Vuong Hac Di was severely scolded by Vu Chinh, Bach Loc was also "" when sitting idle

An NhiOct 06, 2022 at 11:32

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Recently, it is not believed that Bach Loc and Vuong Hac De are competing for session 1 in the project of Teasing Mistakes, which is extremely interested by the people. Accordingly, Vu Chinh's latest action made Bach Loc lose points in the eyes of the audience.

Thanks to the success of Thuong Lan Quyet, Vuong Hac De not only became more famous, but the commercial value and resources also skyrocketed. Recently, there is information that he is about to cooperate with one of the famous flowers of the 9x generation, Bach Loc. However, because no one refused to accept the second session in Teasing Mistakes, so far the film has not been able to start filming.

Immediately after the information that Bach Loc was contested by Vuong Hac De broke out, the people argued fiercely.

Vuong Hac Di was severely scolded by Vu Chinh, Bach Loc was also "" when sitting idle - Photo 1

While fans of Vuong Hac De criticized "banh thiu" and criticized Bach Loc for being ugly, fans of actress Chau Sinh Nhu Co said that men should not rush to criticize banh thieu, when their idols accepted to act in movies, they were "burnt" face" ... with thousands of different comments, the ending is unknown.

In addition, many bloggers also announced that the movie project Teas Wrong has been negotiated with Bach Loc since April, so there is a high possibility that the star of the Bach family will apply Vuong Hac De's turn. This makes the story even more tense, because no one wants their idol to have a position behind others.

Vuong Hac Di was severely scolded by Vu Chinh, Bach Loc was also "" when sitting idle - Photo 2

The temperature of Vuong Hac De this time increased a lot, the ability to identify was also better after the ancient set of Thuong Lan Quyet aired. Although not owning a top-notch star cast, the IQIYI home project is still able to surpass many other works, becoming the hottest movie of the summer of 2022.

As for Bach Loc, thanks to Vu Chinh's full support, Bach Loc finally found a certain position in the Chinese-language entertainment industry. It may not be able to turn up the A-list stars, but it is still a prominent small flower today with good movie resources.

Vuong Hac Di was severely scolded by Vu Chinh, Bach Loc was also "" when sitting idle - Photo 3

Not only that, recently, the golden screenwriter Vu Chinh - the manager of Bach Loc also suddenly spoke out against Vuong Hac De. Accordingly, "aunt" Vu posted the following content:

"Welcome everyone to discuss the stars, line 2 and 3 are fine. Why? Why big stars can carry dramas, it doesn't matter who the partners are. Like Co Kiem Ky Dam by Duong Mich and "Beautiful Time" by Trieu Le Dinh, and Line 2, Line 3, and the position are not stable, can't carry the movie, they have to f.ight for other people's turn."

Vuong Hac Di was severely scolded by Vu Chinh, Bach Loc was also "" when sitting idle - Photo 4

Although not specifying anyone's name, netizens all think that the position of line 2 and line 3 is not stable, and the other person that Vu Chinh mentioned is Vuong Hac De. It is worth mentioning that this screenwriter not only scolded the male lead Thuong Lan Quyet but also dragged Duong Mich - Trieu Le Dinh into the controversy. This action of Vu Chinh caused Bach Loc to lose a lot of public sympathy.

In addition, many netizens believe that Bach Loc is not currently the frontline traffic. Her ability to carry movies is still poor, so the position with Vuong Hac Di cannot be predicted. In addition, the production of the movie "Tease Mistakes" has not yet announced the main cast, so it is not certain whether these two 9x stars can work together or not.

Vuong Hac Di was severely scolded by Vu Chinh, Bach Loc was also "" when sitting idle - Photo 5

Currently, the dispute between Bach Loc and Vuong Hac De is still causing a lot of controversy among netizens.

In another development, netizens are talking about rumors that Bach Loc and Dich Le Nhiet Ba have the ability to "confront" each other on the October movie race.

Specifically, a number of Chinese bloggers revealed that the film Prosecutor Tinh Anh by Dich Le Nhiet Ba and Truong Nguyet Tan Minh played by Bach Loc - La Van Hi will be released simultaneously in October. Thus, the Chinese-language film race in the last months of the year is expected to be very busy because of the "confrontation" of the two top talented beauties of Cbiz today.

Vuong Hac Di was severely scolded by Vu Chinh, Bach Loc was also "" when sitting idle - Photo 6

Although the above movie schedule has not been confirmed by the crew and cast, the audience has left many comments on the forums. In addition to expressing excitement when these hit movies are about to be released, the audience also put two projects on the balance and chose who has the more advantage in this confrontation.

Most of the public thinks that, if released at the same time, Bach Loc - La Van Hi's Truong Nguyet Tan Minh has the advantage of temperature when gathering two high-flow actors of Cbiz. Previously, the film was also predicted to be at risk of "violence" thanks to the investment in content, costumes and acting. Compared to a modern, crime-solving film like Dich Le Nhiet Ba's Prosecutor Tinh Anh, the audience predicts that Bach Loc's film will be easier to watch, not to mention the "chemistry" of the main couple.

Vuong Hac Di was severely scolded by Vu Chinh, Bach Loc was also "" when sitting idle - Photo 7

About Dich Le Nhiet Ba's Prosecutor Tinh Anh, the film of the beauty of Xinjiang belongs to the subject of law - solving the case is quite picky to watch. Not to mention, when the film released some propaganda videos before, Dilraba received many mixed opinions because of his stiff acting as well as his distinctly poor appearance.

Vuong Hac Di was severely scolded by Vu Chinh, Bach Loc was also "" when sitting idle - Photo 8

Therefore, the audience is extremely worried about the achievement of Dich Le Nhiet Ba's Prosecutor Tinh Anh project. And she alone can hardly bear the temperature of the film compared to a project with 2 peaks like Truong Nguyet Tan Minh.

However, this is just a prediction of netizens, you have to wait until the movie airs to know which project is "violent" and more popular with the audience. The public is waiting for the specific schedule of the above-mentioned hit dramas.

Vuong Hac Di was severely scolded by Vu Chinh, Bach Loc was also "" when sitting idle - Photo 9

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