou".

Yangzis boyfriend reveals photo of one armpit and two children, suddenly criticized for star disease - Photo 8

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