La Van Hi "abandoned" Bach Loc and revealed her new love was Lam Duan

Phương ThảoApr 23, 2024 at 17:48

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The attraction of La Van Hi and Bach Loc comes not only from their bright appearance and impressive acting but also from their explosive chemistry on screen. The two are said to have similar temperaments and extremely sweet and romantic moments when paired.

Bach Loc and La Van Hi are the most popular couple on Chinese screens today. The Chinese screen has many works worth looking forward to. Among them, the return of La Van Hi and Bach Loc received great attention from the audience.

La Van Hi abandoned Bach Loc and revealed her new love was Lam Duan - Photo 1

In particular, the success of Half Sugar and Half Pain has brought the names of Bach Loc and La Van Hi to a new level. Thanks to that, Truong Nguyet Tan Minh's next film project also received great attention and support from the audience.

It is this beautiful couple and explosive chemistry that has made fans enthusiastically support Bach Loc and La Van Hi. Many viewers hope that the couple will have the opportunity to reunite in the next film projects and even hope that they will have a "real love movie" in real life.

La Van Hi abandoned Bach Loc and revealed her new love was Lam Duan - Photo 2

After the success of Truong Nguyet Tan Minh, both Bach Loc and La Van Hi received leading roles in a series of other historical projects. Recently, La Van Hi suddenly "abandoned" Bach Loc to publicly r.eveal her new love.

Accordingly, the handsome man Huong Mat Tua Khoi Suong recently participated in two movies, Nhan Tam Ky and Thuy Long Ngam. La Van Hi's appearance in both of these films is highly appreciated.

La Van Hi abandoned Bach Loc and revealed her new love was Lam Duan - Photo 3

In particular, in the project Thuy Long Ngam, La Van Hi co-starred for the first time with Lam Duan.

Currently, this movie has begun to enter post-production and if it goes well, it can air at the end of this year or early 2025. In particular, the male lead La Van Hi constantly makes fans "restless" with a series of visuals. Stunningly beautiful, diverse transformations in the movie.

La Van Hi abandoned Bach Loc and revealed her new love was Lam Duan - Photo 4

Most recently, La Van Hi continued to make the online community "faint up and down" with a new look in a pure black outfit with magical dragon scale motifs. This image highlights the actor's mysterious, sharp beauty and extraordinary aura, making him look like a "dragon prince" coming out of the comic book world.

Many audiences praised La Van Hi for her top visuals, impressive acting and flexible transformation into the character Duong Le Tu. Many people commented that this is La Van Hi's most beautiful image ever, and at the same time affirmed that he is the most perfect Duong Le Tu in the hearts of fans of the original.

La Van Hi abandoned Bach Loc and revealed her new love was Lam Duan - Photo 5

La Van Hi's charisma in "Water Dragon Soaking" not only makes fans "crazy" but also contributes to raising the audience's expectations for the film. With an impressive appearance and talented acting, La Van Hi promises to deliver explosive performances and leave a deep impression in the hearts of viewers.

Thuy Long Ngan is adapted from the novel Thien Kiep Mi by author Dang Binh - the "mother" of the famous series Lien Hoa Lau, which was also adapted before. Thuy Long Ngan promises to bring a masterpiece of historical fiction. new with attractive script content.

Belonging to the genre of martial arts, crime solving - a genre that has been absent from the screen for a long time, in addition to mixing time travel elements, the content tells about the main character Duong Le's journey to correct past mistakes. Tu (La Van Hi). The script is set after the great evil Diep Ma - the Supreme Lac Sect's leader was destroyed, the evil forces in the world did not disappear completely.

La Van Hi abandoned Bach Loc and revealed her new love was Lam Duan - Photo 6

The main male character Duong Le Tu (La Van Hi) is a master who has been in hiding for a long time. However, he could not avoid trouble when he was caught up in a dispute between factions. He was f.orced to reappear to stop the plot of a villain who was once his senior brother.

In addition to La Van Hi - Lam Duan, the film also has the participation of famous actors Tran Dao, Tieu Thuan Nghieu, Tu Chinh Khe, Bao Thuong An and Ngao Tu Dat.

La Van Hi abandoned Bach Loc and revealed her new love was Lam Duan - Photo 7

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