Bach Loc's appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh?

Phi YếnFeb 22, 2024 at 17:13

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After being compared to Trieu Lo Tu - Duong Tu, Bach Loc continues to be weighed by people along with two famous seniors Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh because they both have excellent costume designs.

Bach Loc is known as one of the most expensive flowers of the 90s in Cbiz, up to the present time. After an extremely successful 2023, she is expected to continue to explode in 2024.

Bach Locs appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 1

After completing filming for the project "Bac Thuong", the actress continued to join the film crew "Bach Nguyet Phan Tinh" with Ngao Thuy Bang with a series of looks that fascinated people.

Recently, another extremely excellent image of Bach Loc in the film continued to be posted by the crew and attracted great public attention. In the revealed image, the flower g.irl has her hair done quite elaborately with a series of sparkling accessories. Even though it looks a bit bulky, everyone has to admit that this style helps enhance her beauty.

Bach Locs appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 2

In addition to her hairstyle, Bach Loc's makeup style also quickly caused a fever because it was so pure and pretty. Eye and lip color tones are regularly changed by Dich Tieu Nha to match the outfit and accessories.

Previously, the actress also made an impression with rainbow-colored hair ponytails that had never appeared in "popular" historical dramas. However, many netizens expressed regret because they could not see the actress's outfit combined with the above hairstyle in "Bach Nguyet Phan Tinh".

Bach Locs appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 3

It seems that this is Bach Thuoc's appearance when he ascended to become a god. This also means that "Bach Nguyet Phan Tinh" is nearing the final stage of filming. Not long ago, team B of the project also finished filming and prepared for post-production.

In fact, this is not the first time Bach Loc caused a fever with his appearance in "Bach Nguyet Phan Tinh". In this historical drama, she has many beautiful costumes and hairstyles that are highly appreciated. There are even opinions expressed that the actress was even more beautiful when working with Ngao Thuy Bang than when she starred in "Truong Nguyet Tan Minh" with La Van Hi.

Bach Locs appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 4

Besides, the little flower's appearance is also compared to Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Mich. Because in the two magical historical projects that are about to be aired, "Du Phuong Hanh" and "Love Fox: Little Hong Nuong: Nguyet Hong Thien", the two flower girls 85 also have extremely excellent designs.

Bach Locs appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 5

Not long ago, Sohu once reported that Bach Loc's appearance in "Bach Nguyet Phan Tinh" is likened to a goddess. In some photos, the little flower g.irl holds a bow and arrow, has a strong temperament, and her outfit is meticulously designed, true to her background as a God of the Night Clan who rules the stars.

Also according to the source, from the moment filming began, the film project starring beauties Bach and Ngao Thuy Bang has received a lot of attention from the audience. Each new look receives high praise, helping the actress shine.

Bach Locs appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 6

In it, costume designer Dich Tieu Nha cleverly incorporated details of the character's characteristics into the design. The audience even said that the beautiful costumes in the movie helped promote Bach Loc's beauty.

Bach Loc's role in "Bach Nguyet Phan Tinh" is Bach Thuoc - the daughter of a general on earth who is passionate about cultivating immortals. But she also has another identity: Goddess Tinh Nguyet.

Bach Locs appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 7

When under the ceiling, the female lead's outfit is simple and gentle. However, when she is a goddess, she wears an illusory phoenix hat, a sparkling dress like stars, holds a bow and arrow, and her hair is dyed seven rainbow colors to bring fairy colors.

Sohu assessed that the film crew invested a lot of effort into Bach Loc's appearance. Up to now, the actress has had nearly 20 different costumes. According to the news site, just by looking at her image, one can see the high level of investment in the project. At the same time, on Weibo, many viewers also expressed that after seeing the image of the flower g.irl on set, they wanted to watch the movie even more.

Bach Locs appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 8

Currently, people are extremely looking forward to "Bach Nguyet Phan Tinh" by Bach Loc - Ngao Thuy Bang soon wrapping up filming and entering post-production to quickly debut to the audience.

Bach Locs appearance as a goddess was highly praised, surpassing even Trieu Le Dinh? - Photo 9

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